How To Turn The Tables When He Pulls Away

In the intricate dance of relationships, moments arise when one partner pulls away, the situation creates a sense of distance and uncertainty. Rather than letting this situation escalate, it's crucial to approach it with understanding and proactive measures. If someone pulls away, consider giving them space while maintaining open communication. You should focus on your well-being, pursue personal interests, and foster a healthy balance in the relationship. Discuss concerns openly when the time is right, fostering understanding and connection. This article explores effective strategies to turn the tables and foster a reconnection when he pulls away.

Things You Ought To Notice

  1. Inquire about the current state with a simple "How are things going?" while maintaining a positive tone.
  2. Pause and reconsider the usual dynamics to bring the relationship to a standstill temporarily, allowing for a calm overview without succumbing to panic.
  3. Foster personal space by dedicating time to individual hobbies and interests.

Overcoming Relationship Distance: Practical Steps

1- Give Space & Foster Independence

You must acknowledge the need for personal space and encourage independence. This doesn't mean disengaging emotionally but rather it allows both partners the freedom to pursue individual interests and personal growth.

2- Be Unresponsive To Fear & Take A Breath

It can be panic when someone pulls you away for whom you have strong feelings. Beyond a doubt, it’s natural to get immobilized with terror and fear, so simply take a deep breath in and out. This is the right time to ponder over the circumference rationally instead of getting panicked and dreadful.

Moreover, showing a bit of irrational spelling of behavior is okay. The same reaction can be expressed in the room locked in crying a little or by yelling at the pillow. After reacting for about 10 minutes, you can collect yourself and find time to chew the fat and reach a conclusion.

Pull Away 2

3- Self-Reflection & Improvement

Take this time to reflect on your own needs and aspirations. Use the opportunity for personal development, focusing on self-improvement both for your well-being and the benefit of the relationship. Besides, you can do something like:

  • Take a long stay in nature.
  • Do yoga or take a deep breath when you are alone in the room balcony.
  • Talk to yourself about the favorite time you have spent in your life.
  • Let the inner glow bring out of you.
  • Be moderate. Don’t feel as if he’s worthless to you.
  • Be genuinely peaceful so that he will rashly come back to you.

4- Give Him The Benefit Of The Assumption

You need to draw a positive reason when your partner is assuming that you are prioritizing someone over him. One thing is quite clear none should exceed in your eyes and heart more than your spouse. You need to be relaxed and infer out the factors that are spoiling your relationship such as family interruption, and freight of responsibilities.

You are better to spend some time pondering and conversing to reveal the facts before you reach the worst conclusion. If you step back for reconciliation, you’ll surely go into gain.

5- Open & Honest Communication

Establish a platform for open communication. When the time is right, express your feelings without blame, allowing him to share his perspective. This creates an environment where concerns can be addressed constructively.

6- Have A Conversation With Him

Addressing hidden and suppressed feelings is crucial to prevent them from growing like poison trees. Effective communication plays a key role in maintaining balanced relationships. Instead of playing the blame game, it's essential to sit together and have an open conversation.

In MIA (Missing In Action) situations, consider politely expressing your feelings:

  1. Share Your Perception - “It seems to me that I'm being avoided.”
  2. Express The Impact - “Your aggressive attitude has hurt me a lot.”
  3. Propose A Solution - “Let's both go together to work on resettling our relationship.”

Open and respectful communication can help in understanding each other's perspectives and finding solutions to the issues at hand.

7- Offer Your Support

Start conversing with your spouse too lightly so that you can know why he’s disturbed and upset. Neither blame him for anything nor make him annoyed since you know the key to things that are bothering him. It shows how much you are concerned about your partner and how valuable this relationship is for you. Simply start with “Hey, I’ve been missing you for a long, Is everything okay with you?”

8- Plan Positive & Meaningful Interactions

Later, propose activities that bring joy and positivity into the relationship. You need to plan dates or share experiences that remind both partners of the reasons they came together in the first place, fostering a renewed connection.

Pull Away 3

9- Better Take A Pause

If you fail to handle the situation with all your positiveness and conviction, then it’s better to stay away and stop talking or clarifying the issue. Take and give some time to get cool and let others cool down. This pause will help you focus and understand the importance of the relationship.

10- Revive The Romance

Emotional and physical intimacy are intertwined. You need to promise to work on rebuilding emotional closeness through communication and shared experiences, which can, in turn, reignite the physical aspects of the relationship.

11- Be Patient & Understanding

For a staunch and long-lasting relationship, you must understand that people go through phases that they have enjoyed in the initial episode of love, and sometimes, a step back can lead to a stronger step forward. Patience is key during these moments, allowing each other the time and space to navigate personal challenges.

When you notice your guy pulls away from you, it means he’s expecting you to race faster towards him. This time you need to pretend as everything is fine. Text him routine-wise, he will get confused and rethink why he’s overacting and spoiling this amicable relationship.

12- Enjoy self-contemplation.

Don’t get yourself tarnished while overthinking in your spare time. Shift your focus towards you as sitting in the gathering of friends and relaxing yourself. Also, it diverts your mind away from rethinking and rethinking about the changed behavior of your headhunt. Spend a little time self-searching and viewing your deep love for the relationship that is much more important than your self-conceit.

This time will decide the validity of the things that are going to break off. Simply make a call or send a text to make him believe that everything is fine, and that no haywire can pull you both away.

13- Upload Your Activities On Social Media

Enjoy and put all activities on showthrough social media to pretend that you are completely unbothered as you have noticed no change in him. Sit at home to wait for the responsive remarks of your partner. Avoid sending your hobbies or photos directly to his inbox. Let him see and think how you are living being pulled away from him. This thing will return him to you.

Pull Away 1

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14- Is Making Him Jealous Good Device?

Somehow, your device of making him jealous works worse than pushing him faster and farther away. If you are sharing a dancing floor with someone and post it on social media- this may snatch the chance of reconciliation. If this relationship values you really, then don’t change your behavior which pins him.

15- Set Him Come To You

After delivering your final msg via text or voicemail, you need to put him on wait to return you instead of sighing for him. Let him think on his own instead of clarifying his self-arisen issues. Simply toss your phone to the side to tempt him to you. Be confident about the reconciliation of your relationship by following the steps given above.

16- Make Him Wait Until He Reaches Out

When he returns to you, your reaction should be very cool and composed. You should neither be strict nor race up to hug him. Your reaction will give him a chance to view his errors right away. You should never be quick and responsive even when he texts you. You must pretend yourself busy with some piece of business when you pick up his call finally. Before you rekindle your connection, first let him wriggle a little later.

17- Behavior After Reunion

After reconnection and reunion, sit and converse about his serious behavior. Surely, it is not easy to turn the table when your spouse pulls you away. This is the right time to share freely with him how hurt you were without him due to his painful behavior. You need to do your best to avoid the same situation that will not happen again with you.

Note: Repeat the love process that you have done in the beginning episode of your relationship following the couples' therapy. And keep on repeating them every so often to keep the relationship healthy. Ensure that, the partners tend to pull away as soon as you stop communicating your feelings.

18- Understand His Triggers

The key point is to ponder over the issue that has inadvertently caused you to spoil your relationship in his absence. Sometimes a woman panics at something slight but a man’s rude outburst and poker face add fuel to the fire. First, observe whose mistake it was. If yours not. Then, notice the things that are shrapnel your relationship:

  • Have you gotten averse from each other?
  • Are you used to getting aggressive if there's any delay in his response to your text?
  • Have you transferred grief to him when he was too busy?
  • Have you abused his friend or criticized what he liked the most?

After identification, stimulate yourself to strategize your bonding with him after pushing your intrusive thoughts aside. It is essential key to know about your partner in the first phase the things that annoy him or the things he’s indifferent about- this makes your relationship longer and weightier amicably.

Pull Away 5

19- Turn The Tables Psychologically

When every tactic fails, use reverse psychology to reverse the situation to make it in your favor followed by your desire. By applying reverse psychology you tell him to do what you don’t like him to do. For illustration instead of beseeching because he has pulled you away, behave like you have noticed nothing and enjoy your life subtly ignoring him.

Moreover, give pause to your connection despite responding to him as he’s expecting. You may tell him that you have given him space as per his wish as he was ignoring you or getting fed up staying away from the relationship. See, he’ll come to you with the speed of light.

20- Seek Professional Guidance

If the distance persists and communication becomes challenging, consider seeking the help of a relationship counselor. A neutral third party can provide insights and strategies for overcoming obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Silence Make A Man Miss You?

This is a part of human nature to pursue unreachable things. Plus, ambiguity can make others curious. So, it’s better to keep silent when the other pulls away or breaks the relationship up. Keeping pause or silence can make your spouse miss you.

How Do I Make A Man Crave You Emotionally?

There are following tips which can make a man crave for you emotionally.

  1. Often call him by an endearing name that can enclose your love in one title.
  2. Guess what he's going through in the office or at home to show your concern.
  3. Make him feel with your unexpected touch.
  4. Oxytocin in the form of a kiss referred to as a “love hormone,” casts a chemical reaction on your partner.
  5. Bring change in the way you treat him in routine as it can incite his love.
  6. Pass compliments on his personality, sense of dressing, and on what he toils hard.
  7. Remind him often of the most affectionate moments you spent together.
  8. Don’t stick with him all the time, better give him some space to make him realize his presence.
  9. Be very positive about the funny comments he often passes on to you.

Is It Advisable To Express "I Miss You" Through Text?

Most individuals appreciate such affectionate messages, as they signify your value in their eyes. These sentimental texts are crucial for building lasting and strong connections in relationships.


Successfully reversing a situation when he withdraws involves a blend of patience, empathy, and taking proactive steps. By encouraging independence, maintaining open communication, and concentrating on the positive facets of the relationship, it becomes feasible to navigate through tough times and reconstruct a more robust and resilient connection. It's crucial to keep in mind that relationships are fluid, and with commitment and active effort, they can withstand the challenges that arise.

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