What Pickleball Shoes Does Ben Johns Wear

If you are a pickleball enthusiast, you would have surely heard the name of this sports legend - Ben Johns. Well, currently, he is ranked number 1 by the Pro Pickleball Association in three categories that encompasses singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. So what’s better than starting off your pickleball journey by purchasing the shoes he wears on the court?

To help you learn more about the Ben Johns shoe brand and other relevant info, we have crafted this guide. Keep reading as we explore everything that you must know about the top pickleball player’s choice of footwear for the game.

Ben Johns Pickleball Shoes - Babolat Men's Jet Mach 3 Shoes

Ben Johns wears the Jet Mach 3 model by the brand Babolat. It’s available on Amazon for $89.84 to $112.68, depending on your size. Here are some of the features of this footwear that set it apart from other pickleball shoes available in the market.

Ben Shoes 1
  • The jacquard upper in Jet Mach 3 shoes that Ben Johns wears not only imparts durability but also ensures an aesthetic appeal.
  • In the shoe construction, fibers like Aramid and Polyamide are used intricately. This combination makes them resistant to wear and tear by heat caused as a result of friction. It also makes the pair quite flexible to allow comfortable and quick movements on the court.
  • This pair of shoes employs a stability arch system that gives solid support to the player’s foot arch. With it, there’d be fewer chances of fatigue or muscle injuries. Moreover, the arch system is also responsible for maintaining the overall structural integrity of the shoes.
  • When it comes to the cushioning of these pickleball joggers, the KPRSX system makes them stand out. Tailored to offer optimal shock absorption, the technology offers different levels of comfort and stress reduction depending on the stage of the game.
  • EVA foam in the shoes adds a layer of further cushioning that helps with heel protection. Similarly, the shoes also consist of a heel rocker that allows natural movements of the foot. For example, the player can easily transition from moving to stopping and vice versa without any fear of accidental injuries.
  • If we talk more about the construction material of these shoes, artificial leather is used to add durability. Moreover, it is quite easy to clean and is less likely to get damaged by external elements as compared to natural leather.
  • The outsoles of the shoes are made from rubber that allows top-notch traction for the players. Additionally, the integration of this material makes the shoes sturdier while offering solid protection against impact.

Besides these features, another good thing about Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 Shoes is their availability in a variety of colors. You can opt for multiple appealing colors that include blue ribbon, white silver, jade lemon, and white and gold. With so many available choices, you have a free hand to choose a pair that perfectly matches your style.

Which Else Brand Does Ben Johns Trust For His Choice Of Pickleball Shoes?

Well, Ben Johns has been wearing pickleball shoes from different brands over the years. Although he currently wears a pair from Babolat, there are two major other manufacturers that he trusts. Also, his choice of shoes is largely influenced by the type of tournament he is participating in, along with the game conditions. Let’s have a look at other brands used by Ben Johns for playing pickleball:

  1. Head - Ben is usually seen wearing different models by Head, as this brand's shoes typically offer all the features needed to play pickleball smoothly. Top-notch stability, solid grip, and higher levels of comfort are to name a few.
  2. Asics - Being a pickleball player, another brand that you can go with for selecting your sports shoes is Asics. Although Ben Johns prefers their footwear for multiple reasons, extra cushioning is what stands out.
Ben Shoes 2

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Pickleball Shoes?

While it's a good idea to buy shoes that pro players wear, you should also do a bit of your own research, as every individual has different needs. Here are some basic factors that you need to look out for when buying pickleball shoes:


If you are planning to play pickleball indoors, make sure to buy shoes with natural gum rubber soles, as the court can be quite slippery. For outdoors, we would highly recommend going with shoes with a firmer outsole. In addition, stability and comfort are a must for both, so there should not be any compromise on either.


Always look for shoes that offer higher levels of shock absorption and cushioning, especially on the midsole side. This helps reduce the impact on your joints, leading to a lesser chance of joint fatigue. Since pickleball involves lots of jumping and twisting, technologies like EVA foam are a must to protect the feet and muscles of the players.


The durability of the shoe matters if you want it to be a long-term investment. This factor has a direct relation with weight as well. For example, if you opt for heavy shoes, they might be sturdier than their lighter counterparts. However, it trades off the performance and comfort. Thus, lighter pickleball shoes are preferred. But you need to ensure they are made of durable materials that can easily withstand rough impact during the game to avoid early wear and tear.

Difference Between Outdoor & Indoor Pickleball Shoes

Besides all the above factors, the pickleball court also matters when choosing shoes for this sport. All the brands have different varieties for outdoor and indoor use, having specific features as mentioned in the table below:

FeatureOutdoor Pickleball ShoesIndoor Pickleball Shoes
Outsole PatternModified herringbone patternVariety of tread patterns optimized for grip
Outsole Thickness & MaterialThicker and designed for durabilitySofter, thinner outsole
Grip & GiveBlend of grip and give suitable for outdoor useUltimate grip for indoor surfaces
WeightGenerally heavier due to thicker outsoleLighter due to thinner outsole
Suitability For SurfacesDesigned for outdoor courtsOptimized for indoor courts like gym or hardwood
Traction On Opposite SurfaceMay have less traction on indoor surfacesMay not be as durable on outdoor surfaces
Ben Shoes 4

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What Is The Ben Johns Pickleball Paddle Brand?

Currently, Ben Johns uses the pickleball paddle by JOOLA - Ben Johns Perseus Paddle. It is premium equipment that is designed specifically in collaboration with the player to meet his requirements. Here are some features of this paddle that set it apart from other options available in the market:

  • The grippy Carbon Fiber surface of the paddle helps generate the highest levels of spins when hitting the ball toward your opponent.
  • It allows players to hit highly accurate shots, thanks to the exceptional power and pop offering features.
  • A carbon frame instilled in the paddle offers top-notch strength and durability to the paddle, so it can easily withstand the impact of powerful shots.

If you are thinking about where you can buy JOOLA pickleball paddles, you must go through online marketplaces like Amazon. Meanwhile, you can also visit the brand’s official website to place the order and receive your paddle,

Frequently Asked Questions

What Shoes Do Pros Wear In Pickleball?

Besides Babolat, Head, and Asics, pros also prefer wearing shoes from K-Swiss. The brand has been around for several decades. While it was earlier popular for tennis shoes, even pickleball players now trust it for buying footwear to play the sport. K-Swiss shoes guarantee excellent stability, comfort, and support – three major elements required for dominating the court. Out of all, the Hypercourt Express 2 by the brand stands out for multiple reasons, like a robust construction and perfect traction.

Which Pickleball Shoes Last The Longest?

While multiple brands offer durable pickleball shoe models, Asics Dedicate 8 stands out amongst all. Not only does it offer great value for your money, but it is comfortable to wear as well. Moreover, the high level of support offered by this footwear ensures quick movements on the court.

What Does Ben Johns Play With?

Ben Johns plays with the JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus Paddle currently. It is a premium equipment that comes with new Charged Carbon surface technology, offering top-notch pop and power. Meanwhile, its hitting area is also optimal to ensure that it does not miss out on any shots.


So that was all about which shoes Ben Johns wore while playing pickleball. In addition, we have also shared details about his paddle so you can kick off your professional journey with the best of all equipment. However, do not trust the guide blindly and do your own research before the final purchase. It is important as every player is different and might have distinctive needs when it comes to pickleball shoes and paddles. So, which brand do you like the most for purchasing pickleball shoes, except the ones we have mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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