Tulsi Gabbard Net Worth

Tulsi Gabbard has already made a big name for herself in American politics. She's Hawaii-born and was a member of the US House. Folks love her for making distinctions in the government. They are wondering about the total amount of money that she has. People questioned her money so much that after she tried to be the Democratic candidate for president in 2020, they raised the point. Considering her multiple jobs where she invested her money can help us understand how well she managed her financial affairs. Tulsi Gabbard Net Worth 2024 is $500,000.

Despite being younger, she has also gathered a lot of wealth. She did this mainly by engaging in real estate and other commerce. Let's go and get to know more about the money styles and life of 2024 as it is represented by Tulsi Gabbard.

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Tulsi Gabbard: Fast Facts & Biography

Full NameTulsi Gabbard
Birth DayApril 12, 1981
Birth PlaceLeloaloa, American Samoa
Height5 ft 9 in (1.73 m)
PartnerAbraham Williams (Husband), Eduardo Tamayo (Ex-Husband)
Nationality American
Zodiac SignAries
Source of WealthCongressional Salary, Book Deals, Speaking Engagements, Investments, Campaign Funds, Business Ventures
Net Worth $500,000

Analysis of Tulsi Gabbard's Net Worth 2024

1- Salary As A Member Of Congress

Tulsi Gabbard left her strata as a senior congress member. During the term of the U.S. House of Representatives for which she had to file financial disclosures, she received a salary in the capacity of being the person representing constituents.

2- Book Deals

In addition, she has done freelance writing for books. She got money from book sales as well as royalty from people buying and reading their books.

3- Speaking Engagements

In other cases, Gabbard got some money to attend presentations or conferences. She charged by giving them either her experiences from specific life events or her opinion on a wide range of topics.

4- Investments

Similarly, Gabbard enjoyed a few business opportunities, such as investing in stocks, real estate, etc. Therefore, they also could become her source of income.

5- Campaign Funds

Gabbard was running for public office. So, she was fundraising to do this. Some of this money has been used for her campaign budget, and the rest stays in her account as part of her estimated net worth.

6- Business Ventures

Gabbard engaged in any business other than politics, though she never gained this attention due to her political career. The fact that these companies could have been of beneficence to her affluence is a further point to consider.

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Tulsi Gabbard's Early Life & Family

Early Days

Tulsi Gabbard went on with her life starting on April 12, 1981, to Leloaloa, an American Samoan village. However, a significant part of her childhood happened in Hawaii, where she lived with her family.

Her parents, Carol and Mike Gabbard, were big into politics. Thus, they are the ones who taught her that people should look after each other. Her old man was a hotshot in the politics of Hawaii, being a state senator.

When Tulsi was young, her parents actively helped others and led community projects, and that gave a great example for her. Her family also taught her how to be forgiving and to do what was right from the time she was little.

Dad's domestic politics meant that her house was full of debates about making their community better. This definitely rubbed off on her. Therefore, she was already contemplating how she could participate and bring change to the world by the time she was a child.

Family Background

Tulsi Gabbard's family is a ragged mix of different ethnic origins. Her dad, Mike Gabbard, has his origin in Samoa and Europe, and her mom, Carol Gabbard, is from Europe. To this end, Tulsi incorporates cultures in a cool way within her ancestors' family tree. It reflects how she looks at things such as different cultures, people, and countries. Raised in that environment, Tulsi developed a complex understanding of the world at a young age and learned to accept different points of view.

Diversity in mixed cultural backgrounds taught her that each culture is important. So, there should be no discrimination against people, no matter where they are from. It's like there are all these different puzzle pieces making up her family, and that perspective gives her a better chance to see things from a bigger picture.

Hence, when she speaks about such things as culture or working with other entities, she talks with that kind of wisdom inspired by her personal experience. It is because she is that culture and her homeland.

Tulsi's Big Bunch Of Brothers & Sisters

Tulsi has a few brothers and sisters, so her family is a bunch of cadets. Her sisters are Bhakti and Vrindavan, and her brothers are Jai and Sundar. Getting accustomed to living with those many siblings made childhood more interesting for Tulsi. They were not only family, but they were my trustworthy siblings. They did everything together, from playing to fighting, and the most important thing of all was to always stand by each other.

Belonging to a large family helped out with keeping good company and having someone to chat or hang around with. Tulsi picked up a lot of things from her brothers and sisters, and they all grew up together, brainstorming with each other. The past is something to remember for them.

Yet even when Tulsi entered politics, her siblings and sisters were always by her side. They aid her in every step she takes and encourage her in her political career. They are like the loyal fans who support her!

Over and above her brothers, she is marrying Abraham Williams, her husband. He's like her co-pilot. That’s why he guides her through all the political mess and holds the fort when it gets too much to handle. The two of them mix up into a strong team. Together, they can jump over any obstacles that they may encounter.

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Career & Challenges

1- Military Service

Tulsi Gabbard comes from a place called American Samoa, where she was born in 1981. Yet, she was brought up in Hawaii. Around the age of 22, she decided to join the Hawaii National Guard, which is the part-time army.

In 2004, she went to a distant country called Iraq as a part of the Hawaii Army National Guard. This implies that she was appointed there to take part in vital matters about Iraq in the field medical unit. Her experience in the army forced her to think about the world a lot and how countries connect with other countries.

Tulsi, after coming back from Iraq, launched a career in politics. Firstly, she was in the government in Hawaii, making rules and regulations for their state. Next, in 2012, she became more popular by the time she got elected into the U.S. House of Representatives.

Yet, being a politician is not that simple. Tulsi had to face too many conflicts with many people who didn't support her decisions. Others didn't like that she talked to the heads of other states, including the head of Syria. She, too, had to apologize for the opinions she made about the LGBTQ community.

2- Political Career & Challenges

Tulsi Gabbard went into politics from her post in the army. She first worked for the government in Hawaii. This meant that she took part in making laws and making decisions for the state. As time went by, she became even more significant as she was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012. This was a big step for her since she had to move from her home in Washington, D.C., and work with other crucial people in the U.S. government. She was once the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee as well.

However, submitting to the role of a politician isn't always an easy thing to do. She encountered many obstacles during her running. Others were offside by her meeting with leaders from other countries, such as Syria.

They believed they acted against morality. She also ended up saying that she once used words that hurt people in the LGBTQ+ community. Despite the difficulties she faced, she called on her courage to give her best and serve the citizens she represented.

3- 2020 Presidential Campaign

Tulsi Gabbard, who is a politician who wanted to be the President of the United States in 2020, worked toward winning the nomination of the Democratic Party. She had big dreams that she put in the form of policies. They include how the US gets involved with other countries internationally (foreign policy). It ensures that the justice system is fair to all and protects the environment. Despite that, not everyone was on her side; she kept on going the determined way.

She has less money than most of these Democrats. Only two people were running for the presidential nomination: Pete Buttigieg, who is from South Bend, Indiana, and Tim Ryan, who is from Ohio, who have less funds than she does.

However, as she went forward, Tulsi found it more difficult to find supporters for her cause. Thus, in March 2020, she was confronted with the incredibly hard choice to pull out of the contest. Contrary to this, she showed her loyalty by backing Joe Biden. He managed to lead the Democratic Party. Despite the defeat, Tulsi displayed courage by giving vows to her party and supporting the chosen one in the primary election.

4- Real Estate

This is about Tulsi Gabbard's journey in the real estate business. In 2009, though, she purchased a home in Oklahoma City. She was canny because she managed to get it at a huge discount as the bank was eager to dispose of it. The latter, in 2012, she sold at a much higher price compared to the one she bought. That would be similar to hitting a grand slam on the real estate field.

Eventually, in 2014, Tulsi wanted to have another home, but this time in Washington, D.C. However, wait. This house did not come at a small amount. Rather, this house cost her an expensive amount of money, $600,000! Now, you are aware that Tulsi had some successes and failures when it comes to selling and buying houses. It is a bit like a rollercoaster ride, but she was smart enough to make good decisions.

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Awards & Honor

1- Being Seen In Elle Magazine

As far back as 2014, Tulsi Gabbard was recognized by Elle magazine. They listed her among the powerful women of Washington. Suppose you are placed among the prominent personalities in politics! They even threw a fancy gala for her at the Italian consulate, where she made a play with other big shots. She is on their list of "Women in Washington Power," which is assembled on an annual basis.

2- Friend Of The National Parks Award

In the year following, 2015, she won an award for contributing to national parks. The National Parks Conservation Association felt she was awesome and gave her the "Friend of the National Parks" award. It's like getting a gold star for being unbelievably helpful in safeguarding nature's playgrounds.

3- Hawaii Pacific University Recognition

Moving forward to 2018, Tulsi Gabbard's alma mater wanted to slap her on the back. The Hawaii Pacific University named her as their top graduate by granting her the Paul T. C. Loo Distinguished Alumni Award. It feels like you are being crowned the prince of your old playground after you have made great exploits in your life after graduation.

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Where Will She Be A Few Years From Now

Political Journey

Tulsi Gabbard will continue to be on her political journey. It completely aims to improve this world for the better. She can be the governor or the senate. Likewise, she will do this by making new rules and laws. She could maintain her focus on concrete issues. They include health care reform, environmental protection, and collaboration with other nations to make everyone's lives prosperous.

Advocacy Work

One more way she could contribute is through being a voice for those causes she likes, even when she is out of politics. This could also mean fighting for veterans' rights or creating an impartial system of justice. Through public talks, campaigns, and events, she could reach more people. By doing so, she can convince them that those issues should be understood and accepted like any other.

She is known for being involved in foreign affairs or the military. Thus, she can negotiate international diplomacy or help with humanitarian efforts. Her work would involve teaming up with organizations, governments, or individuals to solve worldwide matters. They include conflict resolution, human rights, and climate change.

Helping Around The World

Her work with other countries and military experience make her the right candidate to do things internationally as well. She would be able to form partnerships with either communities or governments based on the situation to improve the world. She might be the one to end conflicts between nations of which she would be in charge. It ensures that people achieve equal treatment and that environmental problems are solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Tulsi Gabbard's Money Compare To What Most People Have?

She has more money than most people since she has also had very influential positions in the military and politics.

Did Tulsi Gabbard's Money Alter Because Of Her Political Views?

The views of Tulsi Gabbard might have caused either the rise or the fall of her income. It all depends on the reaction of people towards her ideas.

Did She Marry?

Yes, Tulsi Gabbard tied the knot with Abraham Williams in 2015. Previously, she had been married to a person named Eduardo Tamayo. Yet, they separated in 2006 after dating for four years.


It's not very likely that Gabbard will win the Democratic nomination for president. This is because she doesn't have the same experience as the other Democratic presidential candidates. They include Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. There are a lot of candidates running for president, including Gabbard. She is relatively new to the game compared to them.

Actually, Gabbard is quite far from the post of the Democratic nominee for the presidency. She is running against some really experienced people who could be the challenge for her to succeed.

In 2020, Tulsi Gabbard showed that she has diverse experience in politics, in the army, and other things. She might not be as rich as some other people that she knows, but her life is like a kaleidoscope of different things, and her job history is the same.

She faced a whole lot of money issues in 2024. Thus, Tulsi Gabbard's Net Worth 2024 is low, which is $500,000, including $200,000 of her federal pension. Although her stock might not be as high as that of some others, she did a lot of different things in her life, like different jobs, for example.

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