How To Wash Clothes In Bathtub

While living in the modern world where time seems to flow as easily as a stream, the opportunity to wash clothes in the bathtub might arouse images of the past times. However, this old way, which does not use detergents, has shown an amazing resurgence. It attracts eco-conscious people and skillful launderers.

There is a gigantic boost in research for sustainable laundry practices. In this regard, the bathtub is turning into an undeserving getaway in contrast to the rushing voice of a washing machine for each wash cycle.

As we move further into the field of eco-friendly living, it isn’t odd that the tub is, at this point, addressing our dilemma of doing laundry. Some of the interviewees show an increasing fear of pollution emitted by conventional washing machines.

They, in turn, encourage them to search for greener options, such as doing the laundry in bathtubs. Now, how do you wash clothes in your bathtubs? Join us as we dive into the heart of this eco-wave movement.

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Step-by-Step Guide To Wash Clothes In Bathtub

You don’t have to hand wash clothes, as washing clothes in the bathtub has really been fun for people who like diverting their creative energies into something productive. The step-by-step guide helps you tackle this giant task with dexterity, whether you’re a seasoned laundry master or a complete novice.

1- Gathering Washing Supplies

Washing clothes becomes less challenging when you get your hands on all the essentials required to wash clothes in a bathtub, like laundry detergent, nylon brush for scrubbing clothes, stain remover, bathtub cleaner, rubber gloves, and dirty laundry of course. Also, you have to Begin by taking all the bottles and products off the edge of the tub to prevent them from falling into the wash water.

Sort Your Laundry

To avoid confusion later, sort your laundry beforehand. You can divide your clothes into categories on such basis:

Same Fabric Clothes

Categorize your clothes based on the fabric they are made of. Usually, clothes are categorized as casual wear made of cotton and synthetic fabric, and then we have delicate fabric like silk that is preferred for hand wash.

Separate By Color

Separate your available clothes based on colors. Usually, they are categorized as whites, lights, and darks.

Sort On The Basis Of How Dirty They Are

You can sort your clothes on the basis of how dirty they have been. The idea of this categorization and sorting of clothes is applied to release your workload by washing the same group of clothes together.

Whites will not be colorized just in case dark-colored clothes bleach out their color. Similarly, the quality of wash of less dirty clothes will not be affected when more dirtier and stinky clothes will not be mixed with them. This segregation of clothes is too important to ensure the quality of the wash.

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2- Read The Labels

Reading labels on clothes prior to washing is a step all laundry experts suggest, but we occasional washers ignore it. Reading labels not only educates you about the temperature of water you should wash your clothes in but also lets you know if it is even washable in the first place or if you need to dry clean clothes. The fabric confuses the general public, and it's better to read labels than to ruin your outfit.

3- Pre-treating Stains

If you get stains on your clothes, first identify the type of stain, and then treat them individually with a stain remover. The identification of stains lets you help choose the suitable stain remover for your clothes. For example, if clothes are stained by curry, you definitely need a different stain remover than if clothes are stained by ink or grass. Thus, choose the suitable stain remover, apply it on the affected part, and let it rest to absorb fully.

4- Fill The Bathtub

Here comes the most exciting part of washing clothes in the bathtub. First clean the debris, and any leftovers in the bathtub. You can purge the bathtub with a cleaner to ensure the better quality of washing clothes. Rinse it properly, and drain out the water. Don’t forget to remove the accessories from the sides of the bathtub, so it doesn’t bother you later by falling in the bathtub. Now close the drain, and fill water in the bathtub. Keep the temperature of water in check, and use lukewarm water to wash the clothes. The water level must be enough that the laundry must be submerged properly.

5- Add Detergent

Add on detergent or washing powder, and stir it well to make it disappear, and make fumes in the process. You have to use hot water to ensure that this powder will be dissolved easily.

Prior to choosing the detergent, make sure to read the instructions on the packaging of the detergent and confirm if it’s safe to use for the kind of fabrics you’re washing. However, make sure that you should never use too much detergent or fabric softener.

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6- Add Clothes

Group your clothes, and add enough laundry load that must be washed properly. Don’t over-brim the bathtub. Adding a few articles is enough as it’ll not compromise the quality of the washing process.

Completely submerge the clothes in soapy water with the help of a bathtub laundry agitator, or use your hands to gently rub the clothes against each other to completely rinse the soil out of the fabric for each rinse cycle. Gently up and down the clothes in the washtub to completely soak them in soapy water. After that, let it rest for a while.

7- Soak & Rinse

Soak the clothes fully in soapy water, and then rinse it well. Open the drain of the bathtub, and let the soapy water drain out. Refill the bathtub by closing the drain of the bathtub, but this time with relatively cooler water, and agitate the clothes in this water to completely wash the soap and detergent out of the clothes. Repeat the process of draining and refilling until the water runs clean.

8- Repeat The Washing Phenomenon

To ensure the quality of washing, it is recommended to wash a few articles together. Thus, to wash all available clothes, make the little laundry loads, and wash all clothes diligently. If rubbing and agitating clothes with hands is a tiresome act for you, we recommend a fun activity of plunging into a bathtub, with clean feet, and agitating the laundry load with your feet. This will not only give you fun play time, but also make the washing less hectic.

9- Drying Your Laundry

Washing clothes isn’t done yet; you have to dry the laundry load as well. For that, we recommend you wring the fabric articles one by one, or to hasten the process of drying; it is recommended to put the soaking article in a large towel and dry clothes by squeezing.

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10- Put Clothes On A Hanger

After squeezing water out of the articles, put them on hangers to air dry. Avoid putting your clothes in direct contact with sunlight, so it doesn’t fade out the colors of your clothes.

11- Iron The Clothes

Clothes do not shine out until we iron them. Ironing disappears all the wrinkles, and makes the clothes elegant, and aesthetically amazing.

How To Hand Wash A Load Of Laundry?

Hand-washing laundry is an art, and everybody must be equipped with this daily art of living. A Lot of fabrics as delicate as silk should be washed with hands instead of machine washing, so the washing phenomenon doesn’t affect the smoothness of the fabric. Thus, when you have to wash a load of laundry by hand, sort your clothes by color, and fabric, and wash them by soaking, and rubbing in soapy water. Make sure you wash a few articles at a time, so overcrowding doesn’t hurt the quality of the process.

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How To Wash Clothes In The Bathtub Without Detergent?

Sometimes we are in a bind, and can’t get our hands on certain things. Alternatives work in most of the cases if we use our brains. Let’s say you run out of detergent, and need to wash clothes. Don’t worry, and use a mixture of hand wash, body wash, and shampoo from your bathroom and get your clothes clean. Another way of dealing with this situation is using lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. These products help sensitize and get rid of bad odors especially. Bar soup comes in handy as well. You can shred it off in small pieces, and use it by mixing in water to wash clothes in the bathtub. However, it’s too difficult to rinse out of clothes, so be patient when you clean it out of clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Washing Clothes In The Bathtub Save Money?

Of Course, it does. When you replace using your calories over the electrical energy of the washing machine, it costs you less electricity. Thus you not only save eclectic units of yours, but also maintain an active lifestyle for yourself.

How Can I Wash Clothes In A Hotel Bathtub?

It’s not rocket science, honestly, you can too master this skill. Close the drainage, and fill the bathtub enough that your laundry load gets submerged completely. Add detergent, agitate well, and add the clothes you want to wash. Then rub, rinse well, wash with clean water, and put on hangers to get them air dry.

How Do Travelers Wash Their Clothes?

Mostly, they use washing appliances if available. However, suppose the washing equipment isn't available. In that case, they have prepared themselves already for such a situation and they combat the situation by utilizing their skill of washing clothes by hand which they mastered for hard times, and hard areas.

How Can I Wash My Clothes Without A Washing Machine?

You can hand wash your clothes the way people used to do in prior washing machine times. Add enough water so that your clothes get soaked. Add detergent, and make fumes by stirring, add laundry load, rub and sock, and then wash it under clear water, and air dry to use it later.


Washing clothes in the bathtub by hand is a life-surviving skill that everyone must be equipped with, irrespective of their status and gender. Washing clothes in the bathtub is a hectic job for many, but also a fun way to burn calories for others. So, whichever category you belong to, we’re sure our guide has imparted you with sufficient knowledge on “how to wash clothes in the bathtub to get cleaner clothes.”

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