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Billy Carson, a name that achieves heights in diverse roles from being an author, music artist, actor, and entrepreneur to an expert in ancient civilizations. The Jack Of All Trades has carved a remarkable path in exploration, education, entertainment, and enlightenment. As a keen entrepreneur, great author, and founder of the 4bidden Knowledge Brand, Billy Carson has amassed a net worth between $10-12 million.

His net worth might not be as high as that of other rich entrepreneurs but his work in the field of ancient civilization, extraterrestrial life, and metaphysics is just commendable. His rise from a successful businessman to a prominent figure in the realm of alternative knowledge has captivated millions of people globally. In this exploration of Billy Carson's net worth, we look into his multifaceted career, ventures, and factors that contributed to his financial success.

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Quick Insights Into Billy Carson's Personal Life

Full NameBilly Camrick Carson II
Stage NameBilly Carson
Age52 years
Birth DaySeptember 4, 1971
Birth PlaceQueens, New York, United America
Height5 ft 9 In (1.77m)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Source of WealthEnterpunership, Acting, Hosting & Authorship
Net Worth$12 million

Billy Carson's Bio, Early Life, Career & More

Early Life & Education

Billy Carson was born Billy Camrick Carson II on September 4, 1972, in Queens, New York. He grew up in the neighborhood of Miami and also graduated from there. However, there isn't much information about early life, it is known that he pursued higher education in different fields related to his interest. Some resources also suggest that he went to Florida Institute of Technology where he studied applied mathematics and industrial engineering.

Billy Carson has humble beginnings and he used to work as a paperboy at the young age of 12. In 2017, he completed a certification course in Neuroscience from M.I.T and later went to Harvard University to study Ancient Civilizations. Through his studies and personal experience, he developed a deep understanding of alternative knowledge which further set the stage for his future career as an author, entrepreneur, and leading voice in ancient civilization.

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Career Beginnings & Establishing 4BiddenKnowledge

Billy was a business enthusiast from an early age which is evident from the fact that at the age of 16, he invested in digital car stereos, a wholesale business. Starting from his early career, in 2008 Billy Carson established the non-profit company, SheCanPlay.org who is famous for high school female basketball recruits. In 2010, he was appointed as the CEO of Fort Terra Nova and spent 4 years in this position.

Moreover, he became the president of Zenforce Media in the same year. Billy Carson launched the Knowledge for Ascension blog in 2012, which later grew into a TV network called 4biddenknoweldge. The company aimed at providing knowledge on alternative perspectives. Moreover, this platform delves into topics like ancient history, spirituality, mysteries of the universe, and more.

Billy Carson's Net Worth: Unveiling Factors That Contributed To His Financial Success

Billy Carson's estimated net worth is between $10 million to $12 million. His wealth isn't confined to only one venture but has a diversified portfolio from entrepreneurship to hosting, acting, and ancient literature.

Career Endeavours & Ventures

Billy Carson gleaned most of his net worth through the TV network 4bidden Knowledge and some of his other ventures. Besides establishing the 4biddenknowledge, he also launched a non-profit, South Florida-based space agency, First Class Space Agency. He formed this organization with the major goal of focusing on the study and development of zero-point energy devices and alternative propellant systems that can be used for both space travel and to improve the world's transportation and energy production.

Billy Carson and Thomas Michael Scroder also founded a sister company under First Class Space Agency, United Family Of Anomaly Hunters. The UFAH is basically an organization of top anomaly hunters whose goal is to search for life on other planets. Under his leadership, UFAH expanded its division into new scientific areas, Archeo Astronomy and Astro-anthropology.

Additionally, in 2015, Carson was appointed as the CEO of the Cincinnati-based American Compassionate Care. Aside from his educational and exploration career, he also launched Pantheon Elite Records. All these endeavors added to his overall financial success.

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Acting Career

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, he also made a significant foray on the big screen. He gained a lot of appreciation as a versatile actor with his provocative and intriguing movies. Some of Billy Carson's movies are:

  • Chronicles Of The Anunnaki
  • Judicial Injustice
  • Code 12
  • Life Beyond Our Existence
  • DocUFObia
  • Tour Donny Arcade

His career on the silver screen also contributed to his current net worth.

Hosting Career/TV Shows

From the silver screen to the small screen, Billy Carson has enjoyed a career in almost all segments of Media. Carson's career in entertainment is promising. He hosted many significant TV shows. He appeared on TV networks like Gaia, Science Channel, Discovery Channel, and Travel Channel. Moreover, as aforementioned, he also launched his network 4biddenknowledge for the thirst of exploring the unknown.

TV ShowsNetwork
Deep SpaceTravel Channel
UFOs: Uncovering the TruthScience Channel
After ContactGaia
Countdown to ApocalypseDiscovery Channel

Authorship & Writing

Billy Carson, a man of all talents, has also made an indelible impact in the literary and authorship world. His journey as an author began with a passion for sharing knowledge and insights he garnered during the years of research and study. Carson, drawing on his extensive knowledge of ancient civilizations, metaphysics, and spirituality, set out on a quest to educate and enlighten others through his books.

He has written multiple best-selling books about a variety of topics including the mysteries of the universe and the hidden truth of human existence. Throughout his authorship journey, he became the leading voice in the field of alternative knowledge. Moreover, his books showcase his diversified talent, literary prowess, and engaging perspectives. Here are some of Billy Carson's famous books that garnered the attention of millions of readers worldwide:

  • Woke Doesn't Mean Broke
  • The Epic Of Humanity
  • The Thirteen-Centered Stargate

YouTube Earnings

Billy Carson also has a YouTube channel, 4biddenknowledge which he uses to educate people about his exploration and diversified research on various topics. He has approximately 939,000 subscribers. The net worth of his channel is estimated at $41.3k - $248k. According to YouTuber.me, his channel earnings in the last six months are given below:

April 2024$11.7k
March 2024$9.73k
February 2024$8.56k
January 2024$2.08k
December 2024$2.9k
November 2024$2.82k
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Future Outlooks For Billy Carson

What do you think, what will the future hold for a man with diversified talents? Yes! It will be full of potential and growth. Billy Carson's future is filled with potential and promise as he continues to achieve heights across different fields. First of all, one of the prominent areas he can expand is research and publications. With the passion and thirst for exploring new human experiences and educating the world with alternative publications, he may publish his new book and work.

Other than that, he may look to expand the 4bidden knowledge platform by launching new projects, collaborations, and media endeavors. The platform has reached millions of people around the world through social media, podcasts, and various channels. As Billy increases his content expansion and covers multimedia content that engages the audience, it will help the network's growth and ultimately his net worth.

Moreover, he is also a true entrepreneur and launched many ventures like UFAH which is working on finding life on another planet. He can look to expand his ventures and continue to inspire, educate, and empower individuals around the world with his wisdom, knowledge, and visionary leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Billy Carson Do For Living?

Billy Carson has a lot of talent and he pursued all of them for a living. He is the founder and CEO of the TV network, 4biddenKnowledge. He also launched other ventures including UFAH and First Class Space Agency. He also made a foray into the entertainment industry and is the author of many famous books based on ancient civilizations and mysteries of human existence. Moreover, he is also a TV host of many shows on Discovery, Gaia, and some others.

Carson Profession TV Host, Author, Actor, Enterpeuner, Researcher

Is Billy Carson Married?

Billy Carson is married to Evelyn. They are happily married and live in Monroeville, Alabama. Billy Carson's wife, the fantastic woman also benefitted him with her career and accomplishments.


Billy Carson, a name that achieved heights in many diversified roles one can ever imagine. He is an author, actor, entrepreneur, TV Host, and expert in ancient civilizations. He has acquired a net worth of around $12 million which not only shows his financial success but rather an exemplification of his profound influence in the realms of exploration, education, and entertainment. Moreover, besides his financial success, he strives hard to educate and empower millions of people through his knowledge, wisdom, and attentive perspectives.

As the founder and CEO of 4BiddenKnowledge, he delves deeper into ancient civilization, and metaphysics to reveal the hidden mysteries of our lives and existence. Additionally, with his thought-provoking acting and TV shows, he inspired millions worldwide. Looking ahead, as he continues to make waves in all these industries not only his net worth will soar but also leave a long-lasting legacy behind.

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