Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickleball Shoes Review

When playing racquetball sports like tennis or pickleball, one common problem that players often run into is foot fatigue after long hours of playing. For an avid pickleball player, the choice of footwear is crucial. A high-performance shoe can literally make or break your game. As I was on the quest for the perfect shoe for my intense training sessions for the upcoming tournament, I came across the Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickleball Shoes. 

They stand out as the most comfortable and generous-fitting shoe in the popular Rush Pro line. This particular model has earned a certain degree of praise from female athletes for their unique and unrivaled comfort which ensures that your feet remain comfortable during the game without hindering or limiting your performance. In this article, I will be sharing my detailed take on these shoes to help you determine whether or not these shoes would fit your needs. 

An In-Depth Review Of Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickleball Shoes 

1- First Impressions & Experience

Right out of the box, the shoes were amazing both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. I had chosen the White/Stormy Weather/Baby Blue design which was breathtaking and a total killer for the glances. The second thing that I noticed was the breathable mesh upper which felt supportive and ensured that my feet wouldn’t become sweaty or suffocated inside these shoes. 

As I put the shoes on, they cocooned my feet in comfort. I can personally attest that the cushioned effect you feel wrapping your feet is just amazing. The molded arches cradle the high-insteps perfectly and as you walk with these shoes, you can just feel their grip on the ground. I still remember the first time I put them on, I just couldn’t wait to test these babies on the court. 

2- On-Court Performance

As I stepped into the court for the first time, I still remember that these shoes proved their mettle and stayed true to all the promises the brand had made. My movements were rapid because of the sensational traction and grip provided by these shoes. The precise cushioning that has been strategically placed on the shoes guarded the joint and prevented the stress from developing on any part of the feet while maintaining flexibility. 

Adding to this, I still remember that a tournament was coming that I really wanted to play and I needed the perfect shoes to help me enhance my performance. These shoes didn’t take much getting used to and almost as soon as I got them, they felt pretty much like extensions of my own feet. So, with just a few practice matches, I was able to sync with them perfectly and they became my partner for the upcoming tournament. 

3- Wider Toe Box

The wider toe box of the Rush Pro Ace by Wilson is immediately noticeable as you slip on the shoe. If you have wide feet, then these shoes will suit you perfectly. There is ample room for your toes to splay naturally instead of feeling cramped. This larger toe space addresses a common pain point that people with wider feet usually feel. The toe box shape follows the anatomical structure of the foot so that you don’t feel like there is unnecessary space at the front end. 

Adding to this, the wide design of the shoe allows for unrestricted movement of the toes without them squeezing into one another. People with wider feet often face a common problem of forefoot swelling during long matches because the toes are either squeezed with one another or they are constantly bumping into the sides. The extra space and breathability help you deal with these issues. The toe box is stiff and provides a perfect structural capability that won’t compromise flexibility or range of motion. 

For players who usually deal with calluses or bunions on the feet, the roomy and spacious toe box is imperative for long-term foot health. The generous space will prevent the sore pressure points from developing over long hours of play or from intense and prolonged training sessions. Hence, you will have supreme comfort without any compromise on the performance capabilities. 

Highlighted Features

1- First Impressions & Experience:

  • Stunning White/Stormy Weather/Baby Blue design
  • Breathable mesh upper for comfort and support
  • Plush cushioning cocoons feet with a secure grip

2- On-Court Performance:

  • Sensational traction and grip for rapid movements
  • Strategic cushioning guards joints, maintains flexibility
  • Quick adaptation for seamless tournament play

3- Wider Toe Box:

  • Ample room for natural toe splay
  • Addresses common pain points for wider feet
  • Stiff toe box structure for comfort and flexibility

5- 4D Support Chassis:

  • Symmetrical design stabilizes feet during rapid movements
  • Asymmetrical scoring guides foot into proper form
  • Limits pronation and supination, reducing stress on joints

6- Women-Specific Design:

  • Higher medial counter for a perfect fit
  • Elongated medial side and higher arch support
  • Lower density EVA midsole for ultra-lightweight feel


  • Fit: True to Size
  • Upper: Textile Synthetic Upper
  • Midsole: R-DST+ Foam + Textile Lining
  • Insole: Removable and Machine Washable
  • Outsole: Synthetic Rubber
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Available Sizes: 5.5 – 11 
  • Available Designs: White/Stormy Weather/Baby Blue, White/Black/Living Coral

What we find good

  • Exceptionally Comfort & Stable Fit
  • Wider Toe Box For Players With Wider Feet
  • Enhanced Stability & Controlled Pivots
  • Women-Specific Design For Higher Stability & Arch Support
  • Sensifeel Breathable Upper 
  • Ortholite Molded EVA Foam For Maximum Cushioning
  • Medial Rubber Drag For Additional Durability
  • Heel-Toe Drop For Balanced Comfort & Performance
  • DuraLast High-Density Rubber For High Traction & Durability
  • R-DST+  Foam For Cushioning & Impact Resistance

What We May Not Find Good

  • Limited Size Choices As Compared To Other Shoes Designed For Wider Feet
  • You Don't Have Many Aesthetic Options available

4- 4D Support Chassis

The symmetrical 4D support chassis is exclusive to these shoes and is engineered to keep the feet stable even through rapid and instant movements on the court. It features asymmetrical scoring that guides the foot naturally into the proper form with every single step. You will observe some strategic cuts on the shoe that might appear a bit unique. Their purpose is to allow the foot to flex in multiple directions without wavering from the side. This particularly helps during the lateral movements and shuffling. 

Adding to this, by limiting the access to pronation and supination, the acute stresses that are often put on the foot and ankle are reduced dramatically. This will protect your joints from repetitive impacts that could lead to potential fatigue over an extended period of time. The 4D design stabilizes the arc and prevents over-rolling which usually leads to fatigue. 

Moreover, with cushioning under the chassis, the shock absorption is further enhanced and provides another layer of comfort. However, the cushioned comfort doesn’t mean that the rigid stability is compromised at any point. You will feel your feet securely locked with a strong base for making some powerful strokes. Overall, the agility and endurance are also impressive.

5- Women-Specific Design

One of the features that makes this pair truly stand out is the women-specific design, which has been engineered to cater to the unique needs of female pickleball players. The shoes feature an asymmetrical design with a higher medial counter and reduced rubber for a perfect fit. This reshaped heel cup safely guides the movements on the court especially when you are making sudden ones. The dynamic movements will be supported from all angles. 

Adding to this, the elongated medial side and higher arch support will keep your foot precisely aligned at all times. This is one of the positives that I noticed after the first few games. Overpronation was completely eliminated and my feet were aligned no matter how I was playing. The cup remained perfectly flexible and felt natural without any discomfort or restriction. Even during the long training sessions, the comfort was exceptional. 

Moreover, with a lower density EVA midsole and rubber profile which weighs much less compared to the unisex version of athletic shoes, these ones feel ultra-lightweight and hence provide much more agile footwork capabilities. Even explosive starts and instant directional changes won’t cause any fatigue or stress on your feet easily. Recovery between intense points will be a lot more swift as well. 

Should You Buy Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickleball Shoes?

For female pickleball players who are seeking absolute comfort without any compromise on their performance, few shoes deliver quite like the Wilson Rush Pro Ace. These shoes are packed with impressive features and have been engineered with unique technologies and innovative design aspects that truly enhance your performance, and help you develop your skills while keeping the comfort level to a maximum. Their unique design is one of the prime aspects that add to their comfort while keeping the shoes extremely lightweight for better mobility and instant responsiveness during the games. 

The shoes fall in a medium budget range which might be a concern for beginners who are running a bit low on budget, but do keep in mind that these are the top choice for competitive players and offer unique performance aspects along with women-specific design that provide a perfect fit even for people with wide feet. Although the aesthetic choices are a bit limited, you still have plenty of advantages that totally outweigh some minor drawbacks. Definitely a worthy consideration for female athletes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wilson Rush Pro True To Size?

Yes, the Wilson Rush Pro comes in a true-to-size fit, which means you should order the size you usually order for shoes. If you are ordering online, make sure that you check the official size chart on their website to wipe out any ambiguities. 

Do Wilson Shoes Run True To Size?

Not just Rush Pro but all of Wilson's shoes are true to size. They have an official brand size chart available on the website as well as their Amazon store. So, if you are purchasing from an online store, make sure that you check the chart before ordering. 

How Thick Is The Wilson Pro Ace Pickleball Shoe?

The shoes are neither thick nor heavy. They come in an extremely lightweight design but that doesn’t mean they compromise on the comfort or cushioning aspect. The shoes have strategically placed cushioning that enhances the overall comfort. 


To sum it all up, the Wilson Rush Pro Ace pickleball shoes provide an elite level of comfort and performance and are perfectly suited for serious tournament players. These are professional shoes that are highly recommended by female athletes for their unparalleled performance and longevity. The shoes truly enhance your skills and allow you to take your game to the next level. 

Also, they are a perfect fit for wide feet and allow for comfortable toe mobility without compromising flexibility or performance. I personally loved playing my tournament in them and highly recommend them to all female pickleball players who are looking for the perfect companion. Equipped with the knowledge I have shared in the above review, you will be able to assess the qualities of the shoe against your specific needs and will be able to make an informed decision. Remember that in pickleball, the choice of shoe can make or break your game. Good Luck!

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