How To Become A Yacht Stewardess

Adventure cravings, is that you? Do you value and love having the opportunity to make people smile and be thrilled to travel the world as a VIP? And seeing this, maybe yacht stewardess is the position for you! This will give you the ability to invest for long-term goals while doing the same. The salary ranges gathered from the industry sources indicate that they can vary from $3,000 to $9,000+ per month. Tipps and Bonuses will be an excellent opportunity for you to expand your income.

This profession is one of the most vibrating ones, which involves providing not only services of the highest quality but also making a person live their passion. These are very competent professionals who provide excellent hospitality services to guests traveling in expensive yachts. They get to know wonderful places and live a new type of life.

The travel element of this position is alluring, and the added difficulty of attending to the unique needs of VIPs makes it very exciting. It's not always about sunshine and the seaside. What you need is your dedication, hard work, and improvement in a fast-paced environment. This free guide will show ways to become yacht stewardesses easily.

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What Is A Yacht & Yachtie?

Yacht means boat, but not the ordinary one. It is a medium-sized sailing boat that the solitary traveler uses for enjoying, cruising, sailing, crossing, jaunting, and racing. The main places where these yachts dock to hire someone are Palma de Mallorca, Antibes, and Fort Lauderdale.

The term Yachtie is used for the person who works on a yacht as a yacht crew. The person may be a Thalassophile who loves to wander by sea or ocean. Still, mostly, he/she travels in a luxurious superyacht, which is often possessed by some millionaires and billionaires. The yachties who work on these yachts retain various positions as Deckhand, steward, or Stewardess. As longer you work and gain more experience, your role and designation keep on changing. Some of the ‘Yachtie’ who qualify as Yacht master or skipper charter boats.

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What Is A Yacht Stewardess?

A steward or stewardess is a job of long hours that you hold at the beginning level of a yachtie career under the control of a chief stew. You are responsible for taking care of the interior of a superyacht and laying out five-star service in this career path, such as offering drinkables, householding, maintaining laundry, and guiding the guests to the chef, captain, or deck department. Besides, the job type depends on the size of the yacht, the number of crew, and the period of the voyage.

Duties & Responsibilities Of A Stewardess

A stewardess is a junior member of the yacht crew whose job is full of duties. She is a full department in itself. Her duties start as the day dawns till the time every guest goes deep into sleep. Her schedule is planned and set for serving guests and cleaning their cabins. Some more duties are as follows:

  1. Cleaning and maintaining the interior of the yacht.
  2. Keeping a record of the interior.
  3. Calculating and computing the interior
  4. Arranging the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and making it prepared by chefs under her supervision.
  5. Maintaining meal services and offering beverages as many times as one needs.
  6. Managing laundry.
  7. Providing room service.
  8. Communicating and cooperating while providing services to the guests on the yacht.
  9. Arranging stunning orchestrating nights.
  10. Guiding the guests about their schedule to wake, take meals, or have rest.
  11. Arranging boat stowage to put the cargo to onboard the ship.
  12. Assisting in matting, tire-setting, and burning coals.
  13. Support and help the captain and other crew with ShipWorks.
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Who Does A Yacht Stewardess Report To?

Somehow, the duties of steward/stewardess vary as per the size of the ship and the number of guests. Each yacht has a variety of duties to create attraction and distinction from other yacht services. As a stewardess, if you are a solo yachtie traveling for sea visits, You can report to the captain about any current or forthcoming issues, but in case of having a good amount of crew and voyagers, you are to report to a senior stewardess known as a chief stew. In case you are traveling in a large superyacht, then interior divisions are made to serve separately as laundry service, chefing, and housekeeping, each department is allotted a head of department (HOD) to take care of respective jobs.

Qualification To Be A Yachtie

In addition to the essential prerequisites, there are numerous training options available for aspiring stewardesses in the yachting industry. Besides possessing the necessary qualifications, it's crucial to exhibit the right attitude, experience in roles similar to a seneschal, and awareness of where to apply for employment. Becoming a yachtie is an achievable goal if you have:

  1. The right attitude and a polished appearance.
  2. Good physical health, demonstrated by passing the ENG1 medical, a one-day training course requiring basic qualifications in Food Safety & Hygiene.
  3. Completion of merchant mariner training under STCW (Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.), a five-day course.
  4. Experience in roles such as a chamberlain, purser, or similar positions.
  5. Previous visits to a superyacht marina.
  6. Upon joining as a stewardess, the Head of Department (HOD) will provide training on your duties and responsibilities from the ground up.
  7. Training to behave professionally and function as an interior curator is also essential.
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How Much Do Yachties Earn?

Before going to talk about the honorarium payment, you need to give thought to whether you are going to choose a paying profession or enthusiastic employment Like any other employment, salaries vary here. You are finalized with a salary package as the qualification, experience, practice, and zeal for work. At initial, the monthly salary package is around $2,500 to $3,500 and somehow with some additional remuneration. The more experience you gain, the higher the salary you get.

Moreover, this is not enough with this package, living on a yacht, you have zero outgoings. The yacht Dominion is responsible for your food, medicine to other personal expenses. You need not pay any food, electric, gas bills, or rent. So, the money you receive goes to you violet as it is that is huge as compared with other jobs with the same package. You may consult the Yacht Salary Guide to get the exact salary information of all yacht crew.

Taxation Guidelines For Yacht Professionals

The additional advantage of a yachtie's salary package, making it more appealing than other incomes or wages, is that, in most cases, yachties are not required to pay taxes. Under the government scheme Seafarers Earning Deduction, you are likely eligible to retain 100% of your earnings since you are living 365 days away from your home. This can be hugely beneficial while working as a yacht stewardess. Additional tips are provided below that may assist you in qualifying for tax exemptions:

Yacht Professionals: Tax Must-Knows

Yachting or boating activities in Texas may not be subject to certain taxes due to exemptions or regulations. However, it's essential to acknowledge that there could be specific taxes and fees associated with boat ownership, such as registration fees or sales taxes when purchasing a boat. Tax laws vary by state and change over time, so it's advisable to consult with a tax professional or the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts for the most up-to-date information on this matter.

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Creating A Resume As A Yacht Steward/Stewardess

Crafting a CV for a yacht stewardess position differs significantly from land-based jobs. Ensure you meet all the specified criteria, including certificates from relevant factories and training centers. Proceed to create an online CV through the designated site.

Signing Up With Different Yacht Agencies

Stay informed about current yachties' job opportunities by signing up with various yacht crew agencies. Initiate a phone call to introduce yourself and establish a positive working relationship. Some recommended yacht crew agencies include:

  • Luxury Yacht Group
  • YPI Crew
  • Bluewater Crew
  • Nicholson
  • Camper & Nicholsons
  • Lighthouse Careers
  • Quay Crew
  • Australia YA Crew
  • Champion Crewing
  • YotSpot
  • Yachtsmen International

Your Roadmap To Becoming A Yacht Stewardess

See the brief details below to learn how to become a yacht stewardess easily:

StepsWhat You Gotta Do
Get TrainedTake a course such as the STCW basic safety training to learn safety basics like fire fighting, personal survival techniques, and first aid.
Polish Your SkillsHospitality experience is a plus! Consider waiting tables, working in hotels, or even event planning.
Be A Team PlayerWorking on a yacht is all about teamwork. Show you can cooperate and be friendly.
Stay HealthyPass a medical exam to prove you're fit for the job and to become a useful crew member.
Learn The LingoBasic knowledge of another language, like French or Spanish, can be a big bonus.
Build Your ResumeCreate a document highlighting your skills and experience, even if it's not on a yacht yet.
Find Your Dream JobLook for job postings on websites or use yacht crew agencies to connect with potential employers.
Nail the InterviewDress professionally, research the yacht and company, and be prepared to answer questions about your skills and passion for the job.
Set Sail For Success!You did it! Now it's time to start your incredible yachting adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become A Yacht Stewardess With No Experience?

You may be eligible for a yacht stewardess by possessing these requirements:

  1. You should gain an edge over accomplishments to get an advantage over others.
  2. Have all the required training.
  3. Possess the right attitude.
  4. Show zeal to learn and act.
  5. Say no to objections about your duties.
  6. Follow the directions.
  7. Have up-to-date awareness about the place & season you are applying to work at.
  8. Behave courteously whether it’s the issue of your dress or you have to respond to an order.
  9. Show yourself as a potential hard worker.
  10. Be quick to learn.
  11. Be humble towards guests and the captain.
  12. Be flexible about the sudden changes that the chief stew makes.
  13. Stay sign up with the yacht owner and crew you are applying to.
  14. Make your right CV skillfully.

Is It Hard To Get A Job As A Yacht Stewardess?

No, it is not so hard to get hired as a yachtie. You only have to meet the requirements like STCW certification and ENG1 medical pass to be legally authorized by the yacht companies and training centers where you have been working before.

Which Is The Easiest Job On A Yacht?

There are a variety of jobs and ranks on a yacht, but you should start from the entry-level. The common beginning level on a yacht is stewardess and deckhand considered as junior ranks. Their basic duty is to serve the guests and crew, keep the records of the interior, and also make sure to clean it immaculately.


Becoming a yacht stewardess is not a hard nut to crack. You can follow the steps to exhibit the highest endeavor in Education and Training, gain relevant experience by working in the hospitality industry, and obtain relevant certifications as given in the article. Over and above, you need to attend yacht shows and industry events and join online forums to connect with professionals who could help you find job opportunities.

Plus, be ready for interviews, which may include demonstrating your service skills, knowledge of yacht safety procedures, and understanding of guests’ needs. It is also essential to show a professional, well-groomed appearance to maintain a positive reputation. Remember that competition for yacht stewardess positions can be fierce, so persistence and dedication are essential. Good luck on your journey to exotic locations after becoming a yacht stewardess!

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