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In the realm of professional sports, Marcus Mariota stands out as a beacon of talent, captivating audiences with his unwavering athleticism. Marcus Mariota is a famous American football quarterback, who received immense popularity due to his versatility. During his successful eight-season career in the NFL, he amassed an incredible net worth of $12 million.

His journey from being a standout quarterback in college to his rise as the world’s highest athlete is a celebration of perseverance and success. However, beyond the accolades and achievements, one thing that sparks curiosity among his fans is what’s inside the enigmatic realm of Marcus Mariota's net worth. So, if you’re one of those curious fans join us as we explore this Falcon QB's financial journey and find out how he accumulated a staggering fortune.

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Insights Into The Life Of Marcus Mariota

Full NameMarcus Mariota
Birth DayOctober 30, 1993
Birth PlaceHonolulu, Hawaii
Height6ft 4inc (1.93 m)
ChildrenMakaia Kei Mariota
PartnerKiyomi Cook
Nationality American
Zodiac SignScorpio
Source of WealthNFL Contracts Income & Endorsement Deals
Net Worth $12 Million

Marcus Mariota's Early Life & Rise to Prominence

Early Life

Marcus Mariota was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in October 1993. His interest in football was from his school times. He studied at Saint Louis High School and also played as a quarterback there. He won multiple accolades and awards while playing for his college football team Oregon Ducks in the NCAA. He spends three years here before playing in the NFL.

Rise To Prominence & NFL Career

Marcus Mariota's rise as a quarterback mogul started in 2015 when he was drafted number 2 by the Tennessee Titans for the 2015 NFL draft. His journey with the Tennessee Titans was nothing sort of remarkable, with grabbing attention in its debut season. He served an outstanding first round with this team, setting a rookie record of 19 touchdown passes, for his team.

His second season was also one of the best, scoring 26 touchdowns and gathering 3,426 passing yards, which signifies his athletic prowess. In 2019, Marcus Mariota played the final year with the Tennesse Titans due to injuries and inconsistencies and joined the Las Vegas Riders. After spending 2 uneventful years there, he joined the Atlanta Falcons as a starting quarterback.

While playing for the Falcon he also gained popularity on the national stage by making his appearance on the Netflix hit documentary, named Quarterback.

Awards & Achievements

Mariota's achievements in the football world are simply incredible and leave an indelible mark. Here is an overview of some of his biggest achievements:

  • Marcus Mariota named himself the Heisman Trophy, Manning Award, Walter Camp Award, and Maxwell Award.
  • He also won the titles of Johny United Golden Arm Award, AP Player of the Year, Dave O Brien Award, Sporting News Player of the Year, and Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year.
  • He was also a unanimous All-American in 2014, putting a significant mark in the history of the sport.
  • During his first NFL season, he set a record of 69 touchdowns, and 42 interceptions and accumulated 12,000 passing yard
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Breaking Down Marcus Mariota's Net Worth

The Philadelphia Eagles, Marcus Mariota's net worth is the sum of his NFL career earnings and endorsement deals. Let’s explore how much he earned over the years from his spectacular NFL journey and endorsement deals.

1- Tennessee Titans Contract

Mariota kicked off his professional journey with the Titans after he got selected in the 2015 NFL draft. He signed a hefty four-year contract worth $24.2 million in 2015 with this league team. Moreover, in 2019, the Titans paid a massive amount of $20.92 million to retain him for the 2019 season.

2- Las Vegas Raiders Contract

Moving next, in March 2020, he moved to the Las Vegas Raiders by signing a two-year contract worth $17.6 million. Moreover, in 2021, Mariota signed a one-year restructured contract with this team that was at the value of $3.5 million.

3- Atlanta Falcons Contract

Considering new opportunities, he shifted himself to the Falcons after signing a two-year contract, an estimated value of $18.75 million in 2022. Ultimately, in February 2023, Falcon ended the contract with Marcus Mariota, giving a significant cap clearance of $12 million.

4- Philadelphia Eagles

After he was released from the Falcons, he moved toward Philadephia Eagles. Mariota, in particular, inked a one-year contract of $5 million. Apart from the NFL contracts and career earnings, his net worth is also directed from various endorsement deals.

5- Washington Commanders

Recently, Marcus Mariota inked a one-year deal with Washington Commanders. The value of the contract is estimated at $6 million.

6- Endorsement Deals Earning

Mariota’s journey of financial success is also driven by lucrative endorsement deals which he making out from the onset of his professional football career. One of his noteworthy endorsement deals was with global sports giant Nike in 2015, from which he gained substantial earnings. He also inked an endorsement deal in the Finance world, promoting Island Insurance, Hawaii’s biggest locally-owned property and casualty insurer.

Furthermore, he is also a brand ambassador for various Hawaiian companies including Aloha Spirit, Beats, and First Hawaiian Banks. Additionally, Mariota appeared in Nissan’s famous “Heisman House” ad campaign which striked a notable endorsement opportunity. The ad also showcased his Heisman Trophy which he earned in 2014.

A Statistical Overview Of Marcus Mariota's Career Earnings & Deals

Contracts Estimated Value
Tennessee Titans (2015-2019)$24.2 Million
Las Vegas Raiders (2020-2021)$17.6 Million
Las Vegas Raiders (2021-2021)$3.5 Million
Atlanta Falcons (2022-2023)$18.7 Million
Philadelphia Eagles (2023-2023)$5 Million
Washington Commanders$6 Million
Endorsement Deals$3 Million
Marcus Mariota 4

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Exploring Marcus Mariota's Future Outlooks

Considering the past achievements, the future outlook of Marcus Mariota is brimming with potential and success. Here are the potential scenarios that he might choose in the coming future:

Continued Journey In NFL

With his brilliance and skills, he can continue to play in the starting quarterback position and reach his team to further heights as he did in the past. Moreover, with his amazing skill sets, he can lead his team to success or establish a long-term starter in the league.

Mentorship OR Coaching

Mariota also goes in the direction of mentoring and coaching in case his plan to remain a starter fails. In this area, he can provide valuable experience and prepare a solid team. Undoubtedly, with his amazing skills, he can prove himself a valuable mentor to NFL teams.

Going Beyond The Football

He can also explore further opportunities beyond the gridiron in the future. He can expand his foray into other industries including investments and coaching. Moreover, he can also take potential endorsements and partnership deals shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Marcus Mariota's Annual Salary In 2024?

According to Mariota’s current deal with Washington Commanders, he will receive an average salary of $6 million.

How Much Does Mariota Make With The Eagles?

As a starter quarterback in the Philadelphia Egles, he signed a deal worth $ 5 million. Marcus Mariota earned almost $8 million total from this league team. 

Who Is the Highest Paid NFL Player?

According to ESPN, Joe Burrow is the highest-paid NFL with a signed contract of $62.9 million, following Justin Hebert, Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, and Patrick Mahomes.


Marcus Mariota's net worth of $12 million, directed mainly from his professional football career signifies his undying passion and relentless as an athlete. Mariota's journey of financial success also underscores his brand influence across different industries, including fashion and finance which helped me accumulate substantial earnings.

Moreover, Marcus Mariota's net worth is a reminder that hard work pays off and nothing is bigger than your dreams. Focusing on the right direction and being committed to your goals will accompany you to a great deal. To sum up, Mariota made a lasting impression on the professional game, and as a result, his financial career will undoubtedly take off in the future.

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