Unveiling The Vermin Brothers In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has individuality in offering multiple missions, tempting quests that you will have to whet your appetite for rewards. In this enchanting world, your task is to kill the boss by fighting against the set of 4 unique Vermin Brothers. The vermin brothers are:

  • Gamma Mouse: Squeak
  • Delta Mouse: Jed
  • Alpha Mouse: Mitchell
  • Beta Mouse: Ben 

These are the variants of the attackers' Armor: Blade enemies staying in various regions such as Astra and Banges. They are located at extensive strongholds having distinctive names. At the first point, you came across the brother named “Rat's Den: X", who is different from Ben and keeps roaming without having a set base. With the super support of this guide, you will find 4 locations of The Vermin Brothers in the large area of the Tower of Fantasy game. Also, you need to know the idiosyncratic item being dropped by the Vermin Brothers known as Maglev Stalker. The most significant tool you will have to use for unsealing the Chaser Vehicle at a later time.

Discovering The Vermin Brother's Hideouts In Tower Of Fantasy

When embarking on your quest to locate the Vermin Brothers, it's essential to choose pathways that are less crowded and more vacant. Navigating through less congested areas will greatly enhance your chances of successfully finding and confronting these formidable adversaries in Tower of Fantasy.

Vermin Brothers 3

1- Gamma Mouse Squeak

Gamma Mouse Squeak is the first of all four Vermin Brothers which you will have to find in the region of Rats Den Squeaky south of Barrenstown. From Mega Arena, you need to move towards the long southeast to target your point after fighting and conquering your enemies.

2- Delta Mouse Jed

Chase the Vermin Brothers towards Anchorville. This is the area where you race up to Rats Den. Furthermore, you must travel ahead to Jed's stronghold in the eastern area of Mt. Woochu Spacerift. Be careful of Delta Mouse Jed, the second brother who is ready there brawling against you.

3- Alpha Mouse Mitch

Alpha Mouse Mitch is a robot-like mega Beta Mouse Ben a tire behind. Mitch is the character that also picks up the thread of the Vermin Brothers. It is in the charge of a Hyena. This is the most breathtaking moment that creates insecurity when you are chasing Alpha Mouse Mitch in Tower of Fantasy. It is located in the neighborhood of Rat's Den in Loen Dock.

Moreover, you can also discover Hyena thugs with some wandering chaperones of treasure hidden in the same area. As you have encountered in the first trial, here you also will have to combat an enemy camp. So, fighting and defeating extra enemies makes this trial more sensational.

Vermin Brothers 4

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4- Beta Mouse Ben

Beta Mouse Ben is the last and fourth brother you can find roaming on the lane in complete solitude. This lane leads towards the ruins on the north side of the Signal Stations. This is an elite aggressor amongst all the four enemies you come across in the Tower of Fantasy. Furthermore, this robot-like vermin creature carries a sword and tire at the rear of it. Like the erstwhile, it is also controlled by a Hyena which adds to its horror.

5- The Maglev Stalker

Besides these four robots or four world mini bosses named vermin brothers, you come across six hidden vehicles in the area of the Tower of Fantasy. The Maglev Chaser is a significant unit of theirs. Basically, Maglev is a chaser vehicle in Tower of Fantasy that is dropped from the mini-bosses at a low rate and gets harder. In the whole battling journey, the Maglev Stalker gets parted while you are defeating and slaying the Vermin Brothers. You can apply it to unseal the chaser.

Be very cautious and quick to combat the Maglev Stalker before a Vermin Brother respawns after being slain as it starts hatching about five minutes after its assassination.

Vermin Brothers Locations

  • Rat's Den (Astra)
  • Anchorville (Banges)
  • Loen Dock (Banges)
  • Signal Station (Banges)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Unlock Chaser ToF?

After getting the ability to unseal the Chaser Mount, you need two super dominions: the Magnetic Rod & the Maglev Stalker. After winning the Magnetic Rod very easily, your wanderer travels ahead and starts riding over the Maglev Stalker and flies over to unlock the chaser Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy.

From inventory, you can choose wings, weapons, and the other tools you need to enhance your might. Eventually, this journey ends as you reach Chapters 1-4 with your campaign accomplished.

Where Can You Find The Minotaur Boss In The Tower Of Fantasy?

Locating the Minotaur Boss also named Baddass Minotaur" in-game is simple. The addition of Better Dungeons is spawned in a Void Rift, by dropping the Earth Crusher after being assassinated at Minotaur castle. It is found in the thick Forested area in the center of the Southwestern continent of Asperia. Your wanderer can easily find the minotaur boss in the ruins of the B_02 area.

How Do You Redeem ToF Codes?

After defeating the vermin brothers when you conquer the quest, a bar of loot gets visible with the tag of congratulation. Click the gift box given at the right and top of the screen then press the icon of "Rewards" at the lower side of the monitor display. Type the code in the bar of "Redeem via code" in the Event menu to receive your award via mailbox.

Who Is The First World Boss In Tower Of Fantasy?

In the series of bosses of the magnificent world, Robarg is the first world boss who will come across against your player to have fierce combat.

How Do You Unlock Monocross In ToF?

The Monocross Mount, in Tower of Fantasy, has four essential components that your Voyager will have to unlock. Each of these components is obtained after a hard tough trial. Below are given the sections:

  • The Unicorn Power Core
  • Unicorn Head
  • Unicorn Bionic Frame
  • Unicorn Cyberlimbs


In the final proposal, the Tower of Fantasy comes with multiple bosses and scenic beauty side quests which you are tasked to complete to acquire the rewards. Congratulations! With the detailed guidelines of the article written above, it will be great fun to locate and win over the Vermin Brother after a fierce duel. A massive hat tip to sensational quests that ignite the player to fight and conquer a series of enemies. Thumbs Up!

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