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Cole Bennett, a name that resonates profoundly in the music industry has revolutionized this industry with his innovative visionary directions and music visuals. In his journey from filming videos in his hometown of Chicago to establishing Lyrical Lemonade, he has emerged as a beacon of visual mastery in the music world. As a visionary director and entrepreneur, Cole Bennett has amassed a net worth of $39 million.

In addition to creating vibrant musical visuals, he gained the attention of millions through his trailblazing work, discovering emerging talent and collaborating with the biggest names in hip-hop. Many of you have encountered his promising work but only a few know about his financial success. In exploring, Cole Bennett's net worth, we look at his multifaceted career and the factors that contributed to his current financial trajectory.

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Quick Insights Into Cole Bennett's Personal Life

Full NameCole Bennett
Age27 years
Birth DayMay 14, 1996
Birth PlacePlano, Illinois
Height6 ft 2 In (1.86m)
SpouseTay Money (Girl Friend)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Source of WealthBusiness Ventures & Music Video Direction
ProfessionMusic Video Director & Entrepreneur
Net Worth$39 million

Cole Bennett's Early Life & Career Beginnings

Cole Bennett, music video director, business executive, and videographer was born on May 14, 1996, in Plano, Illinois. He grew up with his brother and sister in Plano, Illinois. He went to Plano High School and Oakley Therapeutic Boarding School. While growing up, he got a passion and interest in hip-hop. Following his passion, he used to visit Chicago to listen to his favorite hip-hop, rap, and music artists. Bennett also went to DePaul University but dropped out to focus his career on videography and hip-hop music.

Lyrical Lemonade & Starting Of Career 

During the time he was in Chicago, Cole Bennett envisioned his future career. His success in the music and visuals didn't emerge overnight. His early life in Chicago set the place for his passion. Back in 2013, he started a blog called Lyrical Lemonade Chicago which gradually turned into a multi-media company. This company allowed him to enjoy monetary success. He was only a high school student then.

In the initial phase of Lyrical Lemonade, he featured local Chicago rappers and uploaded the videos on the Lyrical Lemonade channel. The channel grew rapidly, as other hip-hop subgenres outside of the Chicago area started collaborating. His breakthrough came between 2016 and 2017 when he started working with notch rappers and musicians and his channel gained immense popularity.

Cole Bennett's success journey was a whirlwind of struggles. He initially faced skepticism but he remained dedicated and honed his skills behind the camera. In 2017, he got the attention of many music fans for directing Lil Xan's music video "Betrayed.' The year 2018 saw Benett's rise to prominence when he collaborated with the rapper Juice WRLD for his music video single Lucid Dreams. The video garnered 830 million views, making it a top music video on YouTube and ranked in the number 2 position on the Billboard Hot 100. Later he collaborated and worked with big names including Slump God, Eminem, Lil Pump, Wiz Khalifa, J.Cole, and Kanye West.

From a blog format to ventures into different business endeavors, product sales, partnerships with giant brands, and launching its lemonade beverage, Lyrical Lemonade has evolved and expanded incredibly. For its expansion, Bennett also hosts an annual music festival called "Summer Smash" organized by the independent Chicago-based event production called SPKRBX. This festival was aimed to feature emerging talents and well-known artists.

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Awards & Achievements

In recognition of his incredible work and trailblazing music videos, Cole Bennett received many accolades and awards.

  • He got two BET Hip Hop Awards nominations for Video Director of the year
  • He also received two Steamy Awards for Cinematography and Direction.

“Remember, everything happens for you. It never happens to you”

Cole Bennett's Net Worth: The Journey From Zero To Self-Made Millionaire

As of current writing, Cole Bennett's, an American music video director net worth is eye-watering $39 million which he gained from his multi-media company, Lyrical Lemonade. Moreover, the company made him launch other business ventures and contributed to his overall wealth. Let's explore the factors behind his stunning wealth numbers.

Music Video Career

The success of Cole's music video career led him to enjoy financial success. His primary source of earnings is attributed to his work as a video director and from his company Lyrical Lemonade. According to resources, as a music video director, and business executive, it brings him $10 million annually.

Business Ventures & Merchandise Sales

From blogging to making a multi-media company and selling different products under it, Cole Bennett's rise is as intriguing as her talent. From sponsored content and lucrative brand partnerships to exclusive merchandise drop and beverage company, Bennett has taken forward his company to new heights. This also opens diversified earning streams for him, contributing substantially to his wealth.

He launched merchandise and lemonade beverages under the Lyrical Lemonade name. He once stated, "I really wanted to compete with Minute Maid and other elite juice and lemonade brands, and with my brand, I think we can do that." He also made many significant collaborations, one of them being with the Jordan Brand brand which lasted till 2020.

Lyrical Lemonade launched a collection including an Aerospace 720 sneaker, a hooded sweatshirt, and a T-shirt with the Jordan brand. It also collaborated with streetwear company FTP and launched a collection of hoodie sweatshirts, t-shirts, and lemonade cans with co-brand. With his merchandise sales, he generated more than $15 million last year and $6 million in profit.

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YouTube Earning

A significant portion of Cole Bennett's net worth comes from his YouTube channel, Lyrical Lemonade featuring many top artists in the music videos. According to the Youtubers.me estimation, the channel has a $4.2 million to $25.5 million net worth having 22,000,000 subscribers. The channel earnings from the last six months are also listed below:

April 2024$70.2k
March 2024$93.1k
February 2024$82.5k
January 2024$54k
December 2023$86.4k
November 2023$82.2k
October 2023$21k

Assets & Investments

Other than his business ventures, merchandise sales, and music direction career, he also had million-dollar assets and significant stock investments. His real estate portfolio includes 5 luxury properties. He also consists of 5 luxury Yachts and 5 cars. Moreover, he also holds $10 million in cash reserves and stocks in seven companies worth $11 million. He acquires stocks in Comcast, Apple, IBM, ExxonMobil, Netflix, and Paypal. Well, despite gathering a million-dollar financial portfolio, he believes in this life philosophy:

“Happiness is always more important than money. It's way more important. Remember that.”

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Cole Bennett Future Outlooks & Financial Trajectory

Cole Bennett's future outlook and financial trajectory are poised for growth as he continues to make waves in the music industry and digital media. As the founder of Lyrical Lemonade and revolutionizing the music world with its visual creativity, Bennett has emerged as a powerhouse in multimedia and successfully captured the hearts of music around the globe.

Looking ahead, he may expand the brand into new ventures and territories. Considering the past collaboration, he may choose to collaborate with famous artists and feature them in music videos, garnering billions of dollars. By leveraging his unique aesthetics, vibrant music visuals, and trailblazing content, he can further solidify his brand position as a powerhouse in the entertainment industry.

Under his brand, he may expand his merchandise and launch other product lines which increase his financial trajectory. As Lyrical Lemonade continues to acquire traction, he may seek strategic partnerships with key players in music, fashion, and digital media. He may elevate his brand reputation by involving in collaborative projects, organizing music festivals, and exclusive releases.

Moreover, as a trendsetter and trailblazer, he has a knack for spotting emerging talent and launching them. In future years, he may double down on his effort to introduce emerging talent and support next-generation artists, videomakers, and creatives. Additionally, he can expand his investments, real estate profile, and assets as a keen businessman. In a nutshell, the future holds much potential and we can expect only financial and professional growth in the future. Rest is luck and destiny!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Music Videos Has Cole Bennett Done?

Cole Bennett has done a lot of amazing music videos. Some of them are:

  • YG Marley: Praise Jah in the Moonlight
  • Eminem: Doomsday 2
  • Chief Keef & Lil Yachty: Say Ya Grace
  • Jack Harlow & Dave: Stop Giving Me Advice
  • Ken Carson: Fighting My Demons
  • Drake Feat. Lil Yachty: Another Late Night

What Degree Does Cole Bennett Have?

Well, Bennett is a college dropout. He went to DePaul University but left it and entirely focused on his videography and hip-hop music career.

Is Cole Bennett Married?

No, the 27-years young lad is enjoying a single life. He hasn't revealed anything much about his personal life. However, Cole Bennett's girlfriend's name is Tay Money.


In a nutshell, Cole Bennett rose from just posting to a blog to make a multimedia company, Lyrical Lemonade is as incredible as his music direction talent. With entrepreneurial spirit, perseverance, and direction prowess, he has gleaned $39 million of net worth. In addition to his company, he also launched a merchandise and beverage company under Lyrical Lemonade which contributed significantly to his overall fortune.

With a million followers on YouTube and as a music enthusiast, he has cemented a position as one of the most prominent music video directors. As he continues to impress people with his visionary creativity, he will achieve more and more success, both in terms of money and professionally!

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