Tears Of The Kingdom Jirutagumac Shrine

In the heart of a lush, mysterious kingdom lies a shrine veiled in tears and shrouded in an enigma – the Jirutagumac Shrine. This ancient sanctuary, nestled amidst the verdant embrace of nature, whispers tales of forgotten civilizations and lost legends. This article will take you on a captivating journey to unravel the secrets that lie within the hallowed walls of the Jirutagumac Shrine. Join us to delve deep into the history, myths, and mystique of this remarkable site, exploring the tears of the kingdom that have kept its stories alive for centuries.

Narrative Of Tears Of The Kingdom Jirutagumac Shrine

Jirutagumac Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is thoroughly surrounded by the Sky Island Shrines which is closer to Water Temple. The objective of reaching Water Temple is to discover and accomplish the “Sidon of the Zora” quest. Just jot down before plunging into the game’s quests that finding locations and completing the quests are challenging and much trickier than the other strings of the series Tears of the Kingdom Shrine locations in Sky Island.

Jirutagumac Shrine in Zelda TotK is commonly known as “A Flying Device” shrine. Though it is not a piece of cake but challenging and provides you with vast information to construct a Flying Device with given accessories. You need to build a flying device in and around the shrine. It is essential to gather the Light of Blessing while flying to Raru’s statue for the completion of the Jirotagumac Shrine.

Tears Kingdom 2

Mastering The Collection Of Auto Build Schema Stones

Jirutagumac Shrine is a hidden shrine that the players can find through paragliding the specific locations. Entering the sphere is not a cherry pie; you need to face and solve the physics puzzle reasonably. This puzzle is named "Wings on Wind. Its main objective is to test your players’ expertise and mental capacity so that they will be able to build an airborne vehicle beside the Wing Zonai Device.

Location Of Jirutagumac Shrine In Zelda TOTK

The Lanayru Sky Archipelago (2917, 0529, 0950) contains a ring in which you candiscover the Jirutagumac Shrine in the Lanaryru Sky area high above the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower. Now the next step is to reach the Jirutagumac Shrine in Zelda TotK, for that, you must travel first, from the Hyrule field towards the east. This is the point where you will notice the Zora’s Domain and from there, you can get to the Upland Zora’s Domain Skyview Tower (2858, 0582, 0379) to move further to the west. When you are paragliding high up in the air you will see a levitating rock alongside a large revolving domain.

Zonai Dispenser

When you start gliding beyond and above the domain, you will notice Zonai Dispenser inside that realm. This is the point; you will take rockets and aerate atZelda Tears of the Kingdom. That spinning fan supports the shell to rotate around the region. After switching off the fan, you will notice further the two portions of that region: the toper portion shows the Jirutagomac shrine, and the nether area exhibits its chest.

Tears Kingdom 3

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Understanding Sage's Will In Tears Of The Kingdom

Next, you need to get Sage’s will on the sky islands in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to supercharge the Sage abilities in every four rounds. Furthermore, you will set the sphere open towards the two portions to obtain the Sage’s will. After that, travel towards Ascend until you reach the upper sphere to enter the Jirutagumac Shrine and select Sage’s will wisely. However, it is not easier to find them due to being locked behind the opponent’s confrontation.

Jirutagumac Shrine Mastery: The Path To Completion

After getting triumph over the Sage’s wills, you will come confronting the Jirutagumac Shrine. At first move, it is essential to complete “A Flying Device”. Before plunging into that trial, you must know the four significant platforms where a Large Zonai Charge is found on the shrine chest. After crossing the threshold of the shrine in Zelda TotK, you need to pursue the two platforms beside two wing devices in the center of the shrine. Next, be ready for the fourth and last platform which contains Ruaru’s Light of Blessing at the end of the shrine.

Collection Of Chunks For Flying Device

Here, your next pace is towards Ultrahand; pick the wing and put it on the left side of the plane. Simply glide down to the platform by sliding. Furthermore, you will notice three slates with their wheels leading you to the next platform which is positioned horizontally on the platform’s nigh side.

From here, you will use Ultrahand to carrythe stationary slate that will straighten the surface of the Flying Device. Next, place the wing device on that slate with the whole structure on the plane tending to two slates. Mind it, stay a bit back from the center to maintain the weight balance.

Flying Device In Zelda TotK

After completing the assigned task on the next platform, hold the devices rolling you down to the slide. Reach the wall and see the platform that is smaller than the previous one on your left. Incessantly, the device you grab will put up a bridge and lead you to the next platform by using Ascend atthe Large Zonai Chargeon your topper chest.

Erect The Aerate Fan!

The flying device succeeds you to the last platform. By applying the Ultrahand, it is essential to attach the wing to the back of the Flying device. Now, hit the fan by standing on the apparatus. This tool helps you to spur the Flying Device.

Don’t forget to stay closer to the fan presently, so that the balance of the flying device will fall back, and you will stay straightened till the final platform. After reaching there, grab the light of blessing. This is the ultimate completion of the Jirutagumac Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears Kingdom 5

Unveiling Character References In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

  • Link Stays to ponder and then picks the left ramp which is a sloping surface that joins the two different levels. Place that wing on this right ramp inclined down and raise up to create a slide-like airborne.
  • Don’t ignore staying in the middle of the wing to keep the weight balanced.
  • Here are the Jirutagumac Shrine Chest and new Zonai Devices When your players cross the right area for assisting Link till the trial ends.
  • Affix the fan at the Wing's backside with Ultrahand, to stand over a ramp that succeeds you to the second direction of the room until the Skateboard falls.
  • Grab the mid-air from the flowing Skateboard Zonai Devices in Ultrahand's reach as long as the ability will change into green while sticking to the Wing Device.
  • Either way, Fix the wing along with the skateboard and fan. Then, place it on the way to the shrine.
  • Next, activate the next way by shooting an arrow. So, Link will have the extra power to be on the Jirutagumac while standing on the upper portion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The 3rd Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom?

The 3rd shrine is in the snow called Gutanbac Shrine. It symbolizes “The Ability to Rise” in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You will find this shrine on the Great Sky Island surrounded by a snowy edge. Over and above, you need warming to get feed and reach the Island.

How Many Shrines Are In Tears Of The Kingdom?

The total number of shrines in Zelda: Tears ofthe Kingdom is 152. They are expanded widely and spaciously to the skies of Hyrule. 120 shrines are located on Hyrule 32 are spread in the skies.

What Is The Reward Of 152 Shrines?

The tougher the trials are, the greater the reward you will win. After triumphing over the 152 shrines in Tears of the Kingdom the Ancient Hero's Aspect will be opened for you. It is an armored figure built with an arsenal head, body, and legs respectively. Soon after the completion of the last shrine, you will receive the text written as “make your way to the Temple of Time” the most desirable and suitable reward for all your trickery and puzzling trials.

Which Is The Easiest Shrine In TotK?

Though the 4 shrines on the Tears of the Kingdom are tough but challenging. These trials test and enhance your players’ mental abilities. But amongst them, the Kyononis is the simplest shrine. It is a great and easy point where you can start the game’s combat to train the players.


In the hushed serenity of the Jirutagumac Shrine, the tears of the kingdom have not been lost to time; instead, they have become the very essence of its enduring legacy. As our exploration comes to an end, we find ourselves profoundly moved by the rich tapestry of history and myth that this sacred site has woven. The Jirutagumac Shrine stands as a testament to the enduring power of mystery and the eternal allure of the unknown, inviting future generations to continue the quest for understanding, and ensuring that the tears of the kingdom will forever glisten in the annals of history.

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