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The breast pump, indeed, is one basic tool that serves as a real game-changer for mothers, especially those who are working women. An investigation was conducted between 2005 and 2007, revealing that 85% of the lactating mothers had been given expressed breast milk. Today, Mamava studies reveal that over 95% of mothers practice pumping. Of course, they will need pumps for this goal. Among the pumps highly rated by moms today is Haakaa.

It is an eco-friendly, natural baby product for professional breastfeeding mums. It is useful for mothers seeking a simple and effective way to collect breast milk. It works either with manual power, a battery, or electric power. Its innovative design and ease of use have revolutionized the breastfeeding experience for many. Most mothers are confused about the usage of Haakaa as they consider it to collect mothers' milk for the freezer; instead, it is used to save the milk that leaks from breast pads. So, they wish to know how to use Haakaa.

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What Is The Haakaa Breast Pump?

The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump is usually named the “Haakaa”, which is flexible to suck and store the excess mother milk. It is a great manual tool with a strong supply which protects the mother's milk while nursing.

It is, beyond a doubt, a great secret hack that proved to be a blessing in helping mothers get away from milk leakage and nursing pads and finally save their infants from chemically produced milk.

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Methods For Using Haakaa

The Haakaa is a brand of silicone breast pump commonly used by breastfeeding mothers to collect breast milk. It works on a simple principle of suction. Here's how it works:

1- Suction

The Haakaa breast pump is made of soft, flexible silicone. To use it, you squeeze the base of the pump, place it over your breast, and release the base. This creates a vacuum seal between the pump and your breast.

  • Push the flange down all-embracing.
  • Situate your nipple exactly in the center of the flange.
  • Press the bulb-like nodule of the device.
  • Squeeze the base of the breast to release milk slowly.
  • With your free hand, squeeze the base or “bulb” at the bottom of the pump, then release it. This suctions the pump onto your breast, holding it fast and expressing milk
  • Pull the flange, the tailpipe of the Haakaa delicately. It holds the pump while sucking the milk and pulls the mother milk out.

2- Milk Collection

This is the routine use for a Haakaa, the cause that led to this invention, is to preserve the letdown milk for the next time use within the prescribed time. The “let down Milk” is the milk that mostly goes wasted when you’re feeding from one side, the other side milk leaks out or absorbs in breast pads.

The Haakaa has a seal that helps create gentle suction, which draws out milk from your breast. This automatically happens passively when the mother is breastfeeding on the other side or actively if the Haakaa is manually compressed.

Remember, the Haalka not only sucks the initial milk which leaks out, rather it exits the additional milk out to be preserved for a freezer stash.

Use Of Hand-Free Bra - Discussing it more, you may use a nursing bra or hand-free bra in case you want to suck out by itself the additional milk in a short time. It is designed with shield-like fabric panels to support the breast and prevent you from pulling or pushing the bra up awkwardly. For this, you need not sit and hold the extra accessories leaving all other chores onside.

3- Storage Of Milk

The collected breast milk is then stored in the Haakaa's reservoir. You can continue to use it to collect milk until it's filled to your desired amount.

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4- Transfering Milk

Once you're done collecting, you can transfer the milk from the Haakaa to a storage container or bottle for later use. After sucking the expressed breast milk, pour it in a food-safe container soon after you get it out. Always select a sturdy container that can’t be recycled.

Avoid buying BPA or Bisphenol-A plastic bags that are regularly used for saving sandwiches or other food items, as they are harmful to children, especially infants.

The bags for the mother milk saving are available in the market with the label “Dangerous to Reuse”, or you may save the milk in the Haakaa pump itself.

5- Store The Breast Milk

As you know, fresh milk curdles at room temperature if it is kept for more than 3-4 hours. So, always keep the milk in the refrigerator so that it remains fresh and drinkable for at least 4 days.

Similarly, you can save the milk in the freezer for about one year but avoid employing it after 6 months until the quality of milk remains best.

Tips For Storing Milk:

  • Avoid storing thawed milk in the refrigerator.
  • Refreezing milk after it has been thawed may worsen its quality or cause it to curdle.
  • Always check the smell and quality of thawed milk before feeding it to your infant.
  • To defrost thawed milk, place it in the refrigerator or lukewarm water for a few hours only.

6- Clean The Haakaa Pump

Remember to follow proper hygiene and sterilization practices when using the Haakaa to ensure the safety of the collected milk for your baby. First of all, empty this pump from all remaining contents and then wash it with cool water.

After, put it in the warm water for a few minutes and apply dish soap gently and thoroughly. Wash it with warm water, scrub the Haakaa inside out, and keep on rubbing with your fingers gently.

Lastly, rinse it in open water and dry it with a paper towel. Remember, Stop drying the pump with fabric or towel; they mostly contain bacteria.

Note: It's great to keep the flange down on the rack to dry in the air.

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Why You Should Consider A Silicone Breast Pump?

1- Conserve Leaking Milk

As in the initial days of the mother's feeding, it happens that milk leaks from one side while the baby is milking from the other side, and it keeps on leaking longer after you’re not feeding your baby. Here, the Haakaa Pump is a great hack to conserve the leaking milk and preserve it for later use.

2- Create A Stash In The Fridge

A stash for breastfeeding is a great option for the professional as well as stay-at-home mums everywhere when they’re busy. So, create a silicone pump for stashing the extra milk.

3- Soften & Smoothen The Engorged Breasts

Skin, nipples, and tissues all get disturbed when you’re feeding your baby with each suck. The breast is tightened, swollen, dried, cracked, and pained eventually.

Sometimes, it increases in size and soreness. Over-full breasts are a regular issue that mothers face during breastfeeding.

The matter in question is that the mothers can’t relieve their breasts as they may have to feed their baby at any time, and they can't get a pause of their choice. In that case, the breast starts paining and bleeding very often.

The silicone pump is a great consoler and reliever used to express milk for an instant that provides you with careful pauses of relief.

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Variations Among Haakaa Breast Pumps

Each model of the Haakaa is designed with the needs of every mom in mind. The 1st and 2nd generation models are typically single-piece silicone breast pumps with the capacity to hold 100–150 mL of breast milk. The 3rd generation model comes in two pieces.

This model is a bit heavier and sturdier than other models or brands but comes with a slightly higher price. For instance, the Ladybug Collector is a discreet model that can efficiently collect milk and prevent leakage throughout the day by attaching to your hands-free. Its price ranges from $17 to $87, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Haakaa Relieve Mastitis?

Max mums complain of the clogged ducts caused by the milk getting blockage in the breast in lumps, and mothers suffer severe pain even with a slight touch of baby. So, use it to have a better milk supply.

The second major problem is that the clogged milk is lethal to life for infants. Here, Haakaa also comes to relieve breastfeeding mums by removing lumps with every squeeze and milk continues regularly.

Will A Haakaa Cause Me To Have An Oversupply?

No, it does not necessarily help to oversupply if you have short milk. Haakaa does not have any additional function of suckling motion to stimulate milk like a breast pump.

However, it removes the milk lumps and makes the milk flow easier and more regular for the baby. Besides, it relieves engorgement pain by giving rest to mums during breastfeeding hours. 

The Haakaa is popular because it's easy to use, doesn't require any power source, and can help reduce milk wastage that often occurs during breastfeeding on one side while the other side leaks. It's especially useful for mums looking to build up a milk stash or relieve engorgement.

When Should I Use My Haakaa?

There’s no restriction for applying Haakaa and no issue occurs if you apply it very instantly and now. You may suck the milk as often as you need. It is great to use every morning routinely to avoid leakage and wastage of milk. You can use it to collect milk easily rather than other traditional pumps and electric pumps. Haakaa is also useful for building a breast milk stash.

How To Prepare The Haakaa?

To make a Haakaa breast pump work effectively, follow these steps:

  • Clean each part of the Haakaa pump before using it for the first time and after each use with warm and soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to air dry.
  • Sit in an easy and comfortable position to set the Haakaa pump in place.
  • Squeeze the silicone bulb of the Haakaa pump and place it over your breast. Remember to put the pump in the correct position to create a vacuum, you feel a slight tug on your breast with each suckling.
  • Let it collect milk with its natural flow on one breast while nursing or pumping with an electric breast pump on the other breast.

Can I Use It With An Electric Pump?

Yes, you can use it with an electric pump if you wish. Many mothers find it beneficial to use both types of pumps for different purposes.


Remember that it may take a bit of practice to use the Haakaa manual breast pump effectively. Ensure a good seal, maintain a comfortable position, and be patient while letting it collect milk passively. It's a helpful tool for collecting extra milk during feedings.

Beyond a doubt, Haakaa pumps are first-rate tools for expressing more milk instantly. A little practice makes the squeezing easier as per the size of your body. Whatever the way you opt for, the squeezing and storing of milk is comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable for both mums and little ones.

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