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Do you know who is Robert Kraft? If not, simply put Rober Kraft is the 59th richest person in America as per Forbes. Well, as far as his profession is concerned, he is the owner of a multi-dollar valued Craft Group and majorly known as the CEO of the New England Patriots- a well-established football franchise team. Besides this, he also owns the Major League Soccer team, New England Revolution, and Gilette Stadium.

Looking at all these ownerships, it is estimated that Robert Kraft's net worth is a whopping $11 billion. The Massachusetts-born businessman has not only come out as a titan in the professional football world but also as an astute entrepreneur with such astonishing net worth. He has established a diverse business empire that goes beyond the football space, thanks to his keen eye for leveraging opportunities and a knack for making strategic investments.

Let's discover the intricacies of Robert Kraft's financial journey and the factors that helped him become that rich.

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Quick Insights Into Robert Kraft's Personal Life

Full NameRobert Kenneth Kraft
Age81 years
Birth DayJune 5, 1941
Birth PlaceBoston, Massachusetts
Height5 ft 7 In (1.70m)
SpouseDono Blumberg
Children 4
Nationality American
Zodiac SignCancer
Source of WealthBusiness Ventures & NFL Franchise Ownership
Net Worth $11.1 Billion

Robert Kraft's Early Childhood & Journey To A High-Profile Businessman

Born on June 5, 1941, in Brookline, Massachusetts, Robert Kraft has made his name as a famous businessman. He was born to Sarah and Harry Kraft and grew up in a Modern Orthodox Jewish working-class family. He completed his secondary education at Brookline High School in 1959 and also was a senior class president.

According to resources, he had humble beginnings and usually sold newspapers outside the Old Braves stadium in Boston. Kraft attended Columbia University on a scholarship. He became a member of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity and also became class president here. After his graduation, he moved to Harvard University where he pursued an MBA and got his degree in 1965.

As soon as he stepped out of Harvard, Kraft was chosen chairman of the Newton Democratic City Committee. He also pondered running for Massachusetts 3rd congressional district seat in 1970 but ultimately decided against it due to concerns of privacy and pressure on his family.

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Behind The Robert Kraft Financial Empire: Evaluating His Net Worth In 2024

According to Forbes, Robert Kraft's net worth stands at $11.1 billion which makes him the 59th richest individual in the United States. His net worth is the result of his ownership of soccer league teams, the New England Patriots, and the Kraft groups which consist of serval businesses from packaging to equity management.

A popular misconception revolved around Robert Kraft's net worth that he earned his fortune from Kraft Foods. However, these are just misconceptions, and in real, he is the owner and CEO of The Kraft Group which possesses assets in everything from paper to real estate.

Business Ventures

Robert Kraft's first professional experience was with a packaging company owned by his father-in-law Jacob Hiatt, Rand-Whitney Group. In 1968, Kraft conducted a leveraged acquisition deal to gain control of the company. From that time to now, he is the chairman of the Rand-Whitney Group.

In 1972, he launched International Forest Products which acts as a trader of physical paper commodities. It is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. Moreover, he is also an investor in New England Television Corp and several radio stations across Boston. In 1988, he founded his Kraft Group to expand the paper and packaging business, which now operates in 90 countries and has sales of over $2 billion. He also invested in an E-sports team called the Boston Upsprings.

New England Patriots

Despite his various investments, Robert Kraft is famous for his ownership of the New England Patriots football team. Kraft was a fan of the Patriots since their American Football League and was a season ticket holder in 1971. His quest to own the Patriots began in 1985 when he purchased land near the stadium. In 1988, he beat the competitors for the stadium, which was now in bankruptcy court.

In addition to the purchase, Kraft also buys the Patriot's stadium lease. However, at that time there were speculations that Patriots may move to St. Louis. The team's then-owner, James Orthwein, decided to bring an NFL team back to his hometown. In 1994, he proposed Kraft $75 million to acquire the remaining years of the stadium lease agreement.

Well, Kraft saw this as an opportunity and offered a counter-bid of $175 million to buy the Patriots altogether. This was the record-breaking purchase for an NFL franchise at that time. The decision soon proved to be the best and Kraft paid off immensely. After the acquisition of the Patriots, the team won six Super Bowl titles in ten appearances. Kraft's ownership made the team the most valuable franchise in the league. As of now, the New England Patriots are worth $4.1 billion.

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Real Estate Portfolio

Just like other rich dudes, Robert Kraft has a vast portfolio of real estate which reflects his staggering worth. In 2010, Kraft sold his Cape Cod house to his son Jonathan for $3.8 million spread over 7,500 square feet. Moreover, in Boston Robert Kraft owns a sprawling property on 6 acres that basically consists of three parcels of property.

Furthermore, in 2021, Robert acquired an oceanfront mansion in the Hamptons for $43 million. The mansion was built in 2017 on 7,000 square feet on the ultra-exclusive Meadow Lane in Southampton. Additionally, in December 2022, he purchased a 5,000-square-foot condo in Palm Beach Florida for $23.75 million.

Charity Work

Robert Kraft is one of the richest men in the United States and besides gaining a massive net worth he is doing his part in giving back to the community with many charitable donations. With his Kraft Foundation, one of the largest philanthropic ventures, he donated hundreds of millions of dollars supporting education, healthcare, youth sports, and women's safety in America and Israel.

He also gave $20 million to Partners Healthcare in Boston to establish the Kraft Family National Center for Leadership and Training in Community Health. Moreover, he also pledged $24 million to start a fellowship fund in 2022 together with Harvard Business School to help students with limited means of earning to study at this institute.

During COVID-19, he collaborated with a Chinese company called Tencent to buy 1.2 million N95 masks and donated them across New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and EI Salvador. This was one of his best initiatives.

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Robert Kraft's Future Outlook

The 81-year-old, Massachusetts businessman, Robert Kraft has acquired a massive net worth throughout his life with many ventures. As the age of Kraft progresses, he might think of succession planning for his net worth. He may decide on how to pass the ownership of the New England Patriots ownership and to whom that ensures the success and profitability of the franchise.

Moreover, he may decide to expand his foray into other industries and start other business ventures beyond the soccer world. Considering his interest in soccer, besides continued stewardship with the New England Patriots, he may spread innovative initiatives within the team to enhance fan base and revenue growth. Well, who knows he might acquire a new franchise, considering his experience which will result in more wealth.

Apart from ownership, he may gain money from the global expansion of his team. He may explore opportunities to introduce his team beyond the United States for example in international games and partnerships with other global organizations. This will position the Patriots as a powerhouse in global sports as well as bolster Robert Kraft's net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Robert Kraft Make All His Money?

Robert Kraft earned his money through various business ventures and majorly from ownership of New England Patriots. He also owns the Gillette Stadiums and New England Revolutions. Kraft also acquired his father-in-law's packaging company, Rand-Whitney Group in a leveraged buyout. He is currently a chairman of it and also established International Forest Products. All these acquisitions and ownership make him rich today.

Does Robert Kraft Owns Kraft Foods?

No! A lot of people think that he made his fortune from Kraft Foods. However, it is not true, in fact, he had no connection to it. He is the owner of The Kraft Group and makes his money from this company.

How Much Is Robert Kraft's Net Worth In 2024?

According to Forbes, Robert Kraft's net worth stands at $11.1 billion in 2024. He made his wealth by owning different ventures and NFL franchises.


From selling newspapers as a kid to being one of the richest men in the United States, Robert Kraft has come too far in his financial journey. The Maschutttes-born businessman is not a millionaire but a billionaire with a huge net worth of $11.1 billion. Currently, he is owing different business ventures but he is quite famous as the CEO and owner of The New England Patriots, a successful NFL franchise. Summing up, as he continues to maneuver the New England Patriot's success and explore other opportunities, his financial success will boom to the next level.

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