Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous Portuguese footballer and one of the amazing players of his generation. The football legend has a whopping net worth of $500 million which is enough to get on the list of wealthiest athletes of all time, according to Forbes. Ronaldo is also Instagram's most-followed person with almost 700 million followers.

He started his football career at a very young age and soon he became a football sensation. Ronaldo's staggering 8 figures worth is not directed from one source but many other sponsorships and ventures including Nike lifetime deals, the CR-7 clothing line, fragrances, gyms, and soccer contracts.  

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Brief Biography: Ronaldo In A Nutshell

Full NameCristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
Birth DayFebruary 5, 1985
Birth PlacePortugal
Height6ft 1 inc (1.85 m)
PartnerGeorgina Rodriguez
Zodiac SignAquarius
Source of WealthFootball, Business Ventures and Partnership Deals
Net Worth$500 Million
Social Media HandleInstagram: @cristiano

A Glance Into Ronaldo's Early Life & Career Beginnings

Someone said that leaders are born, not made and when we see CR-7 and how he shaped his life, the proverb sounds right. Cristiano Ronaldo was born in February 1985 in Madeira, Portugal. He belongs to an impoverished family and his father, Jose Dinis Aveiro, worked as an equipment manager (kit man) at the local club Andorinha who once was a soldier. He was given the name Ronaldo by his father who named him after his favorite US. President Ronald Reagan.

In an interview, he remembered begging for a burger outside McDonald’s because of the poverty. His mother, Maira Dolores dos Santos Aveiro was also a cook and cleaner. In his book Mother Courage, he wrote that his mother once decided to abort him but it was too late. Who knows, the last one born will change the fate for them and become the world's richest sportsman. Ronaldo wasn't fond of studying and eventually quit school to pursue his dream of becoming a footballer at the young age of 14 years.

How Did Ronaldo Step Into The Soccer World?

To pursue his passion for football, Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Andorinha Football Academy, where his father worked as a kit man, at the age of eight. After two years, he left this to join Clube Desportivo Nacional. His talent was recognized there and he won many awards and trophies. After this, he joined the Sporting Lisbon Youth Academy.

He was picked by this academy when they visited his local club and announced that the player who scored the most goals would get a chance to join this Academy. Interestingly, Albert Fantrau, who was Ronaldo's childhood friend and one of the local club members, intentionally passed the football to CR-7 to score a goal. The goal gave him a lead of 1-2 and made him earn a slot in the academy.

Ups and downs are part of life and Ronnie faced one of the downs when he was 15. He was diagnosed with tachycardia, a heart disease. However, the condition was diagnosed at the onset stage which helped him to undergo surgery timely.

Ronaldo's Epic International Journey & Rise To Boom

Ever since he stepped into the world of football, watching him has always been a treat to the eyes. Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Machester United Football Club at the age of 18, in 2003. It was a time when he started to gain international fame and wealth. Manchester United signed a contract with him for a staggering 12.24 million Euro, making him the world's most expensive teenage football in English soccer history. Soon he became a football sensation winning the FA Cup in his premier season.

From here, Cristiano Ronaldo's journey to prominence and the onset of a successful career initiated as he joined the Old Trafford Club. He won his first Ballon d’Or at the age of 23. Watching his fame and brilliance, many clubs approached him. Subsequently, he moved to Real Madrid signing a deal worth $107 Million. It was the peak of his career which skyrocketed its fame as he won the Euro Cup in 2016.

In 2018, he left Real Madrid winning several trophies and breaking many records, and joined Juventus. However, he won a huge fan following from the Real Madrid club. He returned to Manchester United in 2021 and played only one season before he moved to Al Nassr - a Saudi Arabia football club, in 2023.

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Achievements & Trophies That Skyrocketed Cristiano Ronaldo's Demand

Cristiano Ronaldo is known as one of the most successful soccer players with numerous titles and trophies named after him. Some of his major achievements are:

  • The football legend won the Ballon d’Or title five times.
  • He has won the Golden Boot five times which is awarded to the highest scorer from all the leagues.
  • As of the current times, Ronaldo has won 32 trophies. He is the first European player with this number of trophies including seven league titles, winner of five Champion Leagues, Euro Cup, and other national leagues.
  • He scored 800 total goals including 140 goals in the Champions League and 17 goals in the Euro Cup.
  • He is one of the very few players who made it to appear in 1,000 matches and still seems fit with no retirement plans in some coming years.

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth In 2024

Simply put, Cristiano Ronaldo's net worthis estimated between $500 million to $600 million, making him the wealthiest footballer in the 2023 Forbes list. This substantial amount is the sum of his lifelong career earnings, various endorsements, sponsorship deals, and his ventures. Moreover, it is also speculated that by the time he will retire, he will cross the $1 billion figure and achieve a milestone that no other football ever met. Let’s explore from what resources he makes that much money.

Fun Fact: Crossing $1 Billion, will add the Portugal star to the billionaire athlete club with other greatest footballers and sports legends such as Floyd Mayweather, Micheal Schumacher, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Arnold Palmer.

Breaking Down Cristiano Ronaldo's Net Worth

1- Professional Football Career

Besides having a multitude of collaborations and the sportswear giants deal one thing that uplifted Ronaldo's financial stardom and increased his overall worth is his long and impactful soccer journey. His average base salary from his football contract is almost $70 million and is considered the highest-paid athlete.

Cristiano Ronaldo made a bulk of the money from Juventus, contributing significantly to his total worth. Moreover, according to resources, his recent move, joining Al-Nassr FC in Saudi Arabia proved to be most valuable with a hefty value contract of $75 million per year. Al-Nassr FC deal was signed for 2.5 years, with an estimated total value of $210 million.

The table represents the overall breakdown of earnings he received from on-field soccer contracts from various football clubs:

Club (Period)Estimated Salary Per Year
Manchester United (2002-2003)$1.1 million
Real Madrid (2003-2009)Around $10-16 million
Juventus (2018-2021)$35 million to $40 million
Manchester United (2021-2022)$37 million - $41 million
Al- Nassr (2023- Present)$75 million

2- Endorsements & Collaborations

Apart from on-field, Cristiano Rolando is regarded as an influential personality off-field. With millions of followers and admirers, brands are always seeking to make deals with him. Throughout his journey, he made many collaborations and endorsement deals that made him earn a hefty amount of money. Some of his top partnerships with various industries are discussed below:

  • Nike - Nike sportswear is one of the most durable and worthy investments. The brand has sponsored many top athletes but made a lifetime contract with Ronaldo. He is also the Nike brand face along with Michael Jordon. The estimated revenue he earns from this endorsement is $20-25 million. Ronaldo signed a lifetime deal worth $1 billion. Fun Fact: According to Business Insider, Ronaldo's social media presence produced almost $476 million in value for Nike, in the first year.
  • CR-7 Venture - Cristiano also made his brand CR-7 which proved to be quite lucrative. The CR-7 brand reflects his life-long journey and consists of an apparel line, athletic wear, scents, and other accessories, opening major revenue streams for this global icon. The total worth of this brand is around $849 million.
  • Unilever - He also collaborated with Unilever product, Clear - a shampoo brand that gave him $8 million.
  • Tag Heuer - The Swiss watchmaker opted for Ronaldo as a brand ambassador. Ronaldo signed the deal for $11 million.
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3- Social Media Platforms

  • Instagram - The Portuguese Superstar is the most-followed individual and sportsman on Instagram with over 643 million followers, leading Lionel Messi with 500 million followers. Surprisingly, his every post on IG produces massive earnings around $3.23 million per post, according to Hopper HQ. You can have an idea about his influential power from the Coca-Cola controversy, where he put aside the bottle in the post-match conference leading to a drop in the brand market valuation from $242 billion to $238 billion - a $4 billion loss. Well, we don’t know if it was intentional or unintentional but it brought a massive loss. He was the first person to break the 400 million followers record on Instagram.
  • Twitter - Moving on, it is revealed that Ronaldo is also the top-paid athlete on Twitter, earning around 6.2 crores for a single tweet, followed by Andres Iniesta and Neymar.

Other Investments & Real Estate Assets

Apart from playing football, partnerships, social media, and professional careers, Cristiano also earns through other investments. He owns Pestana CR7 lifestyle hotels from Pestana Hotel Group. It was his first adventure in the hotel business line which he started in 2016. The estimated revenue from this venture is $200 million.

He also holds expensive and luxury propertiesin different countries including mansions, Villas, apartments, and houses. Most of the properties are in Portugal while some are also in Spain, USA, and England. The worth of these assets ranges from 2 million Euros to 14 million Euros.

The below table represents the breakdown of Ronaldo's net worth through other means:

ResourcesAverage Value
All Brands Endorsements (Nike, clear, Herbal Life, Tag Heuer, etc)$115 million
Pestana CR7 Hotels$200 million
$CR7 Planet Fashion Line$100 million
Legacy Fragrance Brand$80 million
Base Salary$75 million

Key Point: Cristiano Ronaldo's salary per year is $70-75 million.

Cristiano's Philanthropy Journey

Apart from gaining a major title as the world’s highest-paid athlete, greatest of all time, and football messiah, Ronaldo is also known as the king of humanity. Whenever you talk about generosity and philanthropy, one name will emerge at the top: Cristiano Ronaldo. According to dosomething.org, he was the most charitable person in 2015 donating millions to charity. He is actively involved in various charity programs and speaks out loud on various issues publicly.

He is an ambassador in the Save the Children program donating millions of dollars to the organizations. He is also a brand ambassador of UNICEF, and always raises his voice to protect children's rights. Moreover, he also donates a massive amount of money to World Vision - a Christian humanitarian organization aimed at improving the lives of children living in poverty. In the 2015, Nepal earthquake, he donated $5 million to victims for fulfilling food, shelter, and their necessities. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he donated 1 million euros to the COVID-19 affectees. Currently, he also donating millions to GAZA to support the massive destruction and the sufferers. In conclusion, Cristiano has done so much to help humanity and is still doing.

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Future Outlooks

The future of the football star is as lucrative as is it currently, with huge chances of increasing his net worth into billions. With hefty contracts, massive brand partnerships, and business ventures, Ronaldo can earn millions even after retirement from a professional football career.

  • Professional Football Earnings - If we look at his current fitness level, he can continue to play football for some more years. Ronaldo's contract with Al-Nassr was started in 2023 for the 2.5-year term sheet. There might be a chance, he continue with this club after the contract expiration or move to another club.
  • Build A New Club OR Transit Into Coaching - Who knows after retirement he might own a club or pursue a career in coaching due to his leadership qualities. But these can be a potential future outlook apart from his ventures.
  • Expansion Of Business Ventures - With his entrepreneurial abilities, he might expand his ventures and make them a significant source of earnings. Moreover, his partnerships can also be a major contributor to his increasing wealth in the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The No. 1 Richest Footballer Around The Globe?

According to several resources, Faiq Bolkia is the richest footballer having a net worth of $20 Billion. His major wealth comes from his father's substantial inheritance. He belongs to Brunei’s royal family and is the son of a Brunei prince.

Is Ronaldo A Billionaire Or A Millionaire?

With an astonishing fortune of $500 million, Ronaldo joined the billionaire club along with Messi and Rihanna.

What Is Messi's Net Worth?

He currently stands at $600 million worth, securing the title of second-richest footballer in the world. According to Forbes, he earned around $1.15 billion in the year 2023.

Is Messi Better Than Ronaldo?

Well, it is a never-ending debate. Both are football legends with millions of admirers around the globe. You can’t decide who is better because both of them have specific achievements in the soccer world. Both are the greatest of all time and have significant contributions to their professional journey.

Some fans end this debate by saying Messi has now a World Cup Trophy so he is the ultimate football messiah while the rival fan says that CR-7 has an astonishing gameplay and has more international trophies, which makes him superior. In conclusion, the debate for better is long-lasting, but what we have to cherish is: that their talent is unmatchable.

Who Is Richer Messi OR Ronaldo?

Both are the highest-paid athletes. Currently, the former is leading with an estimated net worth of $600 million. However, the other athlete has a huge income from endorsement deals and brand sponsorship deals.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s legacy in football is something unforgettable also maintaining a powerful impact on its off-field endeavours. While Cristiano's net worth is yet to reach billions, still it stands at a staggering number of $500-600 million, making him the highest-earning player.

The net worth of this football star reflects his life-long enduring soccer journey, his resilience to remain firm in the lows and ups of life, and his ability to make the right choices at the right time. Moreover, there is speculation that his net worth will cross the benchmark of $1 billion, putting his name in the world's richest athlete club.

In conclusion, the overall future of this towering figure of the sports realm looks promising. Let’s await to witness how the future unfolds, taking twists and turns in his fortune journey.

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