Kim Jong Un Net Worth

Kim Jong Un is a reputed and well-known leader of North Korea. This country is known for keeping many secrets. He is one of its greatest enigmas. This country tries to stay unknown and isolated from the outside world. He holds this power entirely within the boundaries of a country. He has earned a huge amount of money in many ways. This is the main reason that Kim Jong Un's net worth in 2024 is $5 billion, as reported by the Joint South Korean and American investigation.

Many people think that this amount is less than what he actually has. They believe Kim Jong Un owns a huge amount of money and he is the richest person in the world. At the same time, others think he is not as rich as he seems to be. Let's have a look at how he started his early life, how he made his fortune to make an immense amount of money, how he ruled his country and other interesting facts.

Kim Jong Un 1

Kim Jong Un Bio & Facts

Full NameKim Jong Un
Birth DayJanuary 8, 1984
Birth PlaceWonsan, North Korea
Height5 ft 7 in (171 m)
Children1 confirmed Kim Ju-ae (Daughter) 
2 unconfirmed
PartnerRi Sol-Ju (Wife)
NationalityNorth Korea
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Source of WealthState Budget Allocation, Forced Labor Camps, Counterfeit Currency, Illegal Trade, Cybercrime, International Aid
Net Worth$5 billion
Social Media HandlesInstagram: @kimjongun_official_dprk

Early Years From Secret Childhood To Supreme Leader

Hidden Childhood In Pyongyang

This North Korean politician was born on January 8, 1984, in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. He's the third and youngest son of Kim Jong Il, the former president of North Korea, and his wife, Ko Yong Hui. As a child, he lived a secret life in Pyongyang. At that time, he enjoyed being surrounded by luxuries and security. His childhood had almost nothing in common with the one typically lived by North Koreans.

At a young age, he was taken under the wings of the ruling party, the Workers' Party of Korea, in preparation for leadership. While in international schools in Switzerland under an assumed name, he learned English, German, and French. Although his education was essentially abroad, his upbringing was shaped by the political ideology of the state of North Korea. It is all revolving around loyalty to the ruling Kim family.

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Educational Journey From International Schools To Military

His education is still considered highly confidential. Yet, it was discovered that he studied at the International School of Berne in Switzerland under the alias "Pak Un." His understanding at the school educated him as a quiet and withdrawn student. Because of this, he liked sports such as basketball and computer games.

After completing his education in Switzerland, he came back to North Korea. During that era, he continued his studies at Kim Il Sung University. He was trained in the army and was taught political science and North Korean military strategy. It formed the basis for his future success. It came in the form of his rise to power within the North Korean regime.

Early Career To Supreme Leadership

The Crown Prince of Pyongyang

In 2010, the issue of the main leader of North Korea after Kim Jong Ill was discussed all over the world. In 2001, Kim Jong Un's older half-brother, Kim Jong Nam, who appeared to be the top pick for North Korean leadership at the time, got into trouble for trying to sneak into Japan with a fake passport to go to Disneyland. Next, in 2017, he was gunned down in Malaysia.

Because of this, the spotlight turned toward Kim Jong Un, who was the youngest son of Kim Jong Il. His father's personal chef, Kenji Lattop, disclosed that he was being prepared for the leadership. Fujimoto said that Kim Jong Un was tough, liked to party, and was really like his father. In 2009, it was official: Kim Jong Il picked him as his successor. Some even tell stories that people in North Korea must sing songs to praise him like they did Kim Il Sung and his dad. It was a major event, and he appeared to be next in line to be North Korea's new leader.

Rises In Power

In 2010, Kim Jong Un, who had never been in the military, suddenly had a big promotion in his life in North Korea. He rose to the ranks of such an important army figure as a four-star general in the United States! This was big because it was done right before the Workers' Party get-together where Kim Jong Il, his father, was in charge. This was the moment when they first mentioned Kim Jong Un's name publicly, even though they didn't show any picture of him.

Then, just a day later, he had another big title: vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. This was a warning that the regime had an agenda to transfer power from father to child. In the latter part of that year, he dropped into the party hall of big bosses along with his father, the future boss himself. It was an important moment, and it looked like he was getting ready to take charge of the country.

Throughout the years, he gained more strength. He became the party's head and even assumed some of his father's positions in important committees. In 2014, he finally became a country's parliament member, and everyone voted for him.

Reforms During Mr. Kim's Era

In 2016, the North Korean leader turned everything upside down. He brought new players into the power game. He arranged a large-scale meeting called the Conference of the Workers' Party of Korea. During this meeting, he was made the top leader of the Workers' Party instead of the older position. In addition, he changed the country's constitution by eliminating a powerful military group and heading his own critical committee. As a result, the power of the military was weakened. By doing so, people were allowed to express their ideas.

In 2019, he did something no North Korean leader had done before: he opted not to contest a position in the country's parliament. He did not alter the constitution; rather, he replaced old ideas with new ones that concentrated on himself more. The soldiers ought to guard him instead of the opposition. This means that Kim had not only his name but the country's laws, too, under his full control. He also had another big meeting of the Workers' Party. Here, he suggested that the nation had been successful regarding nuclear weapons but was facing challenges when it came to the economy.

Kim Jong Un 3

General Secretary Of The Workers' Party

By the end of 2021, he was ready for more changes. He changed his position, titled as the General Secretary of the Workers' Party, which made him more powerful. He threw some offices and institutions out the window, renaming them to make North Korea appear closer to other countries. This showed that he was the leader and wanted things done on his terms. In addition, Lenin reorganized the leadership structure of the Workers' Party so that it had more power over the army compared to the military itself. He prioritized the people over the army.

Working As A Ruler

In North Korea, he is a member of the ruling group alongside Premier Kim Tok Hun and Choe Ryong Hae, who is the president of the Supreme People's Assembly. They each have their own jobs: Kim Jong Un commands the armed forces, Kim Tok Hun handles home affairs, and Choe Ryong Hae heads the legislature.

However, Kim Jong Un remains the number one leader in accordance with the state constitution. He is a state leader who represents the state" and the leader with the greatest power. Other people think that they really know how much power he has, but in reality, it's he who is the chief of North Korea.

Leadership Style Of Mr. Kim

Being the third-generation supreme leader, he has taken a completely different route from his father and grandfather. In 2012, he stunned everyone by appearing at a pop concert in North Korea. It featured elements of Western culture. It is a sharp deviation from the strict policies of earlier times. At the same time, he did not hesitate to show his wife to the world, an act unheard of before in North Korea. The population started noticing positive changes in the country, especially since he became the leader. Some of them are the ample supplies of goods and crowded streets.

Mr. Kim has been wise enough to rely on his family's legacy. He is trying to convince the people of the country that his grandfather was beloved in North Korea, too. He has delivered public speeches and made public appearances more often than his father. By doing so, he presented a more active and open side of himself. He even had to do little things like weeding, riding horses, or using technology. When things went wrong, like a failed satellite launch or a building collapse, he didn't hide it. He confessed his mistakes and even apologized. By taking these steps, he displayed a different type of leadership, which the country was unfamiliar with.

Cult Of Personality

As the leader of the country, he has made his unjust father and grandfather's spirit live on by boosting his image in the country. He can easily be recognized around the country, whether he is giving orders or being called Petunia or the Marshall. The army held a big rally in 2012 to show how much it loved him.

At a great military parade on April 15, 2012, he made his first big speech that went on to become a tribute all about himself. Also, in the same year, people noted a huge message that was full of praise for him etched into a hillside in North Korea. North Korean media calls him the "Dear Leader" from time to time. While all of these things are done, it makes him seem powerful and strong in the eyes of his people.

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Construction Of The Economic Future Of The Country

From 2013 onwards, he began the revival of the economy. He did it by mixing national development with the nuclear program. It was similar to his grandfather's techniques. "Socialist Corporate Responsible Management System" was introduced in 2013. Its purpose was to empower firms and increase their productivity by granting them notable freedom. The "pohon responsibility system" for agriculture was also executed. It achieved amazing results in collective production as well. Termed as a "flexible collectivist system," the government initiated economic reforms. They support innovation and letting firms be self-governed. May 30 measures were used that were primarily intended to improve living conditions, create national production, integrate the achievements of defence, and enhance foreign trade.

At the time when the country was ruled by Kim, the capital city was remade by a building boom with striking architectural styles and recreational facilities. They include an amusement park and a ski park. He popularized consumer culture. He did it by including entertainment and cosmetics. Also, he resolved food shortages, especially caused by COVID-19. In 2023, he called for more agricultural production to lessen food shortage. It shows his determination to improve the quality of life of his people for the decade to come.

Purges & Executions Events

In the political sector of North Korea, rumours of purges and executions are common. In 2013, false reports emerged that he had his ex-girlfriend executed for supposed offences. Also, in 2016, analysts unexpectedly learned of General Ri Yong Gil's skills to survive after it was rumoured that he was executed.

Yet, the most peculiar incident occurred in December 2013 when Kim's uncle, Jang Song Thaek, was detained and executed for treason. Jang's purge of the family resulted in mass executions, with the purpose of secreting all traces of him from the world. Another intense event took place in May 2014. It was reported that Choi O-Sang Hon was reportedly burned to death by a flamethrower for his support of Jang Song Thaek.

Human Rights Violations (2013-2019)

For the entire period of his rule, human rights problems in North Korea have been the focus. In 2013, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called for an investigation into the situation, which had not improved since Kim's ascension to power. Later, the reports of UN Special Rapporteurs and a Commission of Inquiry in 2014 implied that Kim could be judged for such crimes against humanity.

In 2016, personal sanctions were imposed by the US Department of the Treasury upon Kim. They were based on his involvement in human rights violations. Also, in 2017, President Trump called his regime "brutal" following the death of an American student who was imprisoned in North Korea.

Alleged Assassination Attempts

In the domain of dark global spying, the so-called assassination attempts against Kim Jong Un have started speculations and increased tensions. In 2012, there was a discovery of a machine gun near the route that Kim was supposed to take. It was an indication that a plot was being prepared.

It was in 2017 when North Korea accused the CIA and South Korean intelligence agencies of planning to use a "biochemical weapon" to kill Kim. It was allegedly carried by a North Korean lumberjack in Russia. The failure was followed by diplomatic tension because North Korea threatened the parties. This is simply evidence of the current intricacy and instability of the North Korean leadership in the world arena.

North Korea's Nuclear Pursuit

Since he came to power, North Korea has completely focused on its nuclear weapons program. The country has led nuclear tests in 2013, 2016 (twice), and 2017, respectively. Since 2021, they have already tested more than 120 missiles. It is almost four times as much as their predecessors did. This number jumped to 226 by 2023. To him, it appears that nuclear weapons are vital for repelling attacks and protecting the regime. This is the main reason that the country had almost 45-55 nukes in 2021. In 2012, Kim announced a stop to nuclear extortion and set up a new strategic line of simultaneous economic growth and nuclear armament.

North Korea has pledged not to be the first to launch a nuclear attack. Yet, it has also threatened preemptive strikes against hostile forces. Kim underlines the country's strength in the nuclear field. It is completed with the announcement of making an ICBM. The follow-up tests, including the Hwasong-14 and Hwasong-15 missiles, escalated the situation and led to the imposition of UN sanctions. In 2022, North Korea's nuclear policy saw a dramatic change with the adoption of a new law. It states that a nuclear response would answer any attack against their leadership or command system. It signified a radical shift in their nuclear doctrine.

Kim Jong Un 5

Kim Jong Un Net Worth 2024 - A Closer Look At Regime Finances

State Budget Allocation (Estimated Billions Annually)

The lion's share of an official state budget is at his own disposal. It is gained from taxes, state-owned companies, and other state revenue sources.

Forced Labour Camps (Products Sold Domestically & Abroad)

North Korea has labour camps where prisoners make and sell their goods to support the dictator Kim Jong Un.

Counterfeit Currency (High-Quality Counterfeit US Dollars)

The country manages to issue high-quality fake currency. Yet, it's impossible to say how much revenue it brings to the state.

Illegal Trade (Estimates Range From Hundreds Of Millions To Billions Annually)

North Korea operates illicit businesses like arms sales, drug dealing, and smuggling, among other illegal activities. They yield notable revenue for the government.

Cybercrime (Earning Millions In High-Profile Attacks)

Among the cybercrimes that North Korea is associated with, hacking banks and cryptocurrency exchanges and running ransomware campaigns earn it tens of millions of dollars.

International Aid (Significant Despite Poverty)

Kim's lifestyle is expensive, but North Korea has very little wealth. Although the country receives a large amount of international aid from many countries, like China and South Korea, the people of the country are poor.

Awards & Achievements

  1. Nobel Prize for Peace: He was awarded this award in 2000 for efforts to restore communism.
  2. International Peace Prize (Year Unknown): He received it for his efforts for "peace, justice, and humanity." Sukarno Education Foundation awarded this prize in 2015.
  3. Leadership of North Korea (2011 - Present): He was appointed the supreme leader and leader of the Workers' Party of Korea.
  4. Significant Economic Growth: During his era, North Korea showed a rapid increase in the GDP because of his reforms.
  5. Advancement of Nuclear Project: He is the Korean leader who successfully completed the nuclear project.
Kim Jong Un 6

Future Outlook

He can follow different strategies to maintain his direction. He may keep "Byungjin," i.e., the strategy of economic growth and nuclear power. This vision most probably contributes to limiting the US role in the Korean peninsula. He can do it as he is a nationalist and prefers the removal of the US military presence.

He can bargain with other nations for some trade concessions to gain their support. At the same time, he can introduce more reforms in the country. If he does so, he can win the favour of his people. This will serve him well in making his dictatorship strong for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Kim's Long-Term Goals For North Korea?

His long-term goals likely include preserving his regime, advancing economic development, and achieving recognition as a nuclear power.

Is North Korea A Safe Country To Visit?

It is quite hard for non-residents to make a trip to North Korea, and it is also regarded as risky due to strict rules and limited freedoms.

What Is The Ultimate Purpose Of The Kim Regime?

Among his long-term goals are the survival of his regime, economic development, and his country's becoming a nuclear power. He also wants to gain the support of elites and ordinary citizens by using rewards, fear, and training.

How Did Kims Attain Power?

Following the Japanese defeat in World War II in 1945, Korea was divided. Kim started the first North Korean government under the support of the Soviet Union as the premier of the Provisional People's Committee for North Korea. In 1948, he took the position of the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" leader (North Korea).

Who Is The Founder Of North Korea?

On September 9, 1948, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was founded under the leadership of Kim Il-sung. He was backed by Soviet Russia. After that, he became the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(D.P.R.K.).

What Are The Main Problems In The Leadership Of Kim Jong Un?

He is under the spotlight due to North Korea's nuclear program and human rights violations. He should avoid them and make his country a peaceful nation. Also, he must overcome economic problems and keep loyalty among the public servants.


North Korea's leader is Kim Jong Un, who succeeded his father. Kim Jong Il died in 2011. He was also a senior military officer during the war. Kim Jong Il's children live in Switzerland.

Kim Jong Un introduced and still tries to introduce many reforms in North Korea. He has tried to better the economy by allowing businesses more liberty and growing food for the people. He has even added new buildings and presented fun things like amusement parks! However, he has been attacked for the way he handles his people and his country's nuclear weapons program.

Critics also discuss Kim Jong Un's net worth in 2024, which is in billions. They think it is earned through unlawful means. The people of North Korea are still not wealthy, but their supreme leader has a huge amount of money.

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