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In the women's entrepreneurial world, only a few names make an indelible mark just like Kendra Scott. The name resonates profoundly in the fashion and jewelry realm. Kendra Scott an American businesswoman and fashion designer has garnered a net worth of $550 million, enough to put her name on the list of America's Richest Self-Made Women.

The journey of Kendra Scott from designing jewelry in her spare room to launching her jewelry brand demonstrates her incredible creativity and business savviness. Her estimated net worth significantly comes from her major stake in the eponymous jewelry company. Well, if you want to explore how she built her financial empire, read this article!

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Exploring Kendra Scott's Personal Life

Full NameKendra L Baumgartner
Stage NameKendra Scott
Age48 years
Birth DayMarch 27, 1974
Birth PlaceKenosha, Wisconsin
Height5 ft 7 in (1.70 cm)
SpouseMatt Davis (Divorced)
Children 2
Nationality American
Zodiac SignAries
Source Of WealthKendra Scott LLC
ProfessionFashion Designer
Net Worth $550 Million

Kendra Scott's Early Life, Career & Fame

Born on March 27th, 1974 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States, Kendra Scott was a fashion admirer since her childhood. Her real name is Kendra L Baumgartner. She completed her high school studies at Klein High School and then moved to Texas A&M University to pursue further studies.

However, she dropped out of her university and moved to Austin, Texas, where she stayed with her ill stepfather. While living in Texas, she developed her interest in making accessories and jewelry. Before making it big, she started in a spare room and invested only $500. Her very first designs were a line of bright, wacky earrings that instantly grabbed the attention.

Soon, she diversified her jewelry items and came out with distinctive designs distinguished by gemstones, meticulous craftsmanship, handmade items, and affordable prices. Her entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, and creativity helped her to surge her business.

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Kendra Scott's Rise As A Fashion Designer

In 2002, she launched her own company Kendra Scott LLC, and started selling his designs and items to local stores and neighborhoods initially. Her creativity and tenacity came into the spotlight when her extraordinary designs were selected to accessorize in Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2006 Runway Show.

Later, her designs were chosen to feature in Randolph Duke's 2007 Runway Show. Somehow, in 2017 she ceased the operations of her store due to financial crises. But she gained an opportunity to re-pon her brand once again after getting a massive order from the Luxury department store, Nordstrom.

The success of her entrepreneurial journey started when her first retail store opened on Austin's South Congress Avenue in 2010. After that, she was fully empowered to commence her e-commerce corporation and launched the idea of Color Bars in the same year. The Color Bar idea was to let customers customize jewelry with their personal choice of stones, metals, and settings. This garnered a lot of success and helped her make a whopping net worth.

In the following year, he also launched her outlet on the Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, which closed shortly after. However, according to reports, she has expanded her brand to over 102 retail outlets in several countries.

In 2021, the company announced that Kendra stepped down from her position as CEO and currency worked as an Executive Chairwoman and the lead designer of the Company.

Kendra Scott Net Worth 2024: What's Behind The Fashion Mogul Staggering Numbers

The fashion mogul's estimated net worth is $550 million in 2024, according to Forbes, and made to the richest self-made women list. Interestingly, she made a substantial portion of her wealth with her major stakes in the company Kendra Scott LLC. Let's explore how much she earns from her jewelry empire.

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Business Empire & Investments

Kendra's jewelry business empire is what made her rich today. She formed a powerful commercial empire that consisted of jewelry in addition to Home Decor and Beauty products. Apart from other business endeavors, she is profoundly known for her aesthetic and distinctive jewelry design.

With 100-plus outlets widespread across different countries, Kendra Scott has a significant influence in the retail industry. Moreover, her Color Bar idea, where customers can design personalized jewelry, gives individuals a different shopping experience.

As mentioned above, Kendra Scott's main earnings come from her company which has sales of about $360 million. Moreover, in 2016, a private equity firm Berkshire Partners invested in this company at an estimated valuation of more than $1 billion. Under this brand, she also made a foray into the beauty and home decor industry, featuring candles, picture frames, fragrances, and nail lacquers.

Furthermore, she also appeared in the Shark Tank US, as one of the recurring sharks. The show gave her huge fame and popularity due to her investments and business acumen. Despite earning millions of dollars from her company, she also invested massive money in other giant multinational groups such as Helm Boots and Darbie Angell dinnerware.

Philanthropic Activities

Aside from businesswoman, she is also a philanthropist and social worker, donating millions to good causes. In 2016, she donated $3.5 million to launch the Kendra Cares Program. She actively found empowering women and encouraging them to pursue business and leadership roles.

Considering women's empowerment and promoting this initiative, she founded the Kendra Scott Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership at the University of Texas. She is also actively involved in other humanitarian and charity projects.

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The Future Of Kendra Scott's Wealth & Business Empire

Considering the success and popularity of the fashion icon and her business venture, the future of her fortune looks promising. Her brand made a significant impact in the fashion industry, buoyed by aesthetic designs, quality, and customer engagement, and continues to propel in the fashion world. The brand has garnered a loyal fan following through the accessible luxury and continues to captivate new customers.

As the company continues to grow and excel, making millions in revenue, the future holds great potential for a further increase in Kendra's net worth. She also expands her foray into the apparel line which will probably bring her massive wealth. Moreover, possibly she can expand her net worth with some of her investments from the Shark Tank US. Meanwhile, she can also partner with huge brands, in return getting huge profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Kendra Scott Company Worth?

The Kendra Scott LLC company is valued at $1 billion, with massive sales per year. According to Forbes estimation, private equity company Berkshire's 2016 investment in the company valued it at $1 billion,

Who Currently Holds The Position Of CEO At Kendra Scott LLC?

Tom Nolan Has Been Appointed As The New CEO Of Kendra Scott LLC, Succeeding The Company's Founder, Kendra Scott, Who Stepped Down From The Role.

How Did Kendra Scott Became A Billionaire?

She became a billionaire through her majority stakes in her jewelry company, which has almost $360 million in sales.


Building a $550 million business empire with just a $500 investment is no joke and Kendra Scott's financial success is a real-life example of it. The fashion designer started her career in the spare room and showed the world that if you have unwavering dedication, persistence, and talent, no one can stop you from building a million-dollar empire.

As a well-known figure in the fashion world, she has carved out a niche with her unique jewelry designs and made loyal customers over the years. Moreover, as she continues to evolve and grow, keeping her entrepreneurial spirit high, her net worth is only going to soar in the future.

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