Phantom Ganon In Tears Of The Kingdom

Phantom Ganon is one of the annoying bosses in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, who employs the Gloom status effect encircled in the Gloom Pool to damage Link’s health. In the mystical world of Tears of the Kingdom, players find themselves trapped in a web of intrigue, danger, and dark magic. None is as captivating and mysterious as Phantom Ganon among the enigmatic characters that grace this outlandish realm. This ambiguous figure is shrouded in shadows and cloaked in an enigma, serving as a linchpin in the game's intricate storyline.

In this article, you will hunt deep into the lore surrounding Phantom Ganon, exploring the origins of this ghostly entity and the pivotal role it plays in the unfolding narrative. Furthermore, you can dissect the gameplay mechanics that make encounters with Phantom Ganon both thrilling and daunting from its haunting appearances. It appears the most significant moment to the challenges when it is presented to players.

Unveiling The Phantom Ganon Saga In Tears Of The Kingdom

Additionally, we'll examine the fan theories and suppositions that have emerged within the Tears of the Kingdom community, attempting to demystify the true nature of Phantom Ganon. Could there be any connections to other iconic characters in gaming history, or does this wraith have a unique story to tell? Join us on a journey through the eerie landscapes of Tears of the Kingdom to unravel the threads of speculation to link in-game clues through the comprehensive analysis of this intriguing character - Phantom Ganon.

Through detailed exploration and thoughtful analysis, this article aims to shed light on one of the most captivating elements of this enchanting gaming experience. Get ready to be immersed in a world where fantasy meets mystery, and where the enigma of Phantom Ganon awaits your discovery. Furthermore, the spawning Phantom Ganon finally comes to a halt in the end while you are to kill a pair of Gloom Hands. Here you need toget the Master Sword in Zelda TotK after a first drastic encounter against the boss.

Phantom 3

Crisis At Hyrule Castle

The main quest that leads you to crisis erupts automatically. You will have to finish it up to reach The Kingdom of Hyrule with the intention of searching the land in Tears of the Kingdom. Here, you also meet Purah, an ancient technology researcher in the Hateno primeval Tech Lab.

Furthermore, you need to stay here, chattering for a short while to convince Purah to join an inquiry group at Hyrule Castle. It is not cakewalked to move across Hyrule. You are required to stay after every little as inquiring, analyzing, unveiling the secretive items, and recruiting your companions finally who are to be waiting for you on the way to the castle.

Forms Of Phantom Ganon In Zelda TotK

In Zelda TotK, Phantom Ganon appears in three distinct forms, each wielding a different weapon. Sword Phantom Ganon wields a sword, and your reward for defeating him is the coveted Gloom Sword. The Spear Phantom Ganon brandishes a spear, and upon his defeat, you'll be granted the Gloom Spear. Lastly, Club Phantom Ganon utilizes a club in battle, and vanquishing him earns you the Demon King's Bow as an extra reward. Here's a breakdown of the stages you'll need to complete.

1- Discover The Captain Hoz

To knot off the crisis entangled Hyrule Castle, the first agenda is to search for Captain Hoz found the undermost freshly floating Castle in Tears of the Kingdom. Captain Hoz as a Captain of the Monster-Control Crew is heading the search party which is tasked to investigate the crisis at Hyrule Castle. He is also assigned a task to search for Zelda, Link, and Kyononis Shrine inside and around Hyrule Castle.

At the very moment, the Doorway gets closed as soon as you enter, worse luck! You need to drop off the right berm to bypass the door. Here, you pause to chatter with the guard wearing a red feather on his cap named Captain Hoz. He will help you to ascend and descend from one side to the other.

2- Meet Purah & Take A Nap

After finding Captain Hoz, you will step back to Purah to deliver the details given by the captain to you. Purah is a literal childlike character over 124 years old. She works in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab with the assistance of Symin. Purah’s job is to research an anti-aging Rune that helps her grow younger little by little.

Purah has a fancy for viewing map data but she fails here as Skyview Tower needs some relatively long haul to get it fixed. You are led here by her to take a rest in the Emergency Shelter which you will have to have opened by convincing the shelter guard. At this juncture, you seem to sleep till morning when the angel statue comes to bless you with more health and you enthusiastically complete your objective.

Phantom 4

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3- Upland Zorana Skyview Tower

After taking the the rest as long you needed, re-meet Purah at the the top of the tower. Furthermore, you will have a commune pause to enactive the many Skyview Towers at various points. The interaction with towers and unlocking them are not manageable without traveling maps.

Next to it, a blue elevator appears to help you land on the ground safely. Again, use the same paraglider allotted by Purah to aloft in the sky. Soon after completing the task, have a chat with Purah so that she will assign you Regional Phenomen, another enormous quest to search the impending phase.

4- Accomplishment Of Camera Work In The Depths

You need to culminate each Camera Work in the Depths quest before doing the main quest, which will reach the pinnacle of a Temple Dungeon. For this, you must clear up the phenomena which has plagued each area. To get it, you need to talk to Robbie overlooking the town at the North gate to investigate the quest. With the guidelines of Robbie, the lead researcher, you will reach the giant hole lookout at the tower in the South. To Find Robbie, you need to enlighten the Brightbloom Seeds as It will be an extremely dark area.

Brightbloom Plant with three illuminating seeds is found in any cave of Hyrule. You should pluck the glowing seeds grown in clusters to explore the caves and get fast-travel facilities. Get Robbie and don’t ignore photo’ing the statue near Robbie. Your quest is done!

5- Bring The Regional Phenomena To Fruition

After completing the process of Camera Work in the Depths quest and finding Robbie, this is the right time to gather the essential aspects and spiel the main story that is given to you by Purah. The narrative, Purah gives you after the ending of the previous phase, is a giant request known as the Regional Phenomena quest. You need to follow the map minutely to reach the present quest as to pay a call on:

The Rito Village in the center of Lake Tottori, Zora City in the Lanayru Province, Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert which is a huge vibrant community containing all females. By visiting each point, you will keep on solving the problems to reach the quest finally.

Phantom 5

6- On Return To Regional Phenomena

On the way back from visiting the enchanted areas by conquering the situations occurring on the way, you will access to the powers of allies which are called as sages. These 7 sages are equipped with idiosyncratic abilities which make one better than the other. Each sage is an emblem of individual color and power that provides a symbolic link to awaken the next sage. These sages are:

  • Rauru: Sage Of Light
  • Darunia: Sage Of Fire
  • Saria: Sage Of Forest
  • Impa: Sage Of Shadow
  • Nabooru: Sage Of Spirit
  • Ruto: Sage Of Water
  • Zelda: Seventh Sage

Read the detailed guide given above to know the exact and easiest way that leads you to the quests - Regional Phenomena.

7- Return To Hyrule Castle

This is the time you get back to Purah for getting the next task which is going to Hyrule Castle. You need to gather some building materials here and you can do it easily as this place you have already visited. Make a gasbag or hot-air balloon and fix it on the side unit of the transistor that is already attached with Wooden flakes and Flame Emitter. Then, attach a battery on the board, get the emitter charged to ride, and then glide away towards the castle.

At this juncture, you need to set going to the Serutabomac Shrine with a high-speed journey. Follow the quest to find Princess Zelda. Keep on proceeding as the princess will appear after a little while. With her appearance, you need to defeat enemies with the assistance of sages. Finally, you get in the castle for a testy fight with the boss who is far stronger than the other antagonists.

8- Fight Phantom Ganon

This is the most thrilling moment when you confront 5 phantoms simultaneously. You will face 5 phantoms including Link's old rival simultaneously in the Phantom Ganon boss fight. Don't fret about it at all!

Engage in the battle with a straightforward strategy: if you can effectively dodge their attacks, the fight will conclude evenly. The sages play a crucial role by providing support and attacking the phantoms from behind. Utilize the shield parry technique to overcome the boss when they appear during Time. Abundant healing items are at your disposal - make good use of them to master the art of timing. Of utmost importance is the healing item, Light, which can weaken the phantoms and ultimately lead you to victory. After securing the heart container, make your way back to Purah.

9- Next Assignment From Purah

After beating the boss in Phantom Ganon, hurriedly get back Landing through Skyview Tower, and report to Purah. While chatting with Purah, she will set aside another task of sending you to find the 5th Sage, the giant quest. After the completion of this quest, you will conquer the crisis at Hyrule Castle and hunt the Tears of the Kingdom.

Phantom 2

10- Detect The 5th Sage

This marks the final, intricate quest laden with multiple stages. Your journey takes you to the "Flying Ring Ruins," a striking structure resembling a celestial ring, often referred to as the "Ruins from the Age of Legends" situated in Kakariko Village. This serves as the launching point for a comprehensive and extensive search. During your quest, you'll traverse back and forth, engaging in various encounters, ultimately culminating in the pursuit of the "Secret of the Ring Ruins." Here, you'll find yourself in conversations with Tauro and Paya, with their initial comic reactions while discussing the peculiar ruins.

The pivotal part of this quest is to address the "Secret of the Ring Ruins," leading to the immediate commencement of "Guidance from Ages Past." Your task is to locate the enigmatic Zonai relics, securely grounded in the chamber on Dragonhead Island. This chamber can only be accessed once Link accumulates at least 10 heart containers. As you uncover a mysterious Zonai relic on Dragonhead Island, a radiant beam of light emerges, urging you to follow its path and unveil its destination. Upon successfully completing this quest and resolving the crisis at Hyrule Castle, it's time to return to Purah. Congratulations, you've accomplished it! This victory is a testament to your skills and determination.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Easiest Way To Beat Phantom Ganon Totk?

During the encounter, you need to avoid the two attacks while fighting and dodging Phantom Ganon. If you are unable to avoid the sweeping attacks with scanning techniques, you can hold a shield to guard and negate the damage of bombs or machine-gun fire.

What Is The Best Weapon To Use Against Phantom Ganon?

No doubt, there are variant warring weapons that are recommended to fight against Phantom Ganon. But the most ideal weapons are swords and spears against swords. Spears are additional weapons to poke at Phantom Ganon and resultantly keep you protected from gloom lying beneath and around him.

What Is The Hardest Ganon To Fight?

Thunderblight Ganon is a warring boss in “Breath of Wild” and “Age of Calamity”. It is the hardest Ganon sent by Calamity Ganon with the intention of bastardizing the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Thunderblight Ganon is an electrocuting Link who forces him to surrender applying the lightning bolts repeatedly. Against him, you need forceful treacherous strategies to win over him.


In the haunting realm of Tears of the Kingdom, the enigmatic presence of Phantom Ganon adds an intriguing layer to the game's narrative. As players navigate the challenges posed by this spectral figure, they embark on a journey that tests their courage and strategic prowess. Phantom Ganon's elusive nature and mysterious origins captivate players, leaving them with a sense of awe and fascination. The encounters with this enigmatic entity serve as a testament to the game's rich storytelling and intricate gameplay.

In facing and overcoming the challenges presented by Phantom Ganon, players find not only victory but also a deeper connection to the game's immersive world, making their triumph all the more meaningful and rewarding. Numerous parts of this adventure involve wandering, engaging in conversations, and resolving puzzles. Read the article to know the detailed narrative and to know how it’s played.

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