How To Store Belts & Ties

It sometimes seems that understanding the mystery of an organized cupboard is as difficult as solving a challenging puzzle. Yet, amidst the chaos of hanging shirts and stacked shoes, the unsung heroes of the organization often go unnoticed: belts or ties. These tiny things complete any outfit you might choose. However, the case of storage has not been given sufficient attention. Picture a time when you don't have to waste time, even with the most problematic ties and belts! Therefore, you go to the storage of your ties and belts properly. By doing so, your morning routine goes from chaotic to effortless and stylish.

From slim pegs to space-saving tie racks, each closet has a storage solution to fit various space and personal style requirements. Forget the old times of untangling belts and wrinkled ties and open new ways of clean, clutter-free storage solutions. They not only save the space of your wardrobe but also enhance the look of your wardrobe ensemble.

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Ways To Store Belts & Ties

You can store belts and ties in a closet or drawer. If you’re feeling inspired, you can use DIY storage methods. Or better use one of the organizing and decluttering tricks from Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant, to store your canvas belts and ties. I’m going to break down the whole deal on how to store belts and ties and will also throw in some of my own hacks for good measure.

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1- Storing Belts In Closet

Keep your belts in a cool, dry place, away from the sun and heat in your closet. But if you’re in a humid area, put your leather ones in a garment bag before stashing them inside. That’ll stop them from cracking and losing color. And when you roll them up, don’t make it super tight. Start at the belt buckle and roll them loosely to the end.

To keep your belts neat and in order, just tie a piece of string or thread around the rolled-up belt to hold the spiral together. If you plan to store your leather belts for a long time, hanging belts could be a more practical option. Keeping the leather belts rolled long makes them prone to cracking.

Avoid rolling or bending suede belts to prevent damage to the material. However, you can roll canvas and fabric belts as you like – no need to be too gentle. Remember, don’t fold or bend any of your belts too sharply, or you’ll end up with creases and cracks.

You can also install small cubbies at the end of a closet island or on a wall. It is a great way to keep your belts in order and show them off simultaneously. Usually, you roll up your belts and lay them flat in each cubby.

2- Storing Ties In Closet

Before stashing your ties in a box or wardrobe for wrinkle-free storage, give them a quick iron or steam. Creases and wrinkles can get more stubborn and tough to deal with if you leave them too long. Treat silk and wool ties gently. Roll them loosely and pop them in a garment bag before storing them in the closet. Polyester ties are more durable than silk but still need care.

You can roll them loosely and stash them in a drawer or on a shelf in your wardrobe—no need to use a garment bag. Cotton ties can get wrinkled if mishandled. Therefore, hang them on a tie rack but by the loop at the top, not the knot. You can also hang silk, wool, and polyester ties with the same method. At the same time, you can use hooks on a closet door to do the job.

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3- Storing Belts In A Drawer

Stashing your rolled belts in a drawer is another way to store them. To make the most of that drawer space, consider using adjustable dividers or belt organizers to keep multiple belts tidy and in their place.

Another trick is to stand your rolled belts on their ends instead of laying them flat to save some storage room. Keeping them in a single layer gives you a clear view of your whole belt collection. You can also use belt storage boxes with glass lids to display your rolled-up belts. But remember to keep them away from direct sunlight to avoid any damage.

4- Storing Ties In A Drawer

Before storing ties in a drawer or display or wardrobe box, lay each tie flat with the inside facing up. Give it a gentle fold in half, roll it loosely from the folded end, and pop it into a drawer or closet organizer. Make sure to iron or steam your ties before folding. There are many tie organizers and hangers available in the market you can choose from according to your needs. Or you can also make a professional organizer like them at home. Here are some more ideas for storing your ties:

  1. Tie Hanger - Get a tie hanger for your closet. But don’t overload one side; it’ll tilt. Look for hangers with woven hoops to prevent snags, or go for a personalized wooden one if you’re into DIY.
  2. Rotating Tie Hanger - Opt for a rotating tie hanger that you can hang from your closet rod. It lets you spin through your ties easily but takes up space.
  3. Motorized Tie Hanger - If manual spinning isn’t your thing, go for a motorized tie hanger.
  4. Sliding Necktie Organizer - If you have wire rack shelves, a sliding necktie organizer is a good fit.
  5. Over-the-Door Tie Organizer - If you’re short on closet space, try an over-the-door tie organizer.
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Creative DIY Solutions For Organizing Belts

If you want a unique touch and don’t want to stick with the usual closet or drawer storage, you can get crafty with DIY solutions for a personalized vibe. Here’s how to store belts hack to keep them organized:

  1. Shower Curtain Rod & S-Hooks - Hang a shower curtain rod on your wall or inside your closet, then use S-hooks to hang your belts from it.
  2. Old Ladder - If you have an old ladder not in use, paint it and lean it against your closet wall. Hang your belts from its rungs.
  3. Wire Hanger - Bend a wire hanger into a hook shape and use it to hang a few belts if you only have a few belts to store.
  4. Sliding Belt Rack - For a simple solution, create a sliding rack with attached dowels. You can attach it to shelves or the side of your closet for easy access.
  5. Pegboard - Hang a pegboard on your wall or closet, and use hooks to hang your belts.
  6. Basket OR Bin - Roll up your belts and store them in a basket or bin. You can place this storage solution on a shelf, in a drawer, or under your bed.
  7. Telescopic Belt Racks - When you use a conserve space you use for this purpose is tight, telescopic belt racks are a clever choice. They allow you to easily select a belt by pulling out the rack.

How To Store Belts & Ties In Marie Kondo Way?

Besides storing your belts and ties, you would also want to keep them clutter-free. Here, Marie Kondo’s tidying-up philosophy for decluttering and organizing things that are left can help you. When it comes to accessories, she uses the Japanese KonMari method for storing them. Here’s how you can use this technique for organizing your belts and ties:

  1. Gather Everything - Collect your belts and ties in one place.
  2. Sort By Type - Group similar items together, such as belts of exact colors or materials.
  3. Assess Joy - Hold each item and ask if it sparks joy. If not, set it aside.
  4. Declutter - Be honest about what you use and love. Donate or sell items you no longer need or use.
  5. Organize Neatly - Use display boxes, compartments, racks, or hangers to keep accessories organized and prevent tangles.
  6. Designated Spots - Give each category a specific place to ensure easy access.
  7. Maintain Regularly - Keep your belts and ties collection clutter-free by periodically reviewing and adjusting it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Roll Or Hang Belts?

You can do either. Rolling saves space in drawers, while hanging can help you see your belt options easily. Choose what works best for your storage space and your style.

What Are The Ways Of Storing Belts?

You’ve got many options. Besides rolling them in a display case or drawer or hanging them in a closet, you can use even a simple basket. Just pick what suits your needs.

How Do You Store Big Belts?

To store bigger belts, try a bigger hook or a dedicated spot in your drawer. Keeping them separate from the slimmer belts will help maintain their shape.

How To Keep Leather Belts?

Leather belts need more care than other type of belts. Keep them away from direct sunlight and humidity, and store them in a garment bag before stashing them in a closet or drawer. To prevent cracks, condition them with a leather conditioner every now and then.

Which Is The Best Way To Hang Or Store Belts?

Opt for a belt hanger or hooks if you have closet space. It keeps them visible and ready to grab. Otherwise, roll them and stash them in a display case or drawer.

How Can I Prevent My Belt From Creasing?

To avoid creases, don’t hang heavy things on top of your belts. You can also pad the hook or hanger with soft fabric to minimize pressure. Also, avoid rolling them if you will not use them for a long time.


Explore a variety of storage methods tailored to your preferences in this article on "How to store belts and ties." Safeguard your accessories by choosing options that align with your space and style. The key lies in decluttering and organizing—identify what sparks joy, and consider selling or giving away items to maintain a harmonious collection.

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