How To Get Diesel Smell Out Of Clothes

If you've ever dealt with the issue of diesel smell on clothes, you know how challenging it can be to eliminate that persistent smell. The good news is that there are several household tricks and remedies that can help you rescue your clothes from the clutches of this unwelcome fragrance. Everyone should know how to get diesel smell out of clothes and on other materials as everyone can face this. Here, we will uncover techniques to solve this issue easily the way you like.

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Remove Diesel Smell From Your Clothes

Clothing will last longer and smell better if you know how to remove odors like oil and diesel. Because diesel has a larger oil content than regular fuel, the stain can only be prevented or removed by first removing the oil and grease from the fabric. This is the only way that the stain can be removed. So, you don't have to worry about accidentally spilling diesel as it may be removed from textiles using the same methods used to remove oil stains.

If you act quickly after noticing a spill, you can prevent stains from settling in and becoming permanent. Because it is not always feasible to prevent stains, it is useful to know the specifics of stain removal.

Why Regular Detergent Doesn't Work On Diesel?

The use of regular detergents is fruitless when attempting to clean oily material. Diesel is famously challenging to clean up because of the greasy nature of its composition. It can be challenging to remove diesel petrol stains from clothing, but this can be done with the help of a degreaser or a powerful solvent-based stain remover.

What Kills Diesel Smell In The Best Way?

Various methods can help to vanquish the diesel smell from your accessories. If you are wondering, will the diesel fuel smell go away? Then, yes, you are at the right spot to figure this out. There is a wide range of remedies that can help you get rid of the diesel smell in different objects, whether it's your clothes, shoes, dryer, or washing machine.

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How To Get The Diesel Smell Out Of The Dryer?

To eliminate the smell of fuel from the dryer, follow these steps: Combine dishwashing liquid with water in a bucket. Soak a sponge in the detergent solution and scrub the inside of the dryer. This will remove the scent of diesel and vinegar from the environment. Start the dryer and load it with used towels and items you no longer need.

Get The Diesel Smell Out Using Front Loading Washing Machine

Can you put clothes with diesel in a washing machine? If you have ever cleaned garments or other goods tainted with diesel aroma in a front-loading washer, there is a technique to eliminate the disagreeable odor from the items without having to wash them again. However, it might not be the best idea.

A service wash, also known as a maintenance wash, requires you to clear out your machine completely before setting it to the cycle with the warmest water temperature and adding only the detergent. If you often use a detergent that does not contain bleach but are interested in using it for maintenance washes, you might want to consider switching to a detergent that does contain bleach.

This will not only eliminate bacteria but also prevent the growth of mold grease. If you need some direction, look on the label for the term "bleaching agents" or something like that. The use of bleach powder is acceptable. However, the use of normal bleach is not.

There is also the possibility of using soda crystals, which are well-known for their capacity to break down oil; these might be poured into the drum. Begin a cycle of hot washing with no items of clothing in the washer.

6 Easy Ways To Remove Diesel Fuel Out Of Clothes

There are a few things you can do if you've gotten diesel petrol on your clothes. Some ideas occasionally succeed, while others are doomed to failure, but in reality, there are a variety of ideas floating about. We have chosen the most effective methods for removing smell from diesel-smelling clothes because you certainly want the best solutions.

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1- Baking Soda & Vinegar

How to get the diesel smell out of clothes with vinegar? Intuitively, the first option makes the most sense. Therefore, if you wish to avoid chemicals, baking soda and vinegar should be your first lines of defense. Using this method is a piece of cake. Just mix a third of a cup of vinegar and baking soda into your regular detergent before washing. Just a few drops are enough for this purpose. It's true that this isn't the most efficient method because you may need to wash the smelly clothes more than once to get rid of the odor.

2- Baking Soda & Coke

It may come as a surprise to find out that Coca-Cola can be used to neutralize diesel on clothing, but many people can attest to the fact that this is, in fact, the case. Because of its properties and the components that it contains, Coca-Cola can be used as a degreaser. Furthermore, baking soda is a natural detergent; hence, utilizing both of these products combined has the potential to successfully remove the fuel stain as well as the fuel scent. You can perform the baking soda rubbing alcohol technique to do the job.

  • In the washbasin or the bathtub, combine a significant amount of degreaser with hot water.
  • Garments that have been soiled with diesel and smell of diesel should be soaked for at least two hours. At this point, the oils in the fuel have already started to degrade.
  • After waiting for two hours, empty out the water, rinse both the clothing and the tub, and then fill it back up with clean water.
  • To produce a solution, mix one full box of baking soda with two bottles of Coke in a separate container. Mixing the flavors together will help provide harmony to the dish.
  • The recommended amount of time to soak the majority of materials is between 12 and 24 hours; however, soaking them overnight is also acceptable.
  • After giving the clothing a good rinsing, wash them in a washing machine or by hand with laundry detergent and a normal spin cycle.
  • The clothes should be hung up to dry in the fresh air.
  • You are free to repeat this process whenever you feel the compulsion to do so.

3- Listerine

We don't see why it wouldn't work on clothes if Listerine can eliminate bad breath. Some fire departments utilize this method to get rid of stale smoke odors on clothing. Wash your clothes as usual, except add half a cup of Listerine to the detergent. Both the washing machine and the clothing will benefit from this. If the bad taste or odor lingers after one round of Listerine washing, do it again.

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4- Fast Orange

We found that Fast Orange worked the best for getting rid of diesel stains on cloth. Although it was formulated for use on hands, this product is perfectly safe to use on clothes. Diesel fuel stains and odors can be eliminated with this product, which is available at stores like Walmart and Amazon. Adding a little of this to your regular detergent can make your clothes smell and look like new. It can eliminate the pungent smell and lingering smell at the same time.

5- Alcohol & Baking Soda

Using a combination of rubbing alcohol and baking soda is another method for removing the irritating smell of diesel from your clothing. The combination of baking soda and alcohol is perfect for aroma removal since baking soda effectively neutralizes odors while the alcohol evaporates quickly.

The method is very similar to the one that uses baking soda and vinegar. Sprinkle a lot of baking soda over the injured area. Repeat this process until the odor of fuel no longer lingers on your clothing. Spray or drench the affected area with alcohol and scrape the paste into the fabric until it vanishes. After the smell of fuel has faded, you can wash and dry the garments.

6- Using Dishwash Liquid

Will dishwash liquid get diesel out of clothes? If you’re confused about dishwashing liquid, let me tell you that it has 5 times greater grease-cleaning power. Having a bottle of dishwashing liquid on hand for really stubborn messes is a must if your home is anything like mine. This item is a wonder cleaner; it removes diesel and petrol from fabric, among other things.

  • This is a simple technique for getting rid of the smell and staining caused by a fuel spill.
  • Put the clothes in a tub of water with a lot of Dawn dish soap and let them sit there for 12 to 24 hours.
  • Then, throw them in the washing machine with some detergent (Tide works great on difficult stains) and give them a quick spin.

Easy, inexpensive, and productive. There are no messes that a little Dawn can't clean up!

Ways To Remove Diesel Fuel Out Of Clothes

Baking Soda & VinegarUse a mixture of baking soda and vinegar with regular detergent for diesel smell removal, requiring multiple washes for optimal results.Effective, but may need multiple washes.
Baking Soda & CokeSoak diesel-soiled clothes in a mixture of Coca-Cola and baking soda to leverage degreasing properties for effective removal of fuel stains and scent.Successfully removes both fuel stains and odors.
ListerineAdd half a cup of Listerine to detergent when washing clothes, inspired by fire departments combating stale smoke odors, offering an alternative to eliminate diesel smells.Effective, especially when dealing with persistent odors.
Fast OrangeChoose Fast Orange, a hand product, to successfully eliminate diesel stains and odors, leaving clothes fresh and restored.Highly effective in removing diesel stains and odors.
Alcohol & Baking SodaMix rubbing alcohol and baking soda to apply to diesel-scented areas before washing and drying, combining the neutralizing and evaporating properties of both substances.Effective in killing the diesel stench, providing a comprehensive solution.
Using Dishwash LiquidSoak clothes in a tub with Dawn dish soap for 12-24 hours before machine washing, utilizing the powerful grease-cleaning ability of dishwashing liquid to remove diesel stains and odors.Powerful and effective in removing grease stains and diesel smells, especially when left to soak for an extended period.
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5 Easy Ways To Get The Diesel Smell Out Of Your Hands

Remove the fuel odor from your palms and fingers. Diesel exhaust has been linked to a variety of health problems. Therefore, it's important to wash your hands properly after handling the fuel.

1- Water & Lemon Juice Solution

Scrub your hands with a solution made from equal parts lemon juice and water. Scrub for at least two minutes, and then give your hands a complete washing. Then, you can finish washing your hands with regular soap.

2- Use Hand Sanitizer

If the smell of diesel isn't too overpowering, hand sanitizer can be used as a first aid measure. Applying hand sanitizer generously and rubbing it in for at least two minutes is recommended. Once you've found a sink with hot water and soap, you can clean your hands.

3- Use Vinegar

Vinegar is frequently used in alternative medicine. Vinegar is rubbed onto the affected region for 2 minutes and then rinsed with soap and warm water. It can also be used to get rid of the diesel smell on your hands.

4- Salt & Dish Washing Solution

Add three tablespoons of salt, three cups of water, and a few drops of dish soap to the mixture. Scrub your hand with the solution you just made; the rough texture of the salt will exfoliate it while also reducing the strong diesel aroma.

5- Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste is another home remedy recommended for getting rid of the unpleasant diesel smell on your hands. This method is fairly similar to the others.

If, by bad luck, your hands make contact with diesel, stay away from your face, especially your lips and eyes.

Ways To Get The Diesel Smell Out Of Your Hands

Water & Lemon Juice SolutionClean hands with a solution of equal quantities of lemon juice and water for at least two minutes, then apply regular soap wash to remove the diesel odor.Effective in removing diesel smell; utilizes natural ingredients.
Use Hand SanitizerUse hand sanitizer liberally, rubbing it in thoroughly for at least two minutes as a first aid treatment to reduce the impact of the diesel smell on hands.Convenient and effective for quick relief from the overpowering smell.
Use VinegarRub vinegar onto the affected area for 2 minutes, then clean hands with soap and warm water, offering an alternative home remedy to eliminate the diesel smell.Utilizes vinegar's properties as an alternative remedy for odor removal.
Salt & Dish Washing SolutionUse a combination of salt, water, and dish soap to scrub hands, utilizing the gritty texture of salt for exfoliation as well as reducing the diesel scent.Provides exfoliation and effectively reduces the strong diesel aroma.
Use ToothpasteUse toothpaste as a home remedy to eliminate the diesel smell from hands, following a similar method to other treatments for effective odor removal.Offers an alternative solution with common household items.
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More Tips For Removing Diesel Smell & Stains

Diesel smell removal from clothing is only half the battle. Everything has been thought of. Additional recommendations for removing diesel spills are provided below.

Grease Stain

Grease stains can be tough to remove, but there are a few things you should never do.

  • Avoid using the dryer on goods that have discolored.
  • Separate dirty items from clean ones during washing.

Cleaning Diesel Smell From A Vehicle

Diesel is crafty, and it might sneak its way into your vehicle if you're not careful. The unpleasant stench has the potential to swiftly permeate the cabin of a truck, making driving a miserable experience for the driver. If this does happen to you, getting rid of the smell should definitely be your top priority at this point.

Diesel exhaust may, thankfully, be eliminated from the inside of automobiles. Once more, we depend on Fast Orange to help us with this. Finding the source of the smell is the first step in eliminating it; then, pour some Fast Orange into a rag, and scrub the area thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Common Household Items Be Used To Remove Diesel Stench From Clothing?

Simple household items like white vinegar, baking soda, and dishwashing soap can efficiently eliminate diesel scents from fabric. Let the clothes soak in a solution that must contain these components, which will eliminate the stench.

Can Regular Detergent Be Used To Clean Diesel Out Of Fabric?

Even regular detergent might not be sufficient. If the diesel scent persists after washing with detergent, try adding a cup of baking soda or white vinegar to the load.

Is It Safe To Tumble Dry Diesel-Stained Clothes?

Clothes soiled with diesel shouldn't be dried immediately after washing since the residue left behind from the fuel could start a fire. Let the garments air dry first if you want to eliminate any remaining diesel smell or residue. As soon as the fuel smell is gone, throw the items in the dryer.

How Can I Prevent Further Spills Of Diesel On My Clothing?

Protective clothing, such as aprons or dungarees, should be worn when handling diesel. When refilling a vehicle or other machine, be very careful not to spill petrol. Diesel spills require immediate response to contain the fuel and remove as much of it as possible from the area.


Diesel smells, and stains can be difficult to remove. So, If the right steps are taken, however, these odors and stains can be eliminated. These money-saving hints are perfect for anyone who drives a diesel vehicle and wants to make the most of their investment. Diesel spills on clothing, however, can be lethal if not cleaned up immediately. Because of the discoloration, it is flammable. Avoiding trouble calls for mastering the art of diesel odor removal.

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