How To Move A Mobile Home For Free Or Almost Free

You may be one of the 17.7 million people living in mobile homes, making up 5.6% of the American population. In this case, moving your mobile home without breaking the bank is a possible real thing. This process entails several firms' spending. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to them. Professional mobile home movers indeed cost from $1,000 to $5,000 to rewire a double-wide mobile home. Thus, it will further increase the expenditure to move your home to anywhere like a mobile home park.

On the other hand, there are different opportunities that you can get to move for free or at least at a reduced cost. Some mobile homes provide "move for free" promotions as a means. Yet, you have to make sure you read the fine print and understand all the conditions set for you. Here, you will come to know how to manage the process of moving your mobile home for free or very little charge.

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Evaluating Costs For Moving Your Mobile Home

Since I've already gone through the process, it's important to have insights about the costs of moving a single-wide mobile home before searching for free resources because they vary from state to state.

Therefore, before digging into various ways to move your mobile home without spending a fortune, understand the cost estimation and factors that affect the moving costs. So, if your state doesn't allow free moving services, you can have an idea to cut costs and move your mobile home without spending a fortune.

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Estimated Costs Of Moving A Mobile Home

The cost of moving a mobile home depends on two main components, including transport-only or full-service. Transport-only moves involve attaching your move-ready manufactured home to a specialized towing vehicle, transporting, and disconnecting it at the destination. It also includes obtaining the required permits and providing liability insurance.

However, a full-service move involves everything in the transport-only option, as well as disconnection, removal, and reconnection of utilities, skirting, and any attached structures.

Transport Cost For Moving A Mobile Home

The cost typically falls in the following ranges depending on your mobile home voyage:

  • Single-Wide (up to 60 miles): $700 - $1,000
  • Double-Wide (up to 60 miles): $2,000 - $2,500
  • Triple-Wide (up to 60 miles): $2,600 - $3,500

Complete Moving Service For Mobile Home

If you prefer a hassle-free experience, you can get professional help with the following substantial investment ranges:

  • Single-Wide: $3,000 - $5,000
  • Double-Wide: $4,000 - $10,000
  • Triple-Wide: $10,000 - $14,000 or above

Apart from that, other expenses or costs that may require your attention to ensure budget-friendly mobile home moving include:

  • During your move, ensure you are familiar with the local laws and regulations to avoid penalties.
  • The starting and ending points can impact costs, with urban areas potentially presenting unique challenges.
  • Labor expenses can vary, especially for complex setups or repairs; consider obtaining multiple quotes.
  • Keep an eye on per-mile charges for towing and pilot cars, taking fuel prices and distance into account.

Note: I know you are curious to know how you can move your mobile home for free and if there’s something free, so let me help you. Well, TyroneWoods offers their clients a free mobile home moving to a secure and gated community. However, depending on your location and mobile home condition, their services may be limited.

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Factors Influencing The Cost Of Your Moving Mobile Home

Multiple factors play a role in influencing the cost of moving your mobile home from place to place. Therefore, if a free moving service is unavailable in your state, you can cut down on the following factors to have affordable moving.

Size Of The Mobile Home

It is important to consider the size of your mobile home when determining overall expenses. Since single-wides are smaller, they are generally less expensive to move than double-wides and triple-wides. On the contrary, oversized homes require special permits or even police to move.

Destination's Distance

The overall distance to your desired moving location also determines the costs. For instance, the longer the distance, the more fuel is consumed, the possibility of tire replacements increases, and winding roads make travel more time-consuming, resulting in increased costs.

Weight Of The Mobile Home

Older mobile homes average 35 to 40 pounds per square foot, while newer models can reach 45 to 50 pounds per square foot. As a result, moving your home with a top mobile home mover to your desired location, like mobile home parks, will be more expensive.

Passing Permits & Inspection Of Your Mobile Home

You will need permits to pass through each territory if you are moving across county or state lines. Some areas also require mobile homes to be inspected for safety to ensure compliance. All these also add up to the costs of moving your mobile home.

Moving Your Home's Materials

Moving requires various materials, including tools, supplies, tow hitches, and tires. Therefore, in your contract with your moving company, the company should break down each of these costs.

Getting Professional Services

Hiring full-service professional movers who will disconnect and reconnect utilities and remove and reinstall porches, foundations, and interior features may cost extra. Your professional mobile home mover will require some extra charges for moving double-wide mobile homes.

Mobile Home's Age & Condition

Repairs and modifications may be required for more worn-out or older mobile homes, resulting in higher moving costs.

Liability Coverage

It is required for professional moves, and you may wish to consider supplementary insurance. Contact your mobile home insurance provider to determine if your home is covered.

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7 Tips To Help You Find Cheapest Ways To Move A Mobile Home

Moving a mobile home can seem challenging, and with the high costs, it may be even harder for you to move (like me). While hefty costs are always associated with the moving process, fortunately, there are certain ways you can move your mobile home using less money.

1- Researching & Knowing The Market Prices

It is always wise to reach out and communicate with the different service providers. Connect with multiple mobile home moving companies and then negotiate to find a suitable and cost-effective service.

It is important to research because it's the only way you would be able to find contractors offering competitive service rates specifically in your area.

2- Familiarity With Your State Regulations

As I discussed earlier, you would need a permit when moving a mobile home, depending on your state rules. While getting one mostly involves money, it is crucial to acknowledge other legal matters to ensure you won't have to pay any additional costs. (You can check out the cost and other details of the permit to move a mobile home later in the article).

3- Opt For Short Distance Relocation

One of the most important factors that should be considered is the moving distance. Although moving to a close area may not make sense if you have the option, you can easily move your mobile home at a much lower cost. So, instead of searching for faraway places, relocate your mobile home to the nearest neighborhood with advanced living standards.

4- Packing & Managing Your Stuff By Yourself

As I have experienced, while hiring a team from a moving company, they usually help you with the entire process, from packaging to moving. While the moving company helps you pack your stuff, it will involve additional costs.

Therefore, you should evacuate and assemble your belongings to move your mobile home without spending a lot. Otherwise, you can look for packages or deals they may offer at certain times so you can save your energy and money.

5- Consider Off-Peak Timing

While this may sound very basic, the overall costs of your move are also influenced by timing. In some seasons, there is a lot of activity and moving involved; hence, the moving service costs may rise.

However, if you consider moving in peak off-season, the moving company might provide you with a little discount to compensate for their low workflow.

6- Move Only When Necessary

Although mobile homes are designed to be easily moved to different areas, you will still need to pay a huge amount every time you move. Therefore, it is recommended to only go for moving if you plan to stay there for long and if it fits your requirements. It's always a good idea to thoroughly research the area before you opt for settling.

7- Explore Free Mobile Home Community Move-Ins

Free mobile home community move-ins are very much possible, but you still need to make sure everything is safe, and the process seems feasible for you. Ensure thorough research and reach out to find their requirements. If your mobile home fulfills it, contact them to describe why they should allow you a free move-in. Thus, be vigilant and search well before signing any sort of paper. If all goes well, you can save up on some of the costs involved, which makes a huge difference, right?

Table Presenting Tips To Help You Find Cheapest Ways To Move A Mobile Home

Researching & Knowing Market PricesContact multiple mobile home movers, negotiate, and examine cost options with marginal service fees from providers near your home for a cost-effective move.
Familiarity With State RegulationsBe aware of state regulations, including permit costs for mobile home transportation, to avoid extra expenses and legal issues during relocation.
Opt For Short Distance RelocationSave on expenses by choosing to move your mobile home to a nearby area with higher living standards, especially if it is a viable option.
Packing & Managing Your Stuff YourselfConduct the packing and assembling independently when possible to avoid additional costs, or seek moving company deals to save both energy and money.
Consider Off-Peak TimingMinimize moving service expenses by scheduling the move during off-peak times when companies may offer reductions due to lower demand.
Move Only When NecessaryMove the mobile home only when absolutely necessary, after thorough analysis to ensure long-term benefits, rather than being driven by fear of relocation costs.
Explore Free Mobile Home Community Move-InsResearch opportunities for free move-ins within mobile home communities, ensuring compliance with their requirements and presenting persuasive arguments for a cost-saving move.
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How Much Is A Permit To Move Mobile Home?

To ensure a seamless and legal relocation process, obtaining a permit to move a mobile home is crucial. A permit costs much more depending on where you live and what your local government or municipality requires. You may have to pay a relatively modest fee in some places, while in others, you might have to pay a substantial fee. However, you can find detailed information on your local permitting office's website or contact your local permitting office for a more accurate estimate.

To proceed with the process of moving your mobile home, it's also important to know the hidden costs. In addition to the permit fee, you may also need to budget for inspections, zoning regulations, transportation, utility disconnects/ reconnections, and safety requirements. If you do not plan and research before moving, these additional costs will make you out of budget.

Since moving a mobile home can be time-consuming and complex, it is often advisable to seek the services of full-service movers. Using a mobile home moving company can help you get all the required permits, pass inspections, and ensure the relocation process is completed safely and efficiently. Even though getting professionals on board may cost a little more, the peace of mind they offer, and their expertise will ultimately save money and time. They can move your mobile home safely according to your requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Can A Mobile Home Be Before You Can Move It?

The oldest you can move a mobile home depends more on its structural integrity than age. Usually, some countries might have a limit of permitting mobile homes only as low as 5 years, but in other areas, you can move a mobile home to a new location that is even 15 years old. Therefore, to move your mobile home, even if it's old, you must get it thoroughly evaluated.

Can Mobile Homes Be Moved Around?

Yes, mobile homes can be moved around because they are constructed and designed in a way that makes moving convenient. Although it is easy to move them, some specific rules and limitations are associated with the process. While evaluation of costs, hiring a professional moving company, and structural integrity of your mobile home count as other additional factors.

What Is The Oldest Mobile Home That Can Be Moved In Florida?

The oldest mobile home you can move in Florida is almost more than 3 years old. That said, the old mobile homes are usually hard to move around and need to be checked thoroughly for some specifications. The structural power, carrying capability, and safety concerns are a few that fall on the list.

Do You Need A Permit To Move To A Mobile Home In Texas?

You need a permit to move to a mobile home in Texas. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has released a single-trip permit, which you can use for a one-time journey. Although this allows you to move your mobile home easily, there are certain limitations. These include the permit being used for only one movement and time restrictions for traveling from one area to another, which does not exceed 5 days.


While wrapping up today's discussion on how to move your mobile home for free, I hope you will have a handful of information about cost estimation, affecting factors, calculating your moving quote, and tips to cut down expenses involved in moving a mobile home. 

Lastly, if you have any queries about moving or finding resources to sponsor free mobile home movement, drop them in the comment section below. And I'll get back to you ASAP. Ciao for now!

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