Acacia Pickleball Shoes Review

As a pickleball player myself, I can understand the quest for perfect court shoes. It can be a daunting endeavor, one as challenging as mastering the dink shot. Recently, I came across the Acacia Unisex-Adult Pickleball Shoes, specifically the Dinkshot model, a shoe that not only appealed to the eye but offered a fusion of comfort, durability, and performance. 

Intrigued by the company’s reputation and tech-packed features, I ordered my first pair and took it out for a trial. I must say I was surprised by many of the features. Here’s my take after several intensive sessions with these shoes. 

An In-Depth Look Into the Acacia Pickleball Shoes

Let me take you through a deep exploration of these amazing pairs of shoes just the way I went about it. 

1- First Impression

Upon unboxing the Acacia pickleball shoes, I was instantly struck by the robust construction that presented a sleek and modern design. First, I took the shoes and admired the White and Blue Royal designs. It really is something, the shoes just have a premium feel to them. For me, just looking at them made me feel as if I had got my money’s worth. But the true worth of these shoes was revealed when I took them to court. 

Initially, they felt heavier than my usual go-to court shoes, stirring a bit of concern in my mind regarding their weight. While carrying them, I thought I might have a problem wearing them. It is common knowledge that lighter shoes are preferred in sports and while carrying them they felt a bit heavier. Now, it wasn’t like lifting a brick, they only felt slightly heavy. But the concern was quickly forgotten as I slipped them on. They didn’t feel heavy at all on their feet. 

The fit was snug, which I think is due to the metal grommets in part as they allowed for a secure lacing and enveloped my feet with reassuring stability while also ensuring that the area wouldn’t be damaged even if I pulled the laces and tied them too tight. Honestly, I have always preferred metal grommets to plastic ones. They just seem much more reliable. Secondly, the reinforced support around the ankle played a vital role in my lateral movements. I felt at ease knowing that my feet were completely secure, which is of utmost importance while playing any sport. 

Highlighted Features

1- First Impressions:

  • Robust construction with a sleek and modern design.
  • Premium feel, especially in "White and Blue Royal" designs.
  • Initial perceived weight concern dissipated upon wearing.
  • Snug fit with secure lacing and ankle support.

2- In-Game Experience:

  • Honeycomb memory foam insoles provide premium comfort.
  • Cushioned steps, pivots, and jumps with excellent shock absorption.
  • Improved airflow prevents sweaty and uncomfortable conditions.

3- Technology Of Midsole:

  • ARK-Technology EVA foam provides subtle elevation for improved posture.
  • Structural support enhances readiness and responsiveness.
  • Increased sense of control during rallies.

4- Reliable Protection Of Outsole:

  • Non-marking anti-wear rubber grip against abrasive court surfaces.
  • Kevlar drag guards act as armor for aggressive movements.
  • Resistant to rough surfaces, minimal signs of wear after intense play.

5- Aesthetics & Longevity:

  • Updated design in Lime/Black and White/Royal Blue.
  • Professional and polished look with choice materials and craftsmanship.
  • Remarkable resilience, minimal signs of wear even after intensive play.

6- Reflecting On The Price Point:

  • Higher price point justified for serious players.
  • Blend of comfort, advanced material technology, and durability.
  • Longevity makes them a sound investment for the future.


  • Upper Material: Polymer microfiber
  • Insole: Honeycomb-memory foam
  • Midsole: ARK-Technology EVA foam
  • Outsole: Non-marking anti-wear natural rubber with Kevlar drag guards
  • Special Features: Elevated heels, water-resistant, wider toe-box
  • Colors: Lime/Black, White/Royal
  • Design: Dinkshot

What we find good

  • Excellent support and durability
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Advanced technology for comfort and performance
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Stylish design

What We May Not Find Good

  • The initial heavier feel may concern players used to lighter footwear
  • Could be priced at a premium compared to standard court shoes

2- My In-Game Experience

As I stepped into my first game, it felt like walking into a new arena with armor that wasn’t familiar. But I was confident as wearing it felt comfortable and the promises provided a sense of security. So, I walked into the court, and as I was serving, the shoes demonstrated their prowess. Let me start with the premium feel of the honeycomb memory foam insoles that not only provide heavenly comfort but also enhance your performance significantly. 

Let me explain it to you this way. My every step, pivot and jump was cushioned, and the shock absorption made me feel as light as a feather. I literally felt like I was more stable in my movements and landing. It was akin to having a personal springboard under each foot, a feeling that undoubtedly contributed to my endurance during long matches. Even after playing for hours, I didn’t feel any strain on my feet. Compared to the shoes I was using before; these ones were much more comfortable. 

What I absolutely loved about these shoes was the breathability of the foam. The airflow of these shoes is particularly better than many of the shoes that I have used in the past. What I mean is that even after hours of play my feet were not subject to the usual sauna-like conditions, completely sweaty and smelly. The improved airflow is truly a standout feature and it allowed me to maintain my focus on the game without feeling any discomfort. 

3- Delving Into The Technology Of Midsole

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the technology and construction of these shoes. Other than the insole, the midsole’s ARK-Technology EVA foam was also impressive. It provides the much-needed subtle elevation that improves your game. On first look, this elevation might seem like a gimmick, but it’s not. It really improves your posture and movement in the game. The structural support of the midsole contributed to a feeling of readiness and responsiveness.

To be honest, I did feel an increased sense of control during rallies. Especially, when I was executing shots that required precision and balance, the shoes came to my rescue and provided the necessary stability, posture, and footing that was required to make the shot. Hence, I was able to land quite a few points even though I was wearing these shoes for the first time. 

4- The Reliable Protection Of Outsole

The outsoles also contributed to the overall performance of the shoes as well as its safety and security aspects. The non-marking anti-wear rubber grip held up admirably against the abrasive court surface. I play in the local court, which isn’t as smooth textured as the premium courts. The outer layer of the shoe was really resistant to the rough surface and didn’t show any sign of wear even when I had used them intensely for two days straight. I don’t mean light gameplay but literally the most intense one with my pro-pickleball buddies. 

Adding to this, the Kevlar drag guards on the outsole are also not merely just for show. They act like armor that protects your shoes even during the most aggressive movements. So, whether the shoes were being dragged against the court, or my friend accidentally stepped on my foot, I was never worried either about the safety of my foot or the safety of the shoe. As I mentioned before, once I cleaned the shoes, there was not a sign of wear which has given me all the assurances I need that the shoes will last a long time. 

Moreover, the heels of the shoes are slightly elevated. The design promises to increase the leverage and control during the game. It was so during the game, but I got more than what was promised. Yes, I was in more control of my movements and felt like I had an athletic edge to my competition, but the shoes also seemed to intuitively align with my foot’s natural motion. So, I felt that my overall performance was increased rather than hindered and I was able to play better than I used to. 

5- Aesthetics & Longevity

Just as the shoes are performing beyond expectations functionally, their aesthetic appeal is noteworthy and deserves a mention. The updated design comes in two unique color combinations. Both Lime/Black and White/Royal Blue designs are truly magnificent, but I was more fascinated with the second one. It has a professional and polished look that deserves appreciation. 

Regardless of which design you choose, the choice of materials in the shoe and the visible craftsmanship truly catch each eye that looks in your direction. The shoes won’t get any wear from intense games. They might get a bit of dirt after the game, but it can be swept off easily. Also, the craftsmanship is not just for the show. It shows that the shoes are built to last and will stay by your side for a long time. 

I usually play only on weekends, so I try to spend 4-5 hours per day on the game and play intensive long sessions. Normally, the shoes do show signs of wear, even if minor after intensive games, but these shoes display remarkable resilience. The shoes are a true testament to reliable construction and durable material. Even the high-abrasion areas that usually succumb to the scuffs and tear very soon remain intact. I still have to see how they go in the long run, but I am quite confident now that I have seen their resilience.

6- Reflecting On The Price Point

While some may hesitate while making the choice because the shoes do fall in the higher price point category, I would definitely recommend them and suggest that the investment is sound for serious players. Getting cheap shoes will not only hinder your performance and skill development but also will be a waste of money since they will wear out very quickly. 

With the Acacia Pickleball Shoes, you will get a blend of comfort, advanced material technology, and durability which means these shoes are not just for the present but a sound investment for the future. They will be your perfect game in your numerous pickleball games. The promise of longevity is particularly attractive considering my history of swiftly-worn-out footwear. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Acacia Pickleball Shoes Good?

Yes, Acacia Pickleball Shoes are well-regarded for their specialized design that offers support, durability, and performance enhancements specifically tailored for pickleball players. Their high-quality construction and advanced technology such as ARK-Technology EVA foam and Kevlar drag guards make them a solid choice for both casual and competitive players.

Is Acacia A Good Shoe Brand?

Acacia is considered a good shoe brand, especially among pickleball and other sports communities, due to their commitment to incorporating advanced materials and technologies to serve the needs of athletes. Their products are known for their durability, comfort, and specific features that cater to the movements and requirements of the sports they are designed for.

Do Pickleball Shoes Make A Difference?

Absolutely, pickleball shoes can make a significant difference in your game by providing better traction, support, and shock absorption specific to the quick lateral and forward movements of the sport. Proper pickleball shoes are designed to enhance performance, reduce the risk of injury, and provide comfort during long periods of play, making them a valuable investment for any serious player.


To sum it all up, the Acacia Pickleball shoes are the prime example of when cutting-edge technology meets user-centric design. They challenged my initial bias towards lighter shoes and have proven that a well-constructed shoe can be both sturdy and agile. As I continued to wear them, they felt less like an accessory and more like an extension of my limb and my athletic intention on the court. 

The intuitive design and comfort are just unrivaled. They truly empower each serve, volley, and dink. So, whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner in the world of pickleball, these shoes are perfectly suited to cater to your every need and enhance your overall gameplay. Although they might seem a little costly at first, once you weigh their advantages and assess everything they have to offer, they will look like a sound investment to any serious players. 

Get the comfort, control, and confidence you need in every step you take on the court. 

Emma James

A distinguished writer with an impressive 8-year track record of contributing to various prominent informational websites.

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