How To Charge Vuse Without Charger

Charging a Vuse without a charger can be challenging, but with some creativity and resourcefulness, finding alternative methods is possible. In this guide, we'll explore unconventional ways to power up your Vuse device when a dedicated charger is unavailable. Keep in mind that these methods may not be endorsed by the manufacturer and should be approached with caution.

In the current world of technology, routine life is unimaginable without a charger. Charger is a daily used and named article for cell phones, notebook computers, laptops, and power banks. People who are used to taking electronic cigarettes, often misplace their chargers or forget to take them when they go on some journey.

In this situation, if you find yourself with a Vuse vaping device and no charger in sight, fear not – there are alternative methods to get that battery back in action. In this article, we'll explore some unconventional ways to charge your Vuse without a dedicated charger. Please note that these methods should be considered temporary solutions, and it's always best to use the manufacturer-recommended charger for your device.

What Is A Vuse?

Vuse as a word may be new for you as this device is new. It is a portable device e-cigarette that carries out nicotine by vaporizing steam with the addition of heat and water. It is an amalgamized article of pods and cartridges that vaporizes steam through a mouthpiece attached to a pipe. It is also coupled with some additional accessories like bongs, pipes, and various flavors that appeal to pipe or cigar smokers.

By preference, Vuse is designed rechargeable as hinted earlier. It has become the first-class choice of smokers owing to its low cost, variant colors, benign internal application, and safety which priors Vuse an indispensable gadget for entertainers on cigars.

Vuse Charger 1

How To Charge A Vuse Without A Charger

If you are a constant and passionate vaper, you arecognizant of the frustration that overwhelms you when your Vuse runs off battery. In the absence of a charger, there are multiple charging devices of depleted Vuse whether due to run-down battery or you are deranged.

Essential Considerations Before Charging Without A Charger

  • Your battery is at the risk of exploding while connecting Vuse with another charger.
  • You can purchase the new vape charger from any retailer or storekeeper even from a gas station runner.
  • You are given an additional micro-USB port, you can connect your vape with it in case of no vape charger.

1- USB-C OR Micro-USB Cable

Most Vuse devices use a standard USB-C or Micro-USB connection. You can connect with a similar port to a cable that you use for charging. Connect one end to your Vuse and the other to a compatible power source, such as a computer or USB wall adapter. Keep in mind that not all cables are created equal, so ensure it's designed for charging electronic devices.

Plug the micro-USB end with the Vuse and the other with the power source. It’s better to slice the cable closer to the micro-USB end but be very careful while cutting, otherwise, the cord will be cut into two wires - black and red.

2- Power Banks

If you have a power bank handy, it can serve as a portable charging solution for your Vuse. Connect the appropriate cable from the power bank to your Vuse, and let it charge on the go. This method is particularly useful when you're away from traditional power sources.

3- Car Charger

If you're on the road and your Vuse needs a boost, consider using a car charger. Connect the Vuse to the car charger via the appropriate cable, and let your vehicle provide the power needed to recharge.

4- Wireless Charging Pads

Some Vuse devices may support wireless charging. If you have a wireless charging pad compatible with your device, place the Vuse on the pad, and let the magic of induction charging do its work.

Vuse Charger 3

5- Emergency Solutions

In desperate times, creative solutions may be necessary. Craft a makeshift charger using household items like aluminum foil, a USB cable, and a 9-volt battery. This method is not recommended for regular use and should only be employed in emergencies.

Charging a Vuse device without its dedicated charger can be trickier, and it's important to note that using alternative methods may have risks. Here are general steps to consider, but be mindful, these are not endorsed by the manufacturer, and caution is advised:

Identify The Charging Port

First, locate the charging port on your Vuse device. Most Vuse devices use USB-C or Micro-USB ports.

Find A Compatible Cable

Suppose your original charger is misplaced or you have forgotten it at your residence while you go on a journey. In that case, you need to find a cable with the appropriate connector (USB-C or Micro-USB) that appropriately fits your Vuse device.

USB Power Source

Next, you will have to connect the cable to a USB power source, such as a computer, USB wall adapter, or power bank.

Wait For Charging

After your Vuse is connected, you must allow the device only for the required time to charge. Don’t leave it for longer until it flies off. Check for any indication on the device that shows it is charging.

6- Follow The Manufacturer-Recommendations

Remember, multiple potential risks are hidden in using alternative chargers. It's advisable to use the manufacturer-recommended charger for your Vuse device to ensure safety and proper charging. If the original charger is unavailable, consider reaching out to the manufacturer or using compatible charging accessories designed for your specific device.

Why Using Another Charger Is Dangerous?

Indeed, using a charger other than the one recommended by the manufacturer, in this case, for Vuse devices, can pose potential risks. All chargers have been designed with varying voltage and current outputs, and using an incompatible charger may lead to overcharging, overheating, or damage to the battery, posing safety hazards.

1- The Battery May Explode

If you need to connect the vape wires to a USB server to charge your Vuse, e-cigarette- it will blow up into pieces. Also, avoid holding the Vuse in your hands while charging, the result may be drastic- it may fly off your fingers with the explosion of Vuse or burn the surrounding material if it’s not in your hands.

2- Vuse Can Be Ruined

Connecting Your Vuse with the charger of other gadgets can cause a double loss- the physical injury and secondly, Your Vuse becomes useless.

Precautions For Your Vuse

To ensure the safety and longevity of your Vuse device, it's advisable to use only the charger provided by the manufacturer or a compatible, reputable charger specifically designed for your device. Taking shortcuts with alternative chargers can compromise the integrity of the battery and the overall functionality of the vaping device.

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Make A DIY Charger

If you cannot see the highlighted solution outside the box, it is broken down. Then there is one extreme option left for you to take the riskier chance to get the extent of creativity into an application.

Before going to connect your vape batteries, you need to chicanery and do all possible to evade the negative outcomes. The explosion of your vape battery is not as simple as your article being ruined or falling apart rather it brings severe outcomes as burning to death. To avoid trial and error, you directly cut to reveal the red and black wires and make a DIY charger. The Micro USB charger is suitable for it as you can not slice off mobile or laptop charger. Furthermore, a micro-USB can plug in even if there is no charging port in your Vuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did My Vuse Stop Working?

If you observe your Vuse vibration and vapor supply stop, follow these steps:

  • Charge Vuse Battery - A depleted battery can cause malfunctions; charge promptly to avoid potential issues.
  • Clean Battery-Tank Connection - Detach the tank, then clean connecting elements with a soft, damp cloth to ensure proper function.

What Voltage Should I Charge My Vape At?

Vape batteries commonly contain a 4.2 voltage rather, than a titular voltage of 3.7. If you cut off 2 and 3 volts, it regenerates your vape with maximum electrostatic charge.

Besides all this, it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for your specific vape device. Charging voltages can vary, so check the user manual or product information for the correct charging specifications to avoid damage and ensure safety.

Is It Safe To Use A Phone Charger To Charge Your Vuse?

Remember, Vuse is designed in a way that generates proprietary chargers with which you can specifically charge your device. Though it can be tested to charge the vape in case of emergency, it’s not recommended by most manufacturers to connect your vape with any other charger. It can not only damage your healthy charger rather it shockingly causes the explosion of the Vape’s battery.

What Else Can You Charge A Vape With?

Typically, vapes are designed to be charged with the provided USB cable and a compatible power source, such as a computer, wall adapter, or power bank. Having an available USB port, adapter, or cable, you need not worry about whether a charger is compatible with your Vuse device or not. Using alternative charging methods not specified by the manufacturer can be risky and may damage your device. So, it is obligatory to stick to the recommended charging options to ensure safety and proper functioning.


In conclusion, understanding and implementing "how to charge a Vuse without a charger" can be a complex skill. Carefully select your alternative charging solution. The key is to always carry your Vuse charging device with you. While charging your Vuse without a dedicated charger may not be ideal, these inventive solutions can be useful in a pinch. Remember, it's crucial to proceed with caution and use these methods judiciously. Whenever possible, acquire the appropriate charger for your Vuse device to ensure safe and dependable charging.

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