What Paddle Do Pickleball Pros Use?

When playing pickleball, the outcome of every smash, volley, and spin might depend on a single decision: which paddle to use. Imagine yourself swinging the same paddle as the pros, feeling the same grip, and feeling the strength of each shot. But what precisely do the pickleball champs hold in their hands? Explore the subtle aspects of weight, build, and material that truly control the game, not just the brand logo. Prepare to learn the secrets behind the pros' paddles and potentially improve your own.

Finding The Right Paddle For Your Needs

Precision, strength, and mastery are the hallmarks of advanced play. Using a paddle that is specifically designed for competitive play can have an incredible impact on your game. Most of Pickleball players for advanced players have these characteristics in common:

Materials Competency

Advanced paddle manufacturing depends upon the use of cutting-edge materials or advanced composite mixes, which result in a more responsive and long-lasting paddle.

Pros 1

1- Graphene

It’s a material that’s 200 times stronger than steel. Useless to say how durable the graphene paddle is, but also lighter in weight, and highly preferable to enhance maneuverability and for playing fast-paced games. However, graphene paddles usually cost more than other paddles.

2- Carbon Fibre

Carbon fiber is a material that has near to perfect strength-to-weight ratio, making it a carbon paddle that has an ideal performance rate with powerful control, and its lightweight nature helps execute smooth smashes. Carbon paddles are less likely to have ‘’dead spots’’. Thus, carbon fibers act as shock absorbers in paddle manufacturing making it an ideal choice for players who experience lactic acid accumulation in muscles during prolonged plays.

3- Weight Range

If you wonder what weight pickleball paddles the pros use, lemme break it to you the sweet spot for advanced players is between 7.8 and 8.4 ounces if they want to play quick shots, where power and control are evenly distributed. However, a paddle weighs 8-9 ounces, and may give you more force, but may tire your arm out after a while.

3 Must-Have Features In Paddle You Are Choosing

While choosing a pickleball paddle like a pro, consider pondering over features other than the aesthetic look of the paddle.

Pros 4

1- Surface Texture

You may be wondering, "Why does surface texture even matter?" Just pretend you're aiming for the net with a spin shot. For maximum spin, use a paddle with a rough surface, as this will enhance friction between the ball and the paddle. You should use a rough-textured paddle if you frequently use spin to improve your shots. Specialized surfaces can be found on some paddles to further enhance your performance.

2- Edge Guard

A good edge guard isn't only about paddés durability, but it also affects the game rhythm. The edge guard can change the paddle's center of gravity, which is something few people consider. The paddle's periphery will get heavier as a result of the addition of a stronger edge guard. That extra poundage can help your drives go further, but it can slow down your swift reflex volleys at the net.

Sports science research indicates that a player's control over an object like a tennis racquet or golf club is significantly affected by the equipment's weight distribution. Pickleball paddles are the same way. A greater striking area isn't the only benefit of an edgeless or almost edgeless paddle; the improved weight distribution also makes it simpler to handle.

If you're a seasoned player and winning gold is your goal, you might want to look at an edgeless or minimally guarded paddle. You'll have a better handle on the situation, be quicker to respond, and reduce the likelihood of those annoying edge hits. All of these things can help you win a close game.

3- Grip Size

If you have a paddle with a comfortable grip, it will seem like an extension of your arm and you'll be able to confidently execute your shots. Ergonomic research has shown that many professional players spend extra time perfecting this aspect of their game, not just in pickleball but also in other sports like tennis and badminton.

the hand should completely encircle the grip of the paddle, with your fingers softly contacting your palm. The grip is too large if your fingers don't touch, and too little if they overlap excessively. Players at the highest level frequently use the "ring finger test." At this point, you should have the grip positioned so that your ring finger is visible. In the right area, your finger should leave a faint imprint.

To get the most spin or power out of your shots, you need a grip that fits your hand perfectly; it also gives you an edge in competition. Finding a grip that fits your hand perfectly might be a decisive factor in improving your performance.

Pro Players & Their Signature Picks

Professional players of pickleball inspire other game enthusiasts with their dexterity and amaze them with their shots, but their fans and struggling players always strive to know which paddle their favorite players use, and because of this curiosity, their chosen brands snatch the spotlight.

What Paddle Does Ben Johns Use?

JOOLA worked closely with the world's best pickleball player, Ben Johns, to create the paddle he now prefers to use. The JOOLA Perseus paddle provides the ultimate technical edge for offensive & aggressive players.

Pros 7

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Features Of Ben's Paddle

  1. Ben Johns's favorite is JHOOLA Perseus CFS 16mm, which he's confident using and endorsing. This paddle isn't only equipped with Carbon-Charged Surface Technology, the latest advancement is the Charged Carbon Surface Technology, which tightens the paddle and provides it a sharp feel with increased energy return. This technology increases the paddle's responsiveness and feedback, allowing the player to have a greater feel for the ball as it strikes the paddle's face.
  2. Carbon-Bound to the Very Edge for Strength - Pickleball paddle made of ultra-stable and durable carbon fiber. Maintains up under extreme conditions and ensures paddle uniformity over time. Grip length: 5.5", overall length: 16.5", width: 7.5", weight: 8.0 oz.
  3. Sweet Spot Optimized Shape - The pickleball paddle's specially engineered shape makes a big "sweet spot" that improves your accuracy and control. The newest Feel-Tec Pure Grip makes for a sticky handle while simultaneously wicking moisture away from your hands.

What Paddle Does Anna Leigh Waters Use?

Powerhouse professional women's pickleball player Anna Leigh Waters has a unique paddle preference that complements her explosive playing style. Her paddle is optimized for quick responses, giving her an edge in high-tempo games. Anna's dedication to maintaining a steady stance and quick reactions is reflected in her choice of paddle, and she uses a customized Bantam TS-5. This paddle is embellished in Anna’s Favorite colors and provides a sound control of 8/10.

Pros 6

Features of Anna's Paddle

  1. TS-5 has exclusive features and is also designed in a way to make it lighter than other paddles of the Bantam series. The paddle delivers unmatched results from the paddle category of the 7 to 7.5 oz.
  2. The Bantam TS-5 from Paddletek features a textured fiberglass epoxy composite that improves spin control and allows you to dominate the competition.
  3. With a 5’’ grip length, you can play easily and efficiently using this iconic pickleball racquet. Polycore, found in Bantam bats, allows for quick returns and tremendous power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Paddle Does Tyson McGuffin Use?

Tyson Mcguffin is currently finding his solace in using ‘’Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta’’. This paddle is approved by US pickleball quality checkers. It has a larger sweet spot than standard power paddles, making it easier to hit smashes and more challenging for the opponent to return the ball. With a power rating of 10, Invikta provides the chance to spin the ball fullest.

Which Is The Better Pickleball Paddle?

It’s almost impossible to name one paddle among the pools of rackets. Even if you follow pro players, you can see them endorsing different paddles. So, before buying yourself a paddle, do your homework on the weight, power, ease, and variety of spin a paddle delivers. Also, keep in view the grip length you’re comfortable with. You can try different kinds of paddles to choose the one for you. However, JHOOLA pickleball paddles are currently passing all efficiency trials and tests.

How Does Ben Johns Grip His Paddle?

Let us reveal to you that Ben Johns has formulated a secret tip to customize the grip of his paddle. He incorporated the use of Yonex Overgrip on the handle of the paddle to enhance the grip of the paddle. On average, he reportedly changes the Yonex overgrip after 112 matches. He also sets up his paddle by using lead tape and electrical tape on the sides to give it a more aesthetic look.

Which Paddle Does Anna Bright Use?

Just like the Top G, Ben Johns, Anna Bright is a fan of JHOOLA. SCORPEUS CFS 14mm is Bright’s go-to paddle for all the right reasons. As it weighs up to 7.8 ounces, it reinforces Anna’s Ability to play as per her aggressive style. The latest feel technology, incorporated into the paddle, enhances the grip strength by absorbing the sweating from the palms.


Choosing the appropriate paddle uplifts your game, and there’s nothing wrong with getting inspiration from pro players. However, professional athletes' preferences can shift over time, whether because of endorsements, personal tastes, or a shift in their play. It's smart to stay informed of advancements in the pickleball equipment industry.

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