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If you have following the world of football, you definitely heard of the name Sadio Mane. As one of the electrifying talents in the realm of football, Sadio Mane has risen from nobody to a household name in global sports. With his ferocious pace, strength, and goal-scoring ability, he has gathered a million fans around the world. Moreover, Beyond his on-field achievements, the Sengelease footballer has also made notable progress in accumulating wealth.

As of current writing, Sadio Mané's net worth is $52 million which he gleaned through his football career and securing lucrative endorsement deals. After making waves in Liverpool, he is now making strides in Al-Naseer with an eye-watering monetary contract. All these contract and endorsement deals solidified his position as one of the wealthiest athletes in the world. If you're intrigued about Sadio Mane's monthly earnings and previous contract earnings, delve into this exploration

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Quick Insights Into Sadio Mane's Personal Life

Full NameSadio Mané
Nick NameRonaldinho, Firmino
Age31 years
Birth DayApril 10, 1992
Birth PlaceSedhiou Senegal
Height5 ft 7 In (1.74m)
Zodiac SignAries
Source of WealthFootball Contracts & Endorsement Deals
ProfessionProfessional Football Player
Current ClubAl- Nassr
PositionsLeft Winger, Right Winger & Striker
Social Media

Instagram: @sadiomaneofficiel

Facebook: Sadio Mané

Net Worth$52 million

Sadio Mane's Early Life, Career & Rise As A Footballer

Early Life

The pride of Senegal, Sadio Mane was born in Bambali, Sedhiou, Senegal on April 10, 1992. He belongs to a strict Islamic family and at first, his father was against his passion for football. He forbade him from playing football but he was very keen about it and at the age of 15, he left his village and moved to Dhakar to pursue his dreams.

Career Highlights

FC Metz & Red Bull Salzburg

Following his passion, and considering his athletic ability, Mady Toure referred Mane to Generation Foot, an association football academy and he joined the partner club FC Metz in 2011. In the following year, he made his professional debut replacing Kevin Diaz in the 75th minute of a home loss to Basita. In total, he made 19 appearances in his debut league and scored one goal in the match against Guingamp which the team lost by a 2-5 margin.

In the next year 2012, Mane joined Red Bull Salzburg. The year 2013 and the club saw Sadio Mane's first hat trick. Well, it was not the last one, he also secured another hat trick the next year. After that, he left Salzburg and made his team winning a domestic double.


In 2014, Mane moved to Southampton for a four-year contract. In this club, he achieved heights and got recognition. In his debut match, the club got a 2-1 League Cup victory and his first league match was also a 2-1 victory over Queens Park Rangers. Sadio Mane's first goal for the Southampton club was against Stoke City, which made the team win by 1-0. After that, mané scored consecutive goals against Crystal Palace, Chelsea, and Arsenal.

In May 2015, in Southampton's final home encounter, the world saw the craziest side of his talent where Mane scored three goals in less than three minutes. This groundbreaking performance set a new record for the fastest hat-trick in the Premier League. Aside from setting the premier league record, the 2015-2016 season was a rough patch, as he was pulled from the starting lineup.

The changes made him remain scoreless for more than four months. However, soon, he rebounded and scored two goals in a 3-2 victory over Liverpool. Afterward, in his next matches, he scored five goals in five games. Sadio's rocky beginnings for the season ended swiftly, making him Southampton's highest scorer with 15 goals across every contest.

Sadio Mane 2


Moving next, after finishing Southampton's contract tenure, Sadio Mane moved to Premier League Club Liverpool in 2016 and inked a five-year contract. In his first league appearance with the club in the Premier League, he scored the last goal in a 4-3 win over Arsenal. He scored 13 goals in his first season with Liverpool. He was also chosen for the PFA Team of the Year. In the 2017-2018 season, he scored his first hat-trick for Liverpool in a 5-0 win over Porto in the UEFA Champions League.

Mane's success continued the next season and he became the first Senegalese professional football player with the most goals (17) in a single Premier League season. Moreover, 2019 saw his success on the next level when he aided Liverpool to win the UEFA Champions League final against Tottenham. In 2019, he was named MOTM (Man of the Match) after scoring two goals in a UEFA Super Cup final against Chelsea.

In the same year, he made his 100th Premier League appearance for Liverpool and scored his 50th league goal in a 2-1 win over Leicester City. He also proceeded to secure the fourth position for the Ballon d'Or. More importantly, Sadio Mane made Liverpool win the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup. In 2020, he maintained his winnings ways and helped Liverpool to end its 30-year Premier League title wait.

However, Mane had an erratic performance throughout this season as Mané tested positive for COVID-19, which made the year not so good for him. In the 2021-2022 season, he recovered and scored his 100th goal in the Premier League and for Liverpool. Sadio Mane achieved this feat as only the third African player to reach this mark.

Bayern Munich & Al-Nassr

In 2022, Mane signed a contract with Bundesliga Club Bayern Munich which was official till 2025. He made his debut for this club in the 2022 DFL Supercup. According to stats, he has 11 goals for this club. However, in August 2023, Sadio Mane completed his transfer from Bayern Munich to Al Nassr. The contract will last till 2027. Currently, Mane is playing for the Saudi Professional League Club, Al Nassr as a forward or winger player.

International Appearance

Saibo Mane represented the Senegal national team on the global stage during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. However, the team lost to the Mexica in the quarterfinals. He participated in the 2018 FIFA World Cup for his team's 23-man squad but it was eliminated after the opening round. He also played several Africa Cup of Nations contests.

In 2019, Senegal came after Alergia in second place. In 2021, the team made its first in the competition by defeating Egypt. Mane was named player of the tournament as he kicked his final goal and sealed the trophy.

Calculating Sadio Mane's Net Worth In 2024

Forbes estimated Sadio Mane's net worth at $52 million. A solid amount of his money comes from his jaw-dropping football contracts and the cherry on the top is lucrative endorsement deals. According to Give Me Sports, Mane has made his fortune from his heavy money contracts with Liverpool FC, Bayern Munich, and now Al-Nassr. Nevertheless, his tenure in RB Salzburg and Southampton earnings also contributed to his overall net worth.

Salary & Contract Earnings

As mentioned above, Mane earned notable earnings while playing at Liverpool. For his debut season, 2017-2018, he earned a yearly salary of 5.2 million Euros which increased by 9.3 million Euros for the 2019, 2020, and 2021 seasons. His success in Liverpool FC made him glean 10.4 million Euros as a base salary in 2022. In 2023, he moved to FC Bayern Munich where he got an annual salary of 15.4 - 18 million Euros.

Well, this was an incredibly high salary for the player whose glittering career is at the end. According to resources, he will gross approximately 56 million Euros by 2025, the end of his contract. But it can't be possible as the forward's moved to Al-Nassr for a double-earning contract. His tax-free annual salary for playing for this club is 35.15 million Euros which means if he played with Al-Nassr for the full duration of the contract, he will earn around 135 million Euros. That's huge! Well, what does a footballer else need when he is at the end of his career?

Sadio Mane's Career Earnings Over The Year

YearWeekly EarningsYearly SalaryClub
2023£298,000£15,496,000FC Bayern
Sadio Mane 3

Endorsement Deals

Aside from a high-grossing salary, Sadio Mane earned a worthy amount from various endorsement deals. His biggest and most lucrative endorsement deal is with sportswear giant, New Balance. The Al-Nassr player is the central figure of the brand, endorsing its latest football boot design. His athletic prowess, agility, and dribbling go perfectly with the brand's central theme, bringing a sense of familiarity to the audience.

In addition, the winger also saw endorsement for another giant drink brand, Pepsi. With other legendary footballers such as Lionel Messi, and Mo Salah, he also was part of a star-studded squad. However, it is not certain how much he made from these endorsement deals but it is speculated that all deals fall in the six to seven-figure region. Moreover, all these partnership deals contributed to Sadio Mane's financial success journey.

Cars & Lifestyle

There isn't much available about the Mane lifestyle but it is claimed that he is a very grounded person and lived in his hometown Senegal. No doubt, he has acquired a million-dollar net worth but it doesn't make him forget his roots. Though he is very humble and grounded, he has a diversified car collection that reflects his passion for high-profile cars. Among some of his luxury vehicles, he owns a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, Bentley Continental GT, Audi RS7, and Range Rover Evoque.

Philanthropy Endeavours

Besides being a great footballer and inspiring millions of people with his speed, dribbling, and strikes, he is a philanthropist by heart. His philanthropy and charitable endeavors reflect his dedication and effort to help humanity and prove his humble upbringing. His father died when he was seven and he spent a tough childhood which is why he cares for humanity as much as he loved his passion.

Sadio Mane has built a hospital and also donated millions to schools and families in his village, Bambali. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he donated 2.5 million Euros for building a school in his hometown in 2019. After two years, he donated more than 5 million to build a hospital there. During the time of COVID-19, he also donated millions to the Senegalese National Committee to fight the pandemic and help the sufferers.

During the holy month of Ramadan, he also provides $75 per month for poor families in Senegal. All these efforts, dedication, and generosity didn't go unnoticed as he received France Football's inaugural Scorated Award for his work in Senegal. Well, this achievement meant more than his lifelong achievements. As he once explained his actions, saying:

"Why would I need to have 10 Ferraris, 20 watches stoned with diamonds, and two airplanes? I've been hungry and I had to work in the fields. I played football with no shoes. But today, with what I earn through football, I can help my people. I prefer that my people get a little of what life has given me."

As we are talking about his awards, let's look at his career trophies and awards.

Sadio Mane's Accolades & Awards

2022English League Cup Winner
2022African Cup Winner
2021AFCON Man of the Tournament
2020English Champion
2019/20UEFA Supercup Winner
2019African Footballer of the Year
2018/19Golden Boot
2018/19Premier League Top Scorer
2018/19Champions League Winner
2019FIFA Club World Cup Winner
2014/15, 2013/14Austrian Champion

All these accolades and awards show that Sadio Mane is worth the financial and professional success he is living. While he has enjoyed long-term success, you people must be intrigued about the future outlooks of the 31-year, premier league record-breaker footballer. The next section will be all about his future outlooks, so stick with us.

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Sadio Mane's Future Outlook & Financial Trajectory

As one of today's generation premier footballers, the future outlook and financial trajectory of Sadio Mane are as lucrative as his career. As evident, his future outlook is poised to grow, let's look at the potential factors contributing to the future trajectory of his net worth:

Continued Growth In Football

As his recent transition to the Saudi Arabia football club, Al Nassr, it is clear that he can play for a maximum of 5 years. He has signed an impressive contract with the club till 2027 which will remain instrumental in shaping his financial trajectory. Further apart, his speed agility, and goal-scoring ability, despite being 31, attract other clubs to offer him lucrative contracts.

Contract Extension & Transfers

As of the previous events, Mane's transfer from Bayern Munich to Al-Nassr without fulfilling the contract years suggests that he may transfer to some other club that offers more than what he is currently taking. On the other hand, he may choose to fulfill the contract under his current cub. As of current estimation, if he continues to play in Al-Nassr until his contract ends, he will earn up to 135 million Euros. This will bolster his net worth significantly.

Endorsement Deals & Sponsorships

As aforementioned, premier footballers like Mane, Ronaldo, Messi, and many more, a substantial portion of their income comes through endorsement deals and sponsors. Mane is also linked with many lucrative brand endorsements and in the future, he may use his face to endorse and promote other brands, in return getting huge amounts from them. He is remarkable on the field and off the pitch both, increasing his marketability and global appeal and making him an attractive ambassador for brands.

Investments & Business Ventures

To make diversifying income streams, Sadio Mane may explore other opportunities beyond the football world. He may start his own business venture such as a clothing line, shoe brand, or football coaching center. He may start planning to transition into the coaching side as his career is at the end or may invest in startups for diverse revenue options which also keep on increasing his financial trajectory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Highest-Paid Footballer In 2024?

If you're a football enthusiast, you know who leads the football world. Yes! You guessed it right, Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid footballer of current times with a jaw-dropping net worth of USD 500 million. After Ronaldo comes Lionel Messi, followed by Neymar, Mbappe, Benzema, Haaland, Salah, and then Mane.

Is Sadio Mane Rich?

Yes! With a net worth of $52 million, he is one of the highest footballers in current times. Sadio Mane's journey of financial success is the result of his football prowess and staggering endorsement deals with giant brands.

How Much Does Mane Get Paid A Week?

Sadio Mané recent move to play for Al-Nassr grabbed the attention of many because of his high-grossing salary, he inked with the club. Sadio Mane earns almost £676,000 per week, totaling £35,152,000 per year.


Sadio Mané has been making waves in the football world and named himself in the wealthiest football roster in the world. From humble beginnings in Bambali to the prestigious surroundings of Anfield, and Allianz Arena to Saudi Club, his professional and financial journey takes off exceptionally. Sadio Mane, a household name in football, has amassed a $52 million net worth through his athletic achievements and high-grossing endorsement deals.

However, the meteoric rise of Mane doesn't keep him away from helping humanity. He is a true philanthropist and helps millions of people with his initiatives. This is what we call true richness. Apart from being a football legend he had a positive influence on the lives of others, which make him a true icon of success and generosity.

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