How To Lower SHBG Level

Are you looking for a way to reduce your SHBG level? Life has been pretty challenging since this protein is increasing in your body. It is SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), which is useful for taking care of the levels of hormones, such as testosterone, in your body. Sometimes, this hormone exerts excess influence, causing hormonal imbalances. In simple words, if you face too much SHBG production, as proved in your SHBG blood test, you may have as many referees as you would need in a range. However, do not worry; it is possible to bring the SHBG levels back to the desired team if you need it.

Well, the problem is a bit tricky, but there’s nothing a human can’t beat with determination and strong will. However, the situation becomes vague, and the problem takes a turn for the worse when we, instead of educating ourselves properly, turn to shortcuts and unproven techniques. Before delving into the ways to lower SHBG levels, let's find out the other pieces of this puzzle to navigate our problem properly.

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What Is Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)?

SHBG is a protein that is also known as ‘’Sex Hormone Binding Globulin’’. This protein is produced by the liver in all human beings. However, in males, the testes also produce SHBG along with the liver. The pituitary gland also produces SHBG in the brain. Its primary function is to transport the sex hormone to targeted tissues so the hormones avoid binding with receptors in the tissues they’re produced.

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SHBG Role In The Human Body

SHBG is found in all mammals, but the role they play in the human body is about regulating sex hormones in humans and transporting hormones to target tissues. Testosterone and estrogen are hormones that are regulated in the human body by the appropriate concentration of SHBG in the blood.

SHBG performs this function intricately by getting binded with hormones. Testosterone or estrogen, when bound with SHBG, becomes inactive and doesn't affect bodies. That’s why SHBG is crucial to maintaining the hormonal value and proper functioning of the body.

Determinant Of Abnormal SHBG Value In Body

If you want to know “How to lower SHBG,” you must first ensure that you’re really suffering from higher SHBG because people often confuse the symptoms of other problems with SHBG. Well, it's a fact that no one better than a practicing endocrinologist can spot if your SHBG is on the right track or not. But, we provide you with an overview that can help you get where you stand in your current situation.

Traditionally, BMI (Body Mass Index), and hyperinsulinemia have been thought of as the determinant of SHBG concentration in your body, but you wonder because the latest studies have revealed that SHBG is figured out by the liver fat content.

Since your liver is the primary organ that makes SHBG, if something happens wrong with it, it also affects the other metabolic functions of the body, causing obesity. However, the effect on endocrine tissues causes health problems like polycystic ovary syndrome, osteoporosis, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

Why Do We Need To Reduce SHBG?

It doesn’t matter what your sex is; you must keep the level of SHBG in check. Does SHBG affect testosterone levels? Yes, it is true! It lowers the amount of free testosterone in males, which costs them their health and masculine power. A low testosterone level is not a favorable condition. The right amount of testosterone and estrogen is too important to keep for both males and females to function normally. However, the female body needs a relatively lower amount of testosterone, and the male body needs a relatively higher amount of testosterone.

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6 Tips To Lower SHBG & Increase Free Testosterone

Don’t worry if your SHBG doesn’t mind its business. It affects a lot of body functions adversely, but it’s fixable. Let's delve into these tested techniques that can help you alleviate SHBG and increase testosterone inevitably.

1- Quit Smoking

We know this might sound like cliché advice coming from a dying old man, but kicking smoking out of your life has really proven healthier. Quit smoking if you’re addicted, and you’ll feel that your body is healing naturally. Don’t raise an eyebrow if you’re a non-smoker, but still, you’re suffering from SHBG because SHBG can be increased more than normal due to many factors, and passive smoking is one of them.

Various studies were conducted to check the influence of smoking on SHBG, and the results show that smoking generally doesn’t affect the level of total testosterone in the body, but smoking impacts free testosterone by fluctuating the level of SHBG in serum.

2- Get Your Thyroid Check

Thyroid activity in humans is regulated by hormones like T3 and T4. But, sometimes, the thyroid doesn’t make an adequate amount of thyroid in humans. The thyroid gland secretes hormones, either more or less than an adequate amount in the body, causing hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Thus, studies have shown that the patients suffering from Graves’ disease(hyperthyroidism) have higher SHBG levels in their serum, and the patients suffering from Graves’ disease(hyperthyroidism) have higher SHBG levels in their serum. Thus, get your thyroid checked and address the ailment it’s having, and your SHBG will be lowered automatically.

3- Make Dietary Changes

Fuel your body with healthy sources of protein. Clinical trials show that the concentration of SHBG is inversely proportional to the weight of your body and negatively related to your protein intake. This study gives a broader perspective to nutritionists and medical practitioners to treat higher SHBG levels in human serum. ‘’ If you wonder ‘’how to decrease SHBG in females naturally’’, there's no way better than making them increase their protein intake.

However, the food content like carbohydrates and fats do not influence the performance and production of SHBG in humans. But, still, you should prefer the intake of complex carbs, good carbs, that you can take organically by eating vegetables and beans. However, processed food and sugar intake should be avoided, so there must be no stone left unturned to lower your SHBG. Thus, now, you’re fully equipped with the information on which thing you need to work on from a diet perspective to lower your SHBG. Another amazing research that can help you if you are a woman struggling to know how to lower SHBG levels in females is that the intake of red wine can help you take the edge off the SHBG.

4- Take Help From Supplements

Supplements provide your body with sustaining influence concerning lowering SHBG. Clinical trials reveal that supplements to lower SHBG have made it easy for the body to recover from the consequences of high SHBG.

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  • Boron Supplement Intake

An acute supplementation of Boron has come to rescue you from the side effects of higher SHBG in your body. Boron, with the help of its active nutritionist ability, and biochemical properties can help you to lower your SHBG, and increase free testosterone. It also helps lower estrogen steroids, and elevate vitamin D. Thus, if you’re looking for ways ‘’How to reduce SHBG in men?’’, you’ve found this treasure.

  • Use Vitamin D

You might be surprised to know that something as trivial as vitamin D can affect the level of free testosterone in your body. Research published by the National Library of Medicine US states that supplements of vitamin D have a great impact on the level of testosterone production. The experiment was done to judge the influence of Placebo and Vitamin D in the perspective of testosterone production. Results show that individuals administered with placebo didn’t show any difference in testosterone production, on the other hand, individuals who were given Vitamin D supplements showed an increase in testosterone value.

5- Consult Your Doctor

If you feel like you’re having symptoms of higher SHBG, and the above techniques aren’t easing your pain, we recommend you to visit your endocrinologist immediately. The things that you’re doctor can facilitate you for lowering your SHBG are:

  • Testing SHBG Level

Get your test done from a registered, trusted, and authorized lab that must have qualified lab technicians, because the lab results are the foundation of your treatment and medication. Get your tests regularly done to keep a check on your SHBG level, and you can get it interpreted by a doctor to know the gravity of the situation.

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  • Get A Treatment Plan

Every ailment is cured if the patient gets his treatment regularly. Be honest with your doctor, and let him know if you’ve been partying on snacks he asked you to avoid. Get yourself a treatment plan, and stick to it. Show up to get checked up regularly.

  • Cut SHBG Influencing Drugs

We hope that an endocrinologist will treat you well, but to educate yourself, you can study if the medicine your doctor is prescribing you for a low SHBG level doesn’t elevate SHBG indirectly. If you find anything confusing, you can ask your doctor to explain it to you politely. Keep in mind that if you’re already on medication for some other diseases, make sure you inform your doctor about those medicines so the clash of drug salts doesn’t take a worse turn.

6- Exercise & Communicate

The secret of getting well or being well all the time lies in doing exercises and movement. Move your body, do exercise, join a gym, and regularly work on building your muscles. You need to update your lifestyle for good. Don’t give yourself the toxic sympathy of being sick, but take good care of yourself, and be empathetic to yourself. A man is a social animal, so must join the support groups that extend helping hands to alleviate your stress, and give you strength to combat the disease.

Tips To Lower SHBG & Increase Free Testosterone

Quit SmokingQuitting smoking aids the natural healing process as smoking elevated SHBG levels, impacting free testosterone.
Get Your Thyroid CheckedThyroid disorders, especially hyperthyroidism, may increase SHBG; checking and addressing thyroid issues can reduce SHBG levels.
Make Dietary ChangesIncrease protein intake, avoid processed foods and sugar to prevent excessive SHBG levels; boron supplements may also help reduce SHBG.
Take Help From SupplementsBoron and vitamin D supplements can reduce SHBG levels, promoting free testosterone synthesis.
Consult Your DoctorRegular SHBG level testing, treatment planning, and communication with a doctor are crucial; be aware of medications that may indirectly influence SHBG.
Exercise & CommunicateRegular exercise, muscle-building activities, and communication contribute to overall wellness, stress reduction, and potential decrease in SHBG levels.


Warning:You should know that low-serum sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) levels, which may be related to type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and obesity, are associated with a high degree of lower serum sex hormone-binding globulin level. Therefore, be sure to get some more healthy nourishment if you face a situation when your levels of protein are low.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Lower My SHBG Level Naturally?

SHBG can be lowered naturally by following tried and tested techniques like changing dietary habits and incorporating nutrient-rich food and supplements. Quitting smoking or avoiding pollutants from the environment. You should get your thyroid checked by an endocrinologist. Last but not least, if you think the situation is turning grave, don’t hesitate to take a professional’s help. You might need hormonal therapy or a medication session.

Can You Decrease SHBG?

The simple answer is YES! You can definitely get your SHBG level decreased if you follow what the medical community and medical literature endorse. You should quit smoking and address your metabolic diseases. You can also ensure the intake of boron, zinc, and magnesium supplements. And the most important thing is you can get help from medical practitioners and from relevant support groups.

How Do You Fix High SHBG Levels?

We can fix high SHBG levels by diagnosing the reason behind the increase in SHBG. The level of SHBG can be high either due to disturbance in the endocrine, pituitary, or liver. Thus, the solution is addressed by treating the root cause of the problem. Whatever the cause of the problem, it can be addressed accordingly to treat the patient.

What If Your SHBG Level Is Too High?

Well, too much high level of SHBG in your blood can cause serious health problems for you. SHBG affects the level of free testosterone and estrogen in the blood. Too high SHBG in men causes muscle loss, obesity, thyroid problems, and low sperm count. In females, it causes PCOS, problems in pregnancy, the appearance of male characteristics, and menstrual cycle disturbance.

How Does It Interact With Sex Steroids?

SHBG binds to these steroids. It emphasizes its greater affinity for androgens, playing a pivotal role in determining the estrogenic or androgenic nature of the hormonal environment.

What Food Lowers The SHBG?

There’s nothing better than treating an ailment with food. SHBG can be lowered by ensuring the intake of protein-rich food because the relation of SHBG level in blood is inversely related to protein. However, it’s preferred to take homemade, unprocessed food because processed food, bad carbs, and saturated fat-containing food only elevate the problem.

What Are The Root Causes Of High SHBG?

There could be many causative agents for high SHBG, like metabolic disorders in the liver or hormonal issues in the pituitary gland, brain, or even testes and uterus in males and females, respectively. Environmental factors like smoking can be a causative agent, and in females exclusively, the SHBG level is enhanced due to the intake of contraceptives.


It’s really challenging to combat the high SHBG level in blood, but the helpful techniques we present to you will surely help you alleviate your problem. Keep in view that recovering from any metabolic issue isn’t treated in the blink of an eye. However, we fully endorse visiting a practicing endocrinologist to get professional help.

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