Vulcan Pickleball Paddle Reviews

Heading onto the pickleball court knowing you have one of the most advanced and premium paddles in your hands instills a certain confidence. It is the same confidence that is seen in professional players who wield Vulcan’s craftsmanship on the tournament grounds. This paddle is not something that should be underestimated or something that will be overlooked in your hands as you walk into court. The Vulcan V560 Power Pickleball Paddle is a true legend. 

The paddle offers an exceptional blend of power and control and comes with an eye-catching design that stands out in both aesthetics and performance. Ever since I first set my eyes on this paddle, the anticipation of taking it to court and testing its true capabilities was just too much. In this post, I will be sharing my experience with the Vulcan pickleball paddle and provide you with detailed insights into its pros and cons. 

An In-Depth Review Of Vulcan V560 Vapor Pickleball Paddle 

Let's dive into an in-depth review of this amazing paddle which is power-packed with mystical capabilities and can enhance your performance to the next level. 

1- First Look & Experience 

When you take it out of the packing, the very first thing that strikes you about the Vulcan V560 is its sleek and stunning design. The aesthetics are truly off the charts and will just go on to catch every eye that’s gonna look at this paddle. So, when you are walking with it on the court, you will be the center of attention. Trust me, the confidence you are going to be feeling is just exceptional. The Smoke and Vapor patterns on the paddle’s surface have just a visual appeal that cannot be explained in words. These patterns convey a sense of motion and fluidity that mirrors the paddle’s intended playstyle. 

Once you are done admiring the aesthetics, you take a look at the rest of the paddle as I did. The second thing that I found distinctive is the extended handle design. The paddle comes with a unique design called the Vulcan Max Control Grip that ensures that there is perfect coordination between your hand and the paddle. So, even during the most aggressive shots, the paddle promises to remain steadfastly in your hands. 

Overall, the quality seemed great. The touch and the feel of the body of the paddle were also amazing. They just gave a premium sense to the paddle which you never feel with any of the cheap or mid-range paddle. It just looks as if it is going to last for a long time and maybe become your most beloved pickleball companion. 

2- Feel & Handling On The Court

I have often said that the paddle should be like an extension of your own arm. Only in that case, you will focus more on the game and not on the paddle. But I didn’t even know what it truly meant until I used the Vulcan pickleball paddle. This paddle comes with a versatile grip adjustment that particularly benefits the two-handed backhands and provides you with extra stability. So, a true extension of your arm will provide you with the ultimate gameplay experience. 

Let me give you some technicalities. The balance between the 8.4 oz weight and 13mm polypropylene core offers an exceptional nimbleness to the paddle which also provides you with more power. So, whether you are maneuvering the baseline drives or rallying the net volleys, the transition will be completely seamless. You can just feel the amazing responsiveness of the paddle with every shot. 

I personally had no issue with the grip itself but I have read that some users found the grip too slim and needed an overgrip to be wrapped on the handle for getting the perfect grip. Perhaps that’s an issue that people with bigger hands would have had to face. For users with small and average hands won’t be an issue.

Highlighted Features

1- First Look & Experience:

  • Sleek and stunning Smoke and Vapor design
  • Vulcan Max Control Grip for perfect coordination
  • Premium feel and quality for long-lasting performance

2- Feel & Handling On The Court:

  • Versatile grip adjustment for stability
  • 8.4 oz weight and 13mm polypropylene core for nimbleness
  • Seamless transition for baseline drives and net volleys
  • Some users may find the grip too slim for bigger hands

3- Power & Control:

  • Carbon-Fiber face provides power with precision
  • Ideal blend of power and control for all court players
  • Translates energy into powerful shots with intended trajectory
  • Versatile for both power and touch games

4- Comfort & Ergonomics:

  • Max Control Grip crafted for comfort and stability
  • Custom-like feel for a reassuring hold and slip resistance
  • Absorbs sweat during intense matches
  • Longer grip allows experimentation with new techniques and shot angles


  • Size: Universal fit
  • Manufacturer: Vulcan Sporting Goods Co.
  • Handle Circumference: 4.25 inches
  • Intended Use: Pickleball
  • Composition: Hybrid materials
  • Recommended Skill Level: Universal
  • Frame Material: Carbon and Polypropylene Composite
  • Handle Composition: Carbon Fiber
  • Paddle Weight: 9 oz
  • Target Players: Adults

What we find good

  • Vulcan Max Control Grip ensures comfort and a non-slip experience.
  • Extended handle length offers flexibility in shot execution.
  • The balance between power and control suits a variety of playing styles.
  • The carbon fiber face on the Power model delivers dynamic shot-making.
  • Durable construction stands up to rigorous play sessions.
  • Stylish design makes a statement on the court.

What We May Not Find Good

  • The slim handle may require additional grip tape for optimal comfort.
  • Limited weight options might not cater to players with specific weight preferences.

3- Power & Control

The Vulcan V560 doesn’t just give you power but also provides you with the perfect capability to deliver that power to your desired spot with precision. So, the perfect blend of power and control. The Carbon-Fiber face will interact with the ball in a way that will put every ounce of your swing force into the responsive and controllable power, which you can direct in your desired direction. 

If you are a beginner but have played pickleball before, then you will surely feel the difference between this paddle and all the others you have used before. The Carbon Fiber face provides an extra pop of power but with precision, which would not have been available with graphite or wooden paddles. Usually, the paddles that offer more precision and control are softer and do not offer as much power. The dual nature of this paddle makes it a formidable tool in the hands of all court players and can help you enhance your skills as a pickleball player. 

While playing aggressive games, each drive and smash felt fully infused with power that seemed to defy the paddle’s weight. It’s all a testament to Vulcan’s mastery of the power-to-weight ratio in engineering. Not once did the paddle feel unwieldy or overly rigid; instead, it translated my energy into powerful shots that maintained their intended trajectory. It was this dual nature that made the Vulcan V560 such a versatile instrument in the hands of a player who appreciates both the thunder of a power game and the whisper of a touch game.

4- Comfort & Ergonomics

Although I have mentioned the comfort in the first impressions, let’s explore it in a bit more detail. Since the first introduction, it is evident that the paddle has been crafted with a keen eye for comfort. The Max Control Grip feels like it was custom-made for my hand providing a reassuring hold without any slip even in the most intense of matches. I would say it again, you won’t know what extension of the arm means until you use this paddle. 

Transitioning to the Vulcan from my previous paddle was like upgrading to a luxury vehicle with a premium steering wheel, the difference was immediately noticeable and was just too significant. I just had superior control of the game and was able to make more confident shots. I just thought in my mind where I wanted the ball to go and when I hit the ball, it went exactly there. There is no better feeling than this. 

After hours of play, the grip’s absorption of sweat and resistance was also commendable. The grip didn’t feel sweaty in my hands which allowed me to keep my focus on the game. With a longer and more comfortable grip, I finally found the liberty to experiment with new techniques and shot angles. Previously, there was a certain awkwardness or uncomfortableness which existed maybe because of the short handle length, but I was never able to put my finger on it. Now, the V560 has certainly set a higher bar for me and it will be difficult to even think about returning to any previous paddle. 

Should You Buy Vulcan V560 Power?

Deciding whether or not to purchase this paddle is a consideration that depends on many factors. If your gameplay favors a pickleball paddle that delivers additional power behind each shot while still remaining comfortable on the wrists, the model is designed just for you. The elongated handle isn’t just there for the looks but rather provides a significant benefit to players who use a two-handed backhand and also provides an extra bit of leverage that can be crucial during fast and intense exchanges. 

The tool will foster growth and skill in players of all levels in the pickleball game. It will provide the perfect blend of power and control. With the carbon fiber face and textured surface, you get both the pop and the control. At just 9 ounces, the paddle falls into the medium weight category, which will provide stabilized shots and aid in power shots without causing much of a strain on your hands. 

On a more personal note, I found the heft of the paddle to be reassuring. It’s not just about power. The paddle's balanced design means you don't sacrifice control for the sake of a heavier hit. The hybrid construction, combining carbon and polypropylene, offers a sweet spot between rigid strength and forgiving playability. This paddle might be particularly appealing to players who have a well-rounded game but are looking to add an extra edge of power without completely changing their style. Also, the sleek and eye-catching design will get you all the attention of the court. 

However, it may not be the ideal paddle for every pickleball player. The paddle does have some backlashes. Some users found the handle grip to be too slim while others complained about the universal weight of the paddle that didn’t allow them to choose heavier or lighter paddles. It's important to consider your individual playing style and preferences when choosing a paddle. Also, the price point of this paddle falls into the premium category, which means not everyone will be able to afford it. Overall, the Vulcan V560 Power is a premium paddle for players seeking to elevate their game with a blend of power and control. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Vulcan Paddles Made?

Vulcan paddles are designed in the United States. While the brand is American, the manufacturing of the paddles often takes place overseas, utilizing global resources to produce high-quality equipment. Some paddles are handmade in America by skilled craftsmen like Vulcan V700 series pickleball paddles. Only select models are made in the USA. 

Are Vulcan Paddles Good For Pickleball?

Vulcan paddles are well-regarded in the pickleball community, known for their innovative designs and a range of options suitable for players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. These paddles are available at a wide range of prices. The premium Vulcan pickleball paddles are often praised for their good power and excellent control. 

How Durable Are Vulcan Pickleball Paddles?

The paddles have reliable durability and will last for multiple future seasons. The durability generally justifies the higher price point. Even from the first look at the material and construction of the paddle, you can just tell that the paddle has the ability to withstand rigorous play and will last for a long time. 


The Vulcan V560 Power Pickleball Paddle is more than just a paddle. It is a statement piece that combines functionality with style. The construction of this paddle particularly caters to players who yearn for extra reach and power without compromising on finesse and precision. It is well-suited for players of all skill levels and will help you enhance your gameplay. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned player or aspiring to raise your game to the next level, the Vulcan V560 offers an impressive partnership that might just become your secret weapon on the court. A formidable weapon offering the perfect blend of power and control. Although a bit expensive, it is a solid investment, one that you will never regret!

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