How To Become A Pro Golfer

So, you don't put a suit and tie on your back anymore, you get a cool polo, and you say "bye-bye" to the sheets and go with scorecards. Your daily commute? A spin in a sponsor-marked golf car. Sounds like a dream? If, by any chance, the far-off lands of pro golf are beckoning, get ready for a remarkable tour- one where the highs and lows are both equally challenging and exciting.

The public course is not a pro golfer's walk in the park. This is an obstacle course, not a sport of a hundred meters; again, one cannot hit the ball just because you wield a club on it.

It is about an unconquerable mindset, fighting beyond "chess green" to spark your talent and develop tactics to win every single game. It is no less than a steel mind accompanied by a desire to win.

There are a variety of ways to become a tour golfer. It is an ascent, timed step by step, with extreme concentration and pure guts. So, let us cover the ways to achieve the level of a pro golfer.

Introduction To Golf Kit

To become a pro golfer and play the Korn ferry tour, you need to get your hands on the best quality kit that offers maximum precision while you tee off. Following are the essentials you need while going to the golf course to play the shot.

  • Golf Balls - Balls you need to hit
  • Golf Clubs - Golf clubs are those sticks that are used to hit the target.
  • Wooden Tees - Wooden pegs that are used to place golf balls on it.
  • Golf Gloves - Hand gloves that are used while playing to get a firm grip on golf clubs
  • Golf Bag - Golf bags that are used to carry golf clubs, balls, tees, gloves, and other accessories to golf courses.
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How To Become An Amateur Golfer - 3 Proven Ways To Help

It all starts with taking the first step. Being an amateur player testifies that you’re interested in playing this game for the sake of interest, and playing golf is truly your hobby.

You don’t have the compulsion to play the game to get money; thus, whatever your expertise, dedication, and sincerity for the game can’t be chipped away.

However, as an amateur player, you don’t get money or sponsors for playing golf. You must arrange your traveling, staying, registration, and other expenses. Amateur players belong not only to the beginner level but also to dexterous players.

Many internationally recognized tournaments like the US Open, Masters tournament, and PGA Championship, licensed by the Professional Golfers Association, organized amateur tours.

You can obtain the level of amateur by managing the best PGA professional golf management. For this purpose, you will see a complete beginner by following the tips discussed below.

1- Learn Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of golf by following incredibly accessible sources that can be either online guides or some on-field source. They will serve you well in becoming a professional golfer.

When you equip yourself with theoretical knowledge of the game, and as well as establish familiarity with the game jargon, it’s quite easy to master the skill.

2- Hire A Coach

You might be underestimating the significance of a coach in your career as an amateur player. You can learn from a coach that you’ll be getting to know after experimenting for quite a long time without making much progress.

Not only do your shots get better, but the constant flux of tips, close supervision of your club holding and grip, and rectifying your errors help you up your game in no time.

3- Practice Patiently

You can’t master playing golf unless you make efforts to improve your game by playing regularly. All golf lessons and sessions with your coach will be fruitful only if you practice without breaking the routine.

Don’t expect to be a golf professional by merely practicing a couple of times because golf is a skill you can acquire by practicing consistently. You have to do it regularly for a long time.

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Are You Too Old To Pursue Golf?

Golf is a game that people who are professionals start practicing at an early age or even in childhood, and they become pros in the game in their teens. Thus, when someone at a ripe age is acclimatized to the beauty of golf, they become hesitant that they might not be able to compete against the players who have been playing golf since their childhood.

However, this fear is faceless, as players like Allen Doyle proved that you can turn into a pro golfer at the age of 46, qualify for PGA membership when he was 48, and still have a matchless series of 11 PGA championship victories.

Thus, people doubt if becoming a pro golfer at 25 is possible or not when they should know that modern science has cracked the code of ‘’how to become a pro golfer at 40’’ and made it easy for people in their late twenties to solve the mystery of ‘’how to become a pro golfer at 30’’.

Research has shown that the average PGA tour player reaches their sweet spot at approximately age 35. So, regardless of age, you can become a PGA member.

4 Ways To Become A Pro Golfer At A Ripe Age

The tried and tested principles that aid in making people pro golfers at a ripe age are discussed below:

1- Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness and nutrition are words that don’t sound familiar in the context of golf, but you only conquer greens if you have a sound body, irrespective of your age. Thus, old age saps the strength of professional golfers.

To maintain body strength, they need to get a proper and balanced diet that optimizes their body strength and revives their energy to play golf with full zeal.

Body fitness is immensely important to maintain for a golfer. Not only body fitness but also body posture is something that holds significant importance in golf because the angle your body makes predicts how you’ll aim the club at the target.

2- Modern Equipment

As layers get old, they need golf equipment that helps them to tee off easily. Modern technology has been utilized to improve the quality of golf tools. New balls that swing better, cover extra flight, and make an angle with a club face that makes quality shots, are being produced. 

Golf clubs, of different kinds and qualities that have proper golf head, face, heel, and toe that are employed in different scenarios, are improving the game quality of golfers who are playing professionally at the age of 40.

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3- Perfect Body Alignment

To become a golf pro at the age of 30 or 40, you need to concentrate on maintaining perfect body alignment, such as a suitable stance, which refers to the width of the player’s feet. The perfect stance helps in creating a balanced body posture and perfect grip on the club.

For creating perfect body alignment, your goal should be to get a 90-degree line from the leading edge of the club at the target. Then, you need to run your body parallel to the target line that you just have created. Feet, knees, hips, and shoulders all run parallel to the target line.

4- Create The Stalwart Grip

To become a pro golfer irrespective of your age, you need to learn to build a strong grip on the golf club. The perfect body alignment aims to have a solid grip on the golf club. The step-by-step way to build a grip is given below:

  • Stand up straight
  • Put feet together
  • Straight up the leading edge
  • Lead hand on first, and use glove on it for grip
  • It’s your turn to run the grip of the golf club from the middle of the index finger to the bottom of the little finger on the left hand, going to close my hand on a golf club,
  • Feel the grip in your fingers not in your palm.
  • All four knuckles and the logo of the glove of the lead hand are visible
  • Right hand on the shaft like its palm facing the target
  • The right thumb should be sitting on the top of the left thumb.
  • As now you’re looking down, two and a half knuckles are visible on my glove hand and there’s a V form in between the thumb and forefinger on the trail hand, right hand, which goes up to my right ear.
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How To Get A PGA Pro Card?

The easiest and legal way to get the PGA tour card is by enrolling yourself in the PGA Golf Management University program accredited by the American Association of Golfers.

The other way is to become a registered associate in the PGA associate program to become a PGA tour professional. By getting enrolled in these programs, you’ll get enough knowledge to be able to deal with businesses and players in golf.

How To Become A Professional Golfer Without College?

If you’re someone who wants to be a pro golfer but doesn’t have the opportunity to join college, you can choose to go to the district or provincial-level state-sponsored golf clubs. Golf is all about meritocracy.

Golf doesn’t care about your gender, age, or social values if you’re good at golf. Thus, you can opt to learn and practice from these places until you earn some bucks to get a personal trainer to improve your game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Start My Golf Career?

If you want to be a pro golfer, learn golf with full attention, and play it with full zeal. However, you can’t get better until you compete against others. Thus register yourself for upcoming tournaments in your locality, and tee off the ground.

How Many Years Does It Take To Become A Pro Golfer?

Honestly, it depends upon the player whose case is under study. It depends upon the cognitive ability, learning power, practice session, and other logistic and psychological factors that help in shaping you to become a pro golfer.

Is It Hard To Be A Pro Golfer?

Well, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to be a pro golfer. It might sound cliche, but a player’s determination and consistency matter in shaping someone’s career in golf.

The player needs to take golf lessons, practice it like an obligation, and get his shots and target pointing supervised by a coach. They are beneficial for you whether you wish to participate in international or local amateur tournaments.

Thus, to be a pro golfer, you need to regularly attend and compete against other players in officially organized tournaments. Thus, it’s pretty hard to master this skill.

Can I Become A Pro Golfer At 30?

A pro golfer simply means a player who competes against others in organized tournaments. And you can play in tournaments by registering yourself. However, if you want to maintain the efficiency a pro golfer owns in your 30s, you can have it, as the average PGA player performs best when they’re around 35.

At What Handicap You Can Turn To Pro?

There is no universal handicap to measure the dexterity of a player in a game, but to be a PGA professional, a male player needs a handicap of 4.4 or better, and a female player needs a handicap of 6.4 or better.

How Can I Earn My European Tour Card?

There are two main ways to become a pro golfer on the European Tour (now called the DP World Tour): You can either keep your existing membership or you can qualify as the first member of that particular tour. You can renew your membership if you're a current member or apply in different ways if you're a new member.

Can I Make Money By Participating In Professional Golfing?

As a PGA golfer, it is hard for you to earn a huge amount of money. However, if you can get tournament winnings and endorsements, earning money like other golf professionals will no longer be an issue for you.

What Handicap Can Make Me A Pro?

To play professionally on the PGA Tour, you typically need to be very good at golf. Here's a breakdown:

  • Just Starting Out: Aim for a handicap of +3 (meaning you consistently score 3 strokes under par).
  • Making A Living: Top golfers usually play at a handicap of +5 (consistently 5 strokes under par).
  • Tiger Woods In His Prime: He was exceptionally good, playing at a level equivalent to a handicap of +9 (9 strokes under par)!


You can become a pro golfer by consistently incorporating new techniques through lessons from your coach and practicing them under their supervision. Patience and determination are the keys to success, and the more you practice, the more skilled a player you will become.

Anyone underestimating the power of discipline can never be a head golf professional, regardless of reading all guides on “how to become a pro golfer.”

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