Maria Sharapova Net Worth

Maria Sharapova, a name that dominates the sports world, has captivated the audience with her incredible talent on the tennis court. Beyond her numerous accolades including five times Grand Slam titles and World No.1, she also has amassed a net worth of $180 million. During her peak career, she earned the title of the highest-paid female athlete of all time which shows her unparalleled success in tennis.

Despite her uncanny success in the athletic world, she also established herself as a great entrepreneur with her savvy entrepreneurial ventures. Let's explore the story behind Maria Sharapova's net worth, unveiling factors that propelled her to a financial rise.

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Maria Sharapova: Beyond The Tennis Court

Full NameMaria Sharapova
Age36 years
Birth DayApril 19, 1987
Birth PlaceNyagan, Russia
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 cm)
SpouseAlexander Gikes (Fiance)
Children 1
Nationality Russian
Zodiac SignAries
Source of WealthProfessional Tennis Career, Brand Ambassadorship & Endorsement Deals
ProfessionTennis Player
Net Worth $180-$225 million

A Look Into Maria Sharapova's Early Life & Rise To Tennis Stardom

Early Life

Maria Sharapova, a former Russian professional tennis player, was born in Nyagan, Russia on 19th April 1987. At that time, Russia was known as the Soviet Union. Maria's initiated interest in tennis at a very young age. He started playing tennis at the age of four. At the age of six, her interest and potential in tennis seems so obvious. She attended a skill clinic and during her practice sessions, her instructor forced her to join the IMG Academy in Florida.

However, her family was not rich at that time and her father took money from someone and moved to the United States, considering his daughter passed in 1994. Ultimately, IMG relinquished her tuition fee after inking a contract with her. She officially pursued professional tennis training at the age of 9.

Career Beginnings

In 2000, Maria Sharapova marked her first win at the Eddie Herr International Junior Tennis Championships at the age of 16. She became a professional player by the age of 14. Though she was winning WTA matches, her age restriction made her play limited games at first. This made her go back to play in the junior tournaments. She was the youngest girl to reach the finals of the Australian Junior Open.

She ended 2002 remarkably, positioning herself sixth in the junior world ranking and winning three tournaments. Later, In 2003 she marked the beginning as a full-time professional player and played an entire tournament.

Maria Sharapova 2

Rise To Prominence

In 2003, she played a full professional tournament, placing herself in a top 50 ranking and winning two tournaments. Later, in 2004, she beat the iconic tennis player Serena Williams in the DFS classic and positioned herself in the top 20. Well, it was considered one of the most stunning upsets in the history of tennis. From this onward, Maria Sharapova was considered one of the most competitive players and challengers in the big title. She broke into the top ten for several years.

In 2004, she captivated fans with her incredible performance throughout the year, reaching the Zurich Open finals and defeating Serena Williams in the finals of the WTA World Tour Championship. Those wins helped her to climb to the number third position in the world rankings in 2005. Her series of further successes put her in the number one position and she maintained the position for an entire year after being replaced by Lindsay Davenport.

Though she had a bumpy start in 2006 eventually she made a strong comeback and won the Acura Classic, the US Open, and the Zurich Open. This year she broke into the number second position in the world rankings. After that, Maria Sharapova gained the number one position once again after making it to the finals of the Australian Open.

She owned the spot for almost seven weeks before losses hit her up. Moreover, she couldn't play the entire season due to her shoulder injury. Though she won the Acura Classic but barely managed to remain in the top 5 at the end of the year. The year was not up to the mark.

However, where there are lows, there are always highs. Maria Sharapova returned to dominate the tennis court again in 2008, managing a great win at the Australian Open. She regained the number one position but it was not for long as her injuries continued to irritate her, dropping her from the number one spot. Unfortunately, her injuries caused a serious dip in form and impacted her overall ranking. The whole recovery process dropped it to the 126th position.

In 2009, she started her season hoping to re-establish her form and ranking. However, she managed to finish the year at number 14th. She struggled to maintain her position till 2010 and eventually in 2011 she gained many titles and it became evident that she was returning to her outclass form. Well, it didn't happen as everyone thought it would, a bad injury caught her, making her finish the year with a ranking within the top 5.

Maria Sharapova's injuries continued to irritate her but she didn't let them be an obstacle and soon gained the number second position in the world's ranking. She also won the silver Olympic Medal and regained the number-one 1 ranking for a short time. She ended this year pretty well meanwhile with another shoulder injury. In 2014, she won many titles including the Stuttgart Open, the Madrid Open, and the French Open, putting herself in the second position.

A Farewell To A Successful Career

In 2015, she won the Australian Open for the fourth time. But unfortunately in 2016, she was suspended from playing because of the injuries and not considering the doctor's recommendation. After her return from suspension, she won her first WTA title in four years. At the start of 2018, she embarked on her professional tennis career with a win and made her into the top 25 world ranking.

However, it became obvious that her powerful professional tennis journey was coming to an end because of her constant injuries. In 2020, the Russian Professional Football Player, Maria Sharapova played a farewell match and took retirement after playing her 800th match.

  • Maria Sharapova won 36 WTA titles, including five Grand Slam titles, and became the world No. 1.
  • Maira was also one of the ten women who completed a Career Grand Slam (winning all four Grand Slam events in a year).
  • When Maria retired, her $39 million in prize money ranked number 3rd on the WTA tour all-time list, surging her net worth to $300 million.
  • The tennis star and global icon remained Forbes 'highest-paid female athlete for straight 11 years, earning a salary of $30 million.

Breaking Down Maria Sharapova's Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Maria Sharapova's estimated net worth is $180-225 million. Besides her massive on-court earnings, she gained money from various lucrative endorsement deals and savvy entrepreneurial ventures. In 2022, Forbes listed Maria Sharapova as one of America's Self-Made Women and in 2016, she made her name into the Forbes, highest-earning female athletes. Let's delve deep into her career earnings and other income resources.

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1- Earnings From Prize Money

Well, According to Forbes, Maria remained the highest-paid athlete for 11 years in a row. When she was at the peak of her career, it was estimated that she was earning around $30 million.

2- Endorsement Deals

Maria's influence beyond the tennis court can simply seen through her lucrative endorsement deals. Her endorsement portfolio is the substantial reason for her whopping net worth. Her maiden Grand Slam Victory at Wimbledon in 2004 against the tennis star Serena William, made her ink the deal with Motorola as a brand ambassador. She also signed a partnership deal with Gatorade from 2007 to 2009.

During her professional journey, she almost signed lucrative deals with giant brands such as Tiffany, Tag Heuer, and Pepsi. The global giant brand Nike was her clothing sponsor throughout her whole career. In 2010, she made a deal with Nike for almost $70 million. It was considered the most worthy sponsorship offered to any female athlete.

Later, in 2013, she became the brand ambassador for Porsche while signing a three-year deal with it. According to estimation, she earned $250 million alone from her endorsement deals, adding a substantial portion of her wealth to her overall net worth.

3- Business Ventures

Maria Sharapova's success was not limited to tennis only, she also became a prominent and successful figure in the investment world, investing in many startups and ventures. She established her line of candy - Sugarpova in 2013. She completely owns this brand and she also holds some stake in the skincare brand Sugargoop.

Moreover, she also appeared in Shark Tank America last year and became an investor in a workout equipment firm along with Mark Cuban. Recently, she also made her foray into the cryptocurrency space and invested in a company “Public.com”.

4- Real Estate Portfolio

Her staggering net worth is the reason for Maria's luxury lifestyle. She owned high-priced properties including an $8.6 million five-acre state in Summerland California and a 3.3-acre estate in Montecito, California worth $11 million. Apart from these properties, she primarily lives in a mansion in Manhattan Beach, California.

5- Philanthropic Investments

Despite having a lavish lifestyle, Maria Sharapova doesn't forget her humble beginnings and is keenly open to contributing to various social causes through the Maria Sharapova Foundation. According to estimations, she almost donated $100,000 to Chernobyl-related projects. She also partnered with the UNDP and set up a Scholarship fund worth $210,000 for Belarusian students who reside in affected areas by the Chernobyl disaster. She was also a goodwill ambassador in the UNDP and donated $210,000 more for the Chernobyl-related projects.

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Maria Sharapova's Future Outlooks

Despite, Maria Sharapova's retirement from professional tennis, her career transition as an entrepreneur suggests growth and an increase in her net worth. Well, let's explore some potential future outlooks for the Russian tennis star.

Business Expansion

Considering her entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, Maria Sharapova may continue to expand her business endeavors. With a past of establishing successful ventures, she can opt to diversify her investment portfolio in different startups or businesses thus increasing her source of wealth.

Endorsement Deals

She might choose to endorse products and charge hefty money as she did in the past. Though she had retired from professional sports, her star power and massive fan following make her a valuable asset for brand-seeking endorsements. As she continues to collaborate with brands and companies as a spokesperson, her net worth will surge significantly.

Media & Broadcasting

She might consider entering the media and broadcasting realm due to her insightful commentary and appealing personality. She may look for opportunities such as television personality, sports analyst, and commentator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Net Worth Of Maria Sharapova?

According to various resources, Maria Sharapova's net worth falls in the range of $180-$225 million making her one of the wealthiest tennis players. Her financial standing results from her career prize money, brand ambassadorship, endorsement deals with big names such as Nike and Evian, and investment in companies and startups.

What Is The Income Of Maria Sharapova?

During Maria's peak career, she earned almost $30 million and consistently topped Forbes's highest-paid female athlete for almost 11 years. Moreover, she gained a massive amount from brand partnership deals which solidified her name in the name of the most affluent athlete.

Who Is The Richest Player In The Tennis?

As of now, Novak Djokovic stands in the number one position of richest tennis player with $38.3 million followed by Carlos Alcaraz with $31.4 million.

Check our blog on Novak Djokovic's net worth to know everything about his financial standings. 

Who Is Maria Sharapova's Husband?

Maria Sharapova got engaged to Alexander Gikes in 2020. He is a famous businessman and philanthropist. They both have one child together.


In conclusion, Maria Sharapova's net worth is a testament to her brilliance on the tennis court as well as her resilience and entrepreneurial prowess off the court. Her net worth currently stands at $18, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to her passion and keen business mind. She has not only cemented her name as one of the successful tennis players but also established herself as a true entrepreneur.

From her rise as a Grand Slam champion to her successful forays into the business, she has solidified her position as one of the influential personalities in sports and beyond. Her journey serves as an inspiration for many women out there. Regardless of what the future holds, Maria Sharapova's legacy will continue to shine brightly, leaving a lasting impression in the sports world.

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