How To Wrap A Candle For Gift

Curiosity is at its peak on how to wrap a candle. The most cylindrical gift you may present to your loved ones on the occasion of the upcoming year is a beautiful candle. But often you get confused about the wrapping method of your candle that will make it appealing and pleasing. This is the wrapping that exhibits your gift in all its glory.

No ifs and buts, wrapping a candle can be a delightful and creative way to present a simple yet elegant gift. Whether you're preparing a year-round present for a friend, family member, or special someone. Adding a personal touch with a beautifully wrapped candle can make the gesture even more meaningful. Follow the top techniques step-by-step guide to learn how to wrap a candle like a pro with care and creativity.

Materials Needed For Wrapping

  1. Candle - Choose a candle of your preference, whether it's a scented candle, a decorative candle, or a simple, unscented one.
  2. Decorative Paper - Select the classic wrapping paper that suits the occasion. You can select the paper for festive patterns, elegant designs, or even plain paper if you prefer a minimalist look.
  3. Scissors - Sharp scissors will help you cut the paper neatly. Neatness matters a lot to display your wrapping decorously and gracefully.
  4. Tape OR Glue - Use clear tape or glue to secure the wrapping paper.
  5. Ribbon OR Twine - A decorative ribbon or twine adds a finishing touch to your wrapped candle.
  6. Gift Tag - Prepare a small gift tag to attach a personalized message if desired.
  7. Optional Embellishments - Add stickers, dried flowers, or other embellishments for an extra decorative flair.
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Step-By-Step Guide For Wrapping A Candle

Step 1: Choose Your Gift Wrap

Take a start from the selection of wrapping supplies with the color and theme that stays fit to the occasion such as wrapping paper, bow, and apogee to decorate your gift toppers. Plus, you may pick the wrapping paper having themed coordinating and a professional look to make your present extra special while you’re handing it over to your dear ones.

Step 2: Measure & Cut The Paper

Lay out your wrapping paper on a flat surface. Then place the candle diagonally on the paper and roll it to measure the circumference. Later, cut the paper according to the measured length, leaving a little extra for overlapping.

Step 3: Wrap The Candle

Remember, you need to place the candle on one end of the cut paper and roll it gently to cover the candle entirely. Secure the paper with clear tape or glue, ensuring a snug fit around the candle. Besides, you can choose to wrap it separately or secure it on top of the wrapped candle if the candle has a lid.

Step 4: Cut & Fix A Circle

Certainly, wrapping items neatly from top to bottom ensures a clean and professional appearance. Proper wrapping techniques can make a significant difference in presentation and protection.

If your gift is not wrapped neatly from the bottom side, it will spoil the charm of presenting the gift. For that, you need to cut the wrapping sheet from the base of the cylinder in a circle shape. Be sure the wrapping should be half an inch smaller than the bottom of the candle. Then, fix it with a glue stick.

Step 5: Add Ribbon Or Twine

To embellish the gift, you are supposed to cut a length of ribbon or twine and wrap it around the candle, tying a bow or a knot to secure it in place. Over and above, if you want to add an extra decorative touch, consider curling the ends of the ribbon with scissors.

Step 6: Personalize With A Gift Tag

Using a gift tag is a great way to accessorize your gift wrapping. It enhances the beauty of wrapping while you write a heartfelt message on the gift tag and attach it to the ribbon or twine. Plus, you can also tuck the gift tag under the ribbon for a neater look.

Wrap Candle 4

Step 7: Optional Embellishments

To enhance the attractive view of the gift, you can get a creative look by adding stickers, dried flowers, or any other embellishments that match the occasion and theme. Later, place them strategically on the wrapped candle to enhance its visual appeal.

Step 8: Inspect & Adjust

Carefully inspect the wrapped candle to ensure everything is secured and well-presented. The love gift endowment, surely makes the presentation comely and lovely to your and others’ eyes. For that, you need to make some necessary adjustments to the ribbon, tag, or embellishments to achieve the desired look.

Step 9: Cover The Top

After holding the wrapping paper from the top of the gift pack, trim the extra sheet and fluff it gently. Then, tie it up with an ornamental knot like string, ribbon, or premade decorative bow. Also, fix or hang a seasonal gift tag around the bottleneck if it is in a neck shape. For additional decoration, you can use gift toppers such as a little pinecone, brass-bound mini ornaments, or tiny jingle bells. Finally, you’re done with packaging.

Step 10: Place The Wrapped Candle In A Gift Bag

Place your wrapping candle in a gift bag but bear in mind that the bag should fit in size of the gift and be strong enough to hold the weight of the candle. The gift should be on an upright side to be looked appealing at once while the receiver is opening it up. The point to be noted is that avoid placing the candles in a glass jar as it can tear the bag easily.

Step 11: Finish The Embellishment With Tissue Paper

Lay a pinch of colorful tissue paper on the sides of the gift while inserting it in the bag so that the gift should be in an erect position and further you can place the bag on a flat table.

Furthermore, tissue paper also prevents the receiver's hands from getting hurt by the pointed corners of the wrapped gift. There are tissues available in various colors with a glittering touch that enhances the importance of your present more pizzazz.

Step 12: Present Your Thoughtful Gift

Your beautifully wrapped candle is now ready for a short while to be presented to the recipient. Hand it over with a warm smile and watch as your thoughtful gesture brings joy to their day.

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Ideas Wrapping A Candle

1- Using A plastic Paper Bag

Candles enveloped in a transparent plastic bag look pretty fit and firm. You need to place the candle on one edge of the bag. After nipping the bag from the middle of it, tie a spiced ribbon having fun colors around it. On the edge of the paper, add a fancy tag with a lovely note to make it more alluring to the recipient. The most attractive thing about this method is that it’s simple to wrap and does cost not much money and time.

2- Fan Fold- A Stylish Method Of Decoration

Fan fold is a stylish way of packing and wrapping the gift that requires a little effort. For that, you need to follow the following tricks and steps given as below:

  • Trim the wrapping paper as per the size of the gift and wrap it around the candle. Overlap it by leaving a 1⁄2-inch sheet on the sides.
  • Fold the paper around over the outer edges of the candle and fix it with double-sided tape.
  • Pull the wrapping paper and fold it on both ends. After forming the sheets into pleats, erect the candle in the center of the wrapping. Keep the candle rolling with each crease of the sheet smoothly and neatly.
  • Slice two pieces of paper in a circular shape with the circumference of the candle. Use a piece of double tape to stick the circle with the pleated ends.
  • Finally adore the wrapped candle applying some decorative ornaments as per your choice or demand of the occasion such as ribbons or bows with festive color and look.

3- Using A Dust Jacket

A dust jacket or a book jacket is the distinguishable and dividable outer cover of wrapping candles. As it seems from the name, it keeps the dust off the item you have wrapped with. Start this innovative method by cutting as per the size of the candles. Then, wrap and tape it around the packaging.

For the extra adoration, you may fix some cut petals at the top. Moreover, you need to fold the bottom sheet straight and attach it in place. Make sure that each petal should be attached and fixed tightly and securely. Furthermore, complete its finishing with a ribbon or you may hang some fruits like fresh berries on it.

4- Placing The Candle In Mason Jars

This packing approach is simple but highly attractive. You need to get a mason jar only. The remaining process is the same as covering and wrapping all around it. The mason jars with full fancy decoration are available in the market or you can buy a simple pot and decorate it on your own. Plus, you need some delightful and likable decorations. To make it more charming, you can use a white lace to swathe around the jar instead of thread.

Wrap Candle 2

5- Glass Jar With Fabric

The simplicity of this innovative wrapping style appeals to the onlookers and receivers. A wide-open jar is needed for this candle-clocking approach. You need to stitch cloth to enfold all around the jar. This is available in the market with decoration rather it’s better to decorate it at home. Make a beautiful finish on the margin stitches. A sack-like cloth suits it, but you may opt for silk fabric also. Add beautiful ribbons and flowers that match the classic pattern, fun color, and occasion eventually.

6- Using A Square Box

This pattern of wrapping suits the likeness of the gift givers who want to present their gift visible and keeping them appear is a bit sophisticated. For this kind of packing approach, you need a square stiff paper or a square box. Parcel it up tape it neatly, and then start designing it with artistic patterns. Be careful about the occasion while you're wrapping it whether it’s the birthday of some loved ones or Christmas gatherings.

Next, tie a silk ribbon of the color you love the most around the box from four sides. It’s great to cover the candle with some pleasing patterns and then put it in a plastic covering to keep the receiver a bit curious about the present.

7- Using A Cardstock

Cardstock is heftier, thicker, more resistant, and more durable covering paper. It comes with a metallic and glossy texture that proves painless and inexpensive in wrapping. Tim the piece of card stock as much as required for packing and binding the edges. It’s better to secure the base of the candle with the additional wrapping for that you need to leave a 1-inch sheet extra from all sides for overlapping.

To give your gift a delightful distinctive look, paste a sticky note with a lovely message. Put it in the gift bag. Now, you’re geared up and ready to roll holding a beautiful gift with meticulous wrapping that could engage your recipient to your present.

Protecting Your Candle In The Gift Wrap

Sheath the candle carefully if you are sending your love gift to your loved one by mailing or transporting it. Cover it with extra cushioning and rewrap to secure it through the journey intact. Use bubble wrap and insert simple tissue paper to protect it from any bumps and scratches. Moreover, you can use cellophane bags being roughened or damped.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Wrap A Candle In Foil?

If your candle is tunneled, you can wrap it with aluminum foil before packaging it beautifully. Furthermore, you can keep the candle wrapped even if it is burning. The wax gets gathered on the foin after it melts. Aluminum foil is the great preference of gift lovers as it is exceptionally heat resistant. It is designed to maintain its hardness even in the severity of all seasons. Besides, it remains in the same form facing strong UV radiation. Plus, it offers easy cleaning as well.

How Do You Wrap A Candle Without A Lid?

It’s better to seal the candle from top to bottom. But somehow, if there is no upper covering or lid available, encircle the piece of paper completely from all sides by leaving a ½-inch on the head covering. Overlap the sheet, make it fluff or crunch, and fix it with double tape finally.

Which Is The Safest Way To Store Candles?

The consistent and average temperature of the room remains 77°F (20 to 25°C) which is okay for wax candles. The safest way to store candles is to keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Store candles upright to prevent warping or bending. It's also a good idea to keep candles in a container or candle holder to catch any wax drips and avoid a potential fire hazard.

Be well aware, that a linen closet, a storage area with less humidity, and a closet under the stairs are the safest places to store the extra candles. Additionally, store candles away from flammable materials and out of reach of children and pets. These are the precautions that will help ensure the safe storage of candles.


Candles are considered the most frequently given gifts on some specific occasions. With good sense! Wrapping a candle can be a delightful and creative experience, allowing you to express your thoughtfulness through a carefully prepared gift. Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or any other special occasion, the recipient is sure to appreciate the effort and personal touch you've put into the presentation. Happy gifting!

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