How To Comfort A Dog In Heat

Every dog owner realizes that heat season is a real nightmare for the dog itself and its master. No different than people, female dogs also experience hormone changes during their heat cycle, which may cause irritation, anxiety, and discomfort. These are the challenging and stressful moments not only for you but also for your pet. Realizing that how to provide a cozy and safe environment during this time is important to preserve your dog's condition and maintain a healthy relationship with you. With all these changes, your dog is in need of extra attention and care that you alone can provide.

Understanding your dog’s heat cycle and ways to fulfill its needs can make a world of difference. So, to help you out, I have curated a detailed guide on effective methods to comfort a dog in heat. How to comfort a dog in heat? Let’s dive into the effective methods and techniques that can help you take better care of your dog during sensitive and critical times.

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Methods To Comfort A Dog In Heat

1- Maintaining The Hygiene & Cleanliness Of Your Dog

Dogs are accustomed to cleaning themselves, but constant licking during in-heat moments can lead to irritation. Maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness of both your dogs is one of the most effective ways to help them feel at ease. To maintain the hygiene of your dog, you can outfit them with dog diapers that will prevent licking while also protecting your carpets and other home areas from getting dirty.

Change the diaper whenever it is soiled, and also clean the area with wet wipes to prevent irritation. Taking care of your dog in this sensitive time will generate a better and warmer bond between the two of you. Furthermore, you should also bathe your dog about once a week. Wash it using lukewarm water and try to use the conditioner. During showers, clean the area of genitals with alcohol-free pet wipes. The conditioner will help in preventing skin irritation.

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2- Try To Keep The Dog In An Enclosed Space

When your dog is in heat, it will have bloody discharge or even watery discharge more often than not. So, if you have carpets, furniture, and other objects or surfaces that you don’t want to be ruined with stains, you should protect them by enclosing your dog in a closed space like a fenced-in yard. Make sure the area you choose for your dog has a hard floor that will be easier to clean. You should also use washable and waterproof lining on your dog bed to ensure a clean bed for your dog.

Aside from cleanliness, the enclosed space also serves another purpose. It prevents the dog from escaping and roaming around. Anxious dogs in heat tend to roam around in search of mates and might even escape from home. So, keeping them in an enclosed space prevents them from leaving and also prevents other stray male dogs from entering the house.

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3- Monitor Your Dog During Heat Cycle

It is important to keep a strict eye on your dog during its in-heat period. You should be aware that the dog will produce discharge at the beginning and end of the heat cycles. Even after the discharge stops, the dog remains in the cycle for about two weeks. So, you must not misunderstand the stopping of the discharge as the end of the canine heat cycle.

You need to monitor your female dog during outside potty breaks at the same time. Also, you have to keep male dogs away if you want to avoid pregnancies.

Monitoring is also necessary because complications can arise during this period in which you will have to take your dog to a vet immediately. If the bleeding or discharge is not stopping or you notice a foul odor or unfamiliar color, you should consult a vet. Adding to this, the female dog’s genitals become enlarged during this cycle. If you see any irregularities in the shape or if it is not going back to normal, you should take the dog to a vet.

You should keep monitoring your dog even after the heat cycle has ended. During a normal routine, if your dog has vomiting, diarrhea, or fever, it is because of an upset stomach, but during the cycle or after the heat cycle, there might be other reasons. These symptoms might indicate pyometra, which is an infection of the uterus that requires immediate attention from a vet.

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4- Give Extra Attention & Care To Your Dog

When your dog is in heat, it will require extra attention and care as it is spending more time indoors and also in an enclosed space. So, it is better to show the dog that you care and keep it entertained. You can use various toys and puzzles to keep the dog occupied and prevent it from roaming or feeling stressed.

Also, dogs in heat are more susceptible to stressors like loud noises, small children, and other animals. They might reach adversely during their cycle, so you must be extra attentive. Keep it away from these stressors during this time, pet your dog more often, and play with it whenever you can find time.

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5- Keep Your Dog Away From Other Dogs

The most important part of your dog’s care is to keep it away from other dogs during the heat cycle period. Supervise the dog and never go out without a leash. You must remember that intact male dogs can sense a female in heat from 5 miles away, so you have to keep your dog on a leash to prevent it from roaming and keep it safe. Prevent going to areas, like a dog park that are frequented by other dogs for preventing unwanted pregnancies, and take special precautions when you go on walks or take your dog out for his usual dump.

Avoid going to dog parks during this time to prevent unwanted pregnancy. If you have an intact male dog in your home, consider giving him away to a friend for some time until the female dog is out of her in-heat period. That’s only if your male dog hasn’t been neutered. Otherwise, it is fine. However, if giving your dog away isn’t an option, you will have to be extra attentive like having your dog spayed and keeping both dogs separate at all times to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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6- Do Not Punish Your Dog For Irregular Behavior

During their heat cycle, dogs might behave irregularly and might be more susceptible to acting agitated, angry, or trying to run off. You mustn't punish the dog for acting this way and show it the love and affection it needs. Managing this problematic behavior is crucial to their well-being.

Even female dogs might take the habit of urinating to mark areas during this cycle. If such an accident happens indoors, you must clean the area immediately to remove odors to prevent it from happening again. Also, redirect the dog by using phrases such as “No” or “Don’t Do It Tommy (using your dog’s name) to prevent them from doing it.

If your dog mimics mounting with you, another person, object, or animal, you must stop this behavior. You can use the phrases I mentioned above or divert the attention of the dog by giving it a treat or a toy or playing with it using your command phrases like sit, circle, etc.

You might also experience something known as pseudopregnancy. Female dogs, when not allowed to mate, might show symptoms of getting falsely pregnant. They might start lactating or try to nurse random objects, known as nesting. For lactation, you can consult your vet and get medication to stop the milk production. As for nesting behavior, you can take away those objects like a pair of socks or stuffed animals and distract your dog with other activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Not To Do When Your Dog Is In Heat?

You must not let it roam freely outdoors as it might attract other males and get pregnant. Also, you must not ignore the dog as it needs more attention than ever. You must also avoid punishing the dog.

What Should You Give To Your Dog In Heat?

Make sure your dog drinks a lot of water or chicken soup to stay energized. You can give foods with fiber, like oats, which can help with digestion. Give her tasty treats that she likes to reduce stress!

How Do I Comfort My Dog In The First Heat?

There are several ways to comfort a dog in heat. We have discussed the most effective methods and techniques in the above article. Make sure you pay proper attention and give the dog love and affection.

Does A Dog Hurt When In Heat?

Not normally. If your dog is hurt, it might be because of an infection or a complication in their cycle. You should take the dog to a vet immediately if it presents symptoms of being hurt or too much bleeding.

How Long Do Female Dogs Stay In Heat?

Normally, a female dog's heat cycle runs for 4 to six weeks. The dogs might discharge for about ten days during the beginning and end of their cycle. In the middle, they might stop discharging due to ovulation, but you should misinterpret it as the end of the cycle.


To sum it all up, dogs in heat require extra love and care. You must maintain proper hygiene of both the dog itself and the area around it and pay special attention to your dog. If you fail to protect your dog during its in-heat cycle, it will get pregnant.

You must not let the dog roam freely. Keep in mind that dogs are agitated during their heat period and might behave angrily or irregularly. You must not punish your dog for any such actions. Make sure you show the dog love and affection, and you will get it a hundredfold back later.

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