Shadows Of Evil Easter Egg In Black Ops 3 Zombies

In the mysterious and eerie world of Call of Duty, Black Ops 3 Zombies, Shadows of Evil stands as a testament to the franchise's ability to captivate players with intricate gameplay and hidden secrets. While venturing into the shadowy streets of Morg City - a city in Call of Duty, where players are met with a myriad of challenges and enigmas, chief among them the elusive Easter eggs that lie scattered throughout the map.

Navigating through a warren of clues and obscure hints, this guide unravels the puzzling and enigmatic steps, providing players with a comprehensive walkthrough to unveil the secrets hidden within Shadows of Evil. Brace yourselves, for the journey into the unknown, begins here, where every step taken might uncover a clue leading to the heart of the undead or mysteries returned from death.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows Of Evil Easter Egg

The uniqueness of Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows is its solo mode, making completing the Easter Egg in Shadows of Evil effortless. Unlike the Easter eggs in Zombies from previous COD games, this one requires you to stand on your teammates' peculiar platforms for an extended period. However, don't be mistaken - the Easter Egg journey is filled with suspense, thrill, and offers an interesting and easily achievable accomplishment. Follow the guide for a step-by-step completion.

Shadow Of Evil 2

Step 1: Completing Four Rituals

To unveil the hidden secrets, you must complete four ritual ceremonies as the first step, involving the acquisition of a Summoning Key, a mysterious artifact concealed in a narrow alleyway. These four rituals aim to obtain four essential objects from various ritual rooms. The ultimate goal of these rituals is to locate four Gateworms, which are crucial for reaching the further four runes of creation. To achieve this, you must locate and follow the identification of four specific items with their respective locations as detailed below:

  1. Obtain the Promoter's Championship Belt hidden in the Waterfront District to progress to the ritual in the boxing ring.
  2. Acquire the detective's Badge concealed in the Canal District, which is essential for completing the ritual in the strip club (whorehouse).
  3. Retrieve a Lawyer's pen found at the Junction, enabling you to progress with the ritual after entering the narrow alley leading to the house.
  4. Secure the Producer's Toupee hidden in the Footlight District, a vital item that will lead you to conquer the ritual in the tall building located in the main square.

Step 2: Finding Pack-A-Punch Machine

After obtaining the four Gateworms from distinct tasks in the previous phases, head towards a small narrow rift that provides access to three additional districts. Upon entering the rift by breaking down the walls, your primary objective is to reach the Pack-a-Punch machine. Eerie symbols surround it, and as you find yourself in this situation, you will discover another set of four Gateworms concealed within various fountains; your task is to locate them.

This journey continues with the 5th Ritual. As you uncover these Gateworms, you will notice blue lines that intersect with another altar, leading you to the fifth ritual. The completion of this ritual enables you to acquire and upgrade weapons and tools, such as Submachine Guns, Pack-a-punched guns, ultra-high power Bahamut Sniper Rifles, Launchers, and Shotguns. During this phase, you may come across mentions of the Shadow Man's involvement in making sacrifices.

Shadow Of Evil 4

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Step 3: Finding The Elemental Sword

Read the map given at the train stations to find the three locations where the sword is. When boarding a train, you will have to eye out the three symbols with different signs. Besides, you need to select a beast mode which will assist you in finding a wall of symbols.

Step 4: Upgrading The Elemental Sword

On your journey, you will come across an egg that needs to be charged by placing it on four gargoyles to ward off the evil spirits known as zombies. You must eliminate the spawned monsters to charge the egg fully. After the egg is charged, you will exchange it with a rift and retrieve the Elemental Sword wreathed in flames. To complete this ritual, you must obtain a specific item for each character and place them in the designated ritual areas. Each character's ritual item can be acquired by performing specific tasks:

  1. To complete Jackie's ritual, you need to eliminate Margwas, the giant tentacle monster, which will drop a Margwa Heart when defeated. Pick it up and use it for Jackie's ritual.
  2. Search for a Hairpiece, which can be found inside a crate and may spawn in various locations around the map. Once you locate it, it will be used for Floyd's ritual.
  3. Locate a Championship Belt, which may appear in different locations. Pick it up and use it for Nero's ritual.
  4. Find a Badge, which can be found on a bench near the Ruby Rabbit. Pick it up and use it for Jessica's ritual.
Shadow Of Evil 5

Step 5: Flag Rituals – Picking The Flag Up

Once you've upgraded the sword, you must head down to the subway and retrieve the flag from Nero's room, where it's stored within a bookcase. With the flag in your possession, rush back to the location where you originally found it and charge the egg and sword. Now, it's imperative to protect your flag from the relentless zombie assaults coming from all directions. Continuously eliminate these malevolent spirits from various purple platforms to safeguard and charge the flag, leading to your victory.

The final step of this ritual involves returning to the starting point while holding and defending your flag. On the way back to the ritual room, you will confront and defeat wraiths that appear from hidden locations. For those who enjoy playing in co-op mode with friends, certain stages of Black Ops 3 Zombies offer a fun experience. However, solo gameplay can be even more enjoyable. If you're a solo gamer in Black Ops 3 Zombies, you'll need to repeat the recent flag-related tasks two or three times, including winning the flag, protecting it, and eliminating specters while holding your flag and reaching the ritual room.

Note: Ensure that you carry the flag to all four ritual chambers while dealing with the wraiths in those areas.

Step 6: Finding Shadow Man & Killing Him

To confront the Shadow Man, you need to return to the area where you discovered the Pack-a-Punch machine in Step 2. In this dire situation, you will encounter the four wraiths that are surrounding the Shadow Man. Without defeating and eliminating the zombies, you won't be able to unlock or exit through the door.

Once you've completed this ritual, you will engage in direct combat with each of the bodachs that have encircled the Shadow Man. Not only here, but on four separate occasions, you'll confront and battle the spawned zombies to weaken the Shadow Man and ultimately lead him to his demise.

Shadow Of Evil 3

Step 7: Summoning The Worm

In this stage, you have no alternative but to confront a massive cluster of large worms at the heart of the Pap Room (Traditional Bedroom). There's no way forward except to battle a small spherical celestial white orb guided by a Margwa. You have a mere 30 seconds to collect all the white orbs scattered around, essential for your survival.

The Margwa is distinctively purple. When you defeat this creature, a purple fountain will suddenly emerge in the center of the area, initiating an abundance of beast mode for the players. It's crucial to note that the Margwa is formidable and can pose a threat even if you're in a beast mode disguise. Upon successfully completing this phase, you'll encounter another significant worm guarded by three gatekeepers in the junction area. It's imperative to work together with your teammates to fulfill this task.

Step 8: Shocking the Worm

In the ultimate step, you require one player at each of the train stations to assist you in completing the task one after another, leading to the final Junction. The team member stationed at the junction will trigger the train in a manner that eliminates the worm. Subsequently, three team members will transition into beast mode and install a small device at the station near the staircase. This action will prompt the gateworm to summon a laser from the sky, ultimately completing the Easter egg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary To Have Four Players For Shadows Of Evil Easter Eggs?

The Shadows of Evil Easter Egg quest is primarily intended for solo players, but there are specific phases (Phases 2 and 3) where having a full team of four players is essential. During these phases, players must work together to confront the formidable large gateworm that appears after defeating the Shadow Man. However, the rest of the Easter Egg quest can be completed by individual players.

What Is The Secret Weapon In The Shadows Of Evil?

There is a variety of lethal weapons and tools that are used in the shadow of evil but the Apothicon Servant is the most peculiar weapon in the Evil Zombies map. It is a heavy weapon that can dig out a black hole near zombies. This antagonistic machine gun kills the wraiths instantly.

Is The Shadows Of Evil Easter Egg A Challenging Quest?

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the gameplay, offering valuable insights. It's important not to overlook even the tiniest details on the map, such as power boxes, various grappling spots, styles, and physical objects. Pay close attention to every element's location and the methods to reach them – each aspect of the quest has its own level of complexity.


Begin this enigmatic journey equipped with knowledge and unlock the secrets within Shadows of Evil. With the guidance of this article, mastering the Easter eggs becomes attainable, enhancing your Black Ops 3 Zombies experience into an unforgettable adventure. Well done, soldier! Happy hunting!

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