Skechers Pickleball Shoes Review

Ever since I started playing pickleball, I have been on the quest to find the ideal shoe that would give me the exact traction and flexibility that I need as a woman. I have played using various uni-sex shoes, but they just don’t provide me the comfort and flexibility I need to reach my top performance. After trying numerous brands, I came across the Skechers women’s pickleball shoes that promise unmatchable traction, cushioning, and comfort. 

Over several weeks of intensive gameplay, I was able to put the abilities of these shoes to the real test and found them to be truly impressive. In this article, I will be sharing my experience with these shoes and how they became my go-to choice for pickleball courts. 

An In-Depth Review Of Skechers Women's Pickleball Shoes

1- First Look & Impressions

Setting my eyes on the shoes for the first time truly impressed me, especially the aesthetics and the construction. The shoe felt pretty lightweight in my hand and had an amazing construction that felt both cozy and breathable. The relaxed mesh upper felt airy and flexible with ample room in the toe box for a comfortable experience. The padded collar and tongue also looked quite comfy. 

As I slipped the shoes on for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by the plush comfort which made me understand exactly why these shoes became quickly popular. The Arch-Fit insoles are truly something amazing that you cannot describe and only experience. The comfort you feel is just amazing. Taking my first walk, I could just feel the cradle that a removable sole provides to your feet. 

The outsole was also quite impressive. It had traction marks that would prove quite beneficial on the court and provide the perfect grip that is crucial to movements during the game. All in all, the shoes both appealed to the eye and to the mind. They had good aesthetics as well as functional aspects to them and can make one eager to just put them on and test them on the court. 

2- On-Court Performance

As I began my first game, the performance qualities of these shoes really started coming out one after the other, like they were hidden and just waiting for me to test them The multi-directional traction of the grippy outsoles allowed for rapid lateral movements, making me quick and springy in the game without any slipping. I was able to make instant directional and strategic changes during intense volleys and took everyone by surprise. 

Adding to this, the segmented midsole cushioning also proved to be quite beneficial and absorbed the impact to a great deal. One of the impacts that often had an intense effect on my feet was the quick start and stops, but with these shoes, it was almost as if I didn’t even feel it. Even after long and intensive matches, my feet almost felt springy and supported rather than fatigued. 

The breathable mesh upper kept my feet cool and sweat-free even after hours of playing. I also was impressed with the arch-hugging insole that provided continuous cushioning, unlike anything that I have experienced before. Even after the end of the game, I felt energized rather than aching. As a personal statement, these shoes have truly proven their worth to me over the weeks, by enhancing my competitive skills on the game. 

3- Sketchers Arch Fit Technology

The most premium feature that these shoes market, promise, and excel at is the patented Arch Fit support which sort of provides a hugging feel to your feet. This technology is approved and endorsed by Podiatrists, who also say that the comfort you will feel because of this is truly exceptional and also healthy in a way for your feet. So, there is nothing that can match the comfort level you will get with these removable insoles. 

The insoles have been designed and certified by podiatrists who are medical specialists that particularly deal with problems of feet. These insoles provide you arch support and just hug your feet or rather wrap around them from the arches. These insoles were developed with over 20 years of data and are designed to mold to your foot, regardless of its shape. 

Not only this, you can remove these insoles and wash them. Yes, they come with machine washable ability which enhances the overall life of the shoe. Their unique design not only adds to comfort but also enhances the shock absorption and increases the weight distribution on the overall shoe which enhances the stability and flexibility while playing. 

Highlighted Features

1- First Look & Impressions:

  • Lightweight and breathable construction
  • Relaxed mesh upper for an airy and flexible feel
  • Ample room in the toe box for comfort
  • Padded collar and tongue for added comfort

2- On-Court Performance:

  • Multi-directional traction for rapid lateral movements
  • Segmented midsole cushioning absorbs impact effectively
  • Plush comfort, even during quick starts and stops
  • Breathable mesh upper keeps feet cool and sweat-free
  • Arch-hugging insole provides continuous cushioning

3- Sketchers Arch Fit Technology:

  • Podiatrist-approved Arch Fit support
  • Removable and washable insoles
  • Insoles are designed to mold to your foot's shape
  • Enhances shock absorption and weight distribution
  • Improves stability and flexibility during play

4- Breathable Comfort:

  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Cooling sensation during intense moments
  • Regulates temperature during long matches
  • Subtle padding on the collar and tongue adds comfort
  • Prevents sweaty feet for a focused gameplay

5- Cushioned Protection:

  • Segmented EVA cushioning absorbs impacts
  • Strategic cushioning in high-stress zones
  • Protects against lateral motions during intense sessions
  • Maintains flexibility while providing support

6- Durable Traction:

  • Rubber outsoles with exceptional grip
  • Specialized traction marks prevent slipping
  • Grounded feel for quick directional changes
  • Maintains stability and reliability over time


  • Upper: Breathable Athletic Mesh Upper
  • Midsole: Ultra-lightweight and Responsive Cushioning
  • Outsole: Goodyear Performance Outsole
  • Insole: Removable Arch-Fit Insole
  • Fit: True-to-Size Fit
  • Sizes Available: 5 – 13 
  • Colors Available: Black/Pink, Grey/Purple, White, Turquoise, White/Lavender 

What we find good

  • Relaxed Fit Design
  • Breathable Athletic Mesh Upper
  • Podiatrist-Approved and Certified Insole
  • Removable and Washable Insole
  • Supreme Comfort & Cushioning
  • Enhanced Flexibility, Traction, Stability & Durability

What We May Not Find Good

  • Limited width options may not accommodate those with wider feet
  • The lightweight mesh and synthetics may break down over months of play

4- Breathable Comfort

The breathable mesh upper was the first feature I noticed when I first ordered these shoes after exploring them online. With the lightweight yet durable design, my feet felt completely free without any constraints. As I have mentioned before, just into the game, after it got a bit intense, I felt a cooling sensation on my feet during my movements that dissipated any traces of heat or sweat that was there on my feet. Although initially I got distracted by this feeling, it really is very comfortable. 

In the longer matches that lasted for hours during training sessions on the court, the shoes were able to perfectly regulate the temperature and didn’t let any hot points develop in the shoes. So, my feet were completely fresh on every step of the game. The subtle padding on the collar and on the tongue added to the comfort without creating a restricting or suffocating space for my shoe. 

With the breathable upper, I was certain that there would be no sweaty feet and hence no discomfort or itchy feeling after the game. The shoes kept the discomfort at bay and allowed me to play with my full focus on the game. After the game, when I took off the shoes, my feet were not soaking with sweat, like they did with some of the earlier shoes I had worn. 

5- Cushioned Protection

With the segmented EVA cushioned protection in the midsoles, every impact on the shoe, every impact from strides and lunges was completely absorbed, even the intense ones. I must commend Sketchers on their strategic cushioning in the high-stress zones which proved really beneficial as compared to other shoes that just add padding everywhere. The targeted cushioning only shields the high-stress zones ensuring that maximum impact is absorbed without making the shoe bulky or heavy. 

During vigorous and intense practice sessions, the layered midsole protected my feet against the repetitive lateral motions that can lead to twisting if the shoe is not durable enough. Whether I was springing or cutting, my arches and joints were fully protected and supported by the unique and innovative construction of the shoe. 

What really surprised me was that this cushioning and support didn’t hinder the flexibility of the shoe. While being fully protected, the shoe also remained fully functional for springy and explosive movements. So, on the one hand, this feature protected my feet from fatigue and sudden stress while on the other it provided the perfect flexibility. The cushioning maintained the support without hardening, which I absolutely loved. 

6- Durable Traction

The rubber outsoles provided an unmatched grip on any court surface. I have played on several courts and the performance of these shoes, especially the grounded feel and traction was truly amazing. I believe it is thanks to the specialized traction marks that prevented any sort of slipping and allowed me to make rushed movements without any worry in my mind. The exceptional traction empowered me to make sudden directional changes during the intense volleys and go for the winning point.

My footing was absolute and after the first few games in these shoes, I was more sure of its stability and reliability. So, my footing stayed true to all surfaces without any compromise on the skilled maneuvers. The traction marks won’t be disappearing anytime soon, or so I have judged from the long sessions I have had with these. I believe over time they have only gotten better and allowed me to stay in control of the game through the lightning-quick footwork.   

Should You Buy Skechers Women’s Pickleball Shoes?

Now that you are aware of all the positives and negatives of these shoes, the question finally comes to whether or not you should purchase them. Well, the choice becomes really simple once you have assessed all the features and evaluated how these features perform against your specific needs and budget. These shoes aren’t expensive and fall into the medium or low budget range, so budget should not be a concern. 

As for the features, the comfort, traction, stability, and cushioning are all truly impressive. The unique and exclusive removable insole really enhances the comfort and provides you with a unique aspect of the shoe that grips against your feet and provides you with a level of comfort that is unmatched. The sole can be removed and washed which really deals with the sweat and smell problem, also reduced by the breathability of the shoe. 

However, the shoes are not available in wide-foot designs, and their durability in the long term can be brought into question. While they will definitely be good for the next season, and maybe the one after that, they might not last till the third one. So, not a long-term choice that is completely justifiable given the price point. The final choice rests with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Play Pickleball In Skechers Shoes?

Yes, several Skechers shoes are designed for pickleball courts and the one we discussed above is ideal for females with a medium budget range. These shoes enhance your performance on pickleball courts. 

Is There A Difference Between Pickleball Shoes And Tennis Shoes?

Most of the time, there is no particular difference between the two or between any of the shoes that are made for racquetball sports. However, some shoes might be designed for indoor courts only while others are for both indoor and outdoor courts. 

Can You Wear Pickleball Shoes For Walking?

There is no harm in wearing them for walking on the court but if you want to walk on the road or on a hike, then it might not be a good idea. While the shoes will not let you down, they might wear sooner and might not perform as well on the court.

Can You Wear The Same Shoes For Tennis & Pickleball?

Yes, you can wear the same shoe for pickleball and tennis, provided that the shoe has not been specifically designed for pickleball games and is versatile. I recommend getting one shoe that is good for multiple athletic court games. 

Do You Need Pickleball Shoes To Play Pickleball?

Pickleball shoes are quite handy when you use them for pickleball games as they include all the specialized features of the game that will help enhance the overall gameplay and provide you with an exceptional performance. 


Summing it all up, Skechers Women’s Pickleball shoes are an excellent choice for female pickleball players who are dedicated to the game and are looking to enhance their performance. The shoes offer a unique blend of comfort, support, traction, and breathability making them a top choice for both performance and enjoyment on the court. The podiatrist-designed insoles really take the comfort and longevity of the shoes to a whole new level. 

You can also use these shoes for a variety of other purposes including walking, running, and hiking but I recommend keeping one pair of shoes specifically for the on-court games and not using them for anything else as it would be harmful to their traction marks and cause them to wear sooner, leading to expiry the shoe and slippage on the court. I highly recommend these shoes to all female athletes who are looking for exceptional traction and support. 

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