How To Cover A Bruise

Are you dealing with an unsightly bruise that you wish to conceal as soon as possible? Whether it's from an accidental bump, a surgical procedure, or any other reason, mastering the art of covering bruises is vital for you.

Did you know that bruises can happen to anyone, no matter the age and gender you have? Our guide is here to empower you with the knowledge to confidently face the world, bruise-free. Whether you're a makeup novice or an enthusiast, we'll explore the nuances of color-correcting concealers, long-wearing foundations, and more, ensuring you find the perfect match for your unique needs. Join us on this journey as we turn bruise coverage into an art form, providing you with the tools and statistics to reclaim your confidence.

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What Is A Bruise?

A bruise is an injury that appears on our body in the form of coloration. This, however, happens when the tiniest blood vessels, like capillaries, rupture or get damaged, and blood clots under the skin. Bruises hurt mostly, but if you have a high pain threshold and are bearing with it, they’ll still bring you unsolicited questions and unwanted embarrassment. Thus, you can cover bruises to make the situation less awkward and more comfortable for you. For this purpose, you can use a facial bruise as well.

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Immediate Help To Cover A Bruise

If, on some unlucky day, you or your loved one gets bruises, don’t panic and get immediate medical assistance, and equip yourself with the knowledge because maybe there’s no one to help you but yourself.

Immediate Assistance Includes

  • Applying an ice pack to reduce blood flow and reduce swelling in return
  • Use compressed bandage to fully cover your bruises
  • Elevate the affected area to minimize blood flow so swelling on bruises remains controlled.

Cover Bruises From Filler Injections

Filler injections fade your wrinkles and age lines magically, but administering fillers can cause bruises in some patients due to their thin skin, or sometimes, an aesthetician might make a mistake that costs their clients bruises. To avoid bruises from filler injections, you need to keep an eye on certain precautions that are discussed below.

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Before Injecting Fillers

Stop using any medication that thins the blood, like aspirin, unless you’re having another medicated issue for which your doctor is prescribing you blood thinning medicine. Secondly, stop drinking alcohol if you’re already addicted to it. Lastly, don’t hesitate to share with your doctor if you have suffered from a sore cold in the past because you need an anti-viral vaccine in this case.

Post Operational Care

After injecting fillers, ensure to apply sunscreen regularly to protect your skin. Refrain from consuming alcohol until your doctor deems it safe to resume daily activities. Avoid squeezing the bruised areas out of curiosity or habit. Follow your doctor's advice on external medicine application for optimal recovery.

Covering A Bruise

If, despite taking precautions, you end up with a bruise, covering it is easy with these tips. Start by prepping your skin and wiping away any dust. Apply sunscreen and a thin layer of moisturizer to protect and refresh your skin. Use a foundation with a thick consistency that matches your skin tone; this will effectively conceal your bruises.

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Two Easy Ways To Cover Your Bruises

There are two ways to get your bruises covered. One of them is by applying makeup, and the other one is without applying makeup.

Covering Bruises By Applying Makeup

Applying makeup can help conceal a bruise. Since a bruise can change its appearance colorwise during the course of healing, color correctors of one type might not help cover a bruise throughout. Thus, it's recommended to buy a color corrector palette from drugs or makeup stores.

The color corrector palette contains colors required for concealing bruises as per the color wheel. When a bruise changes its color from red to purple and then yellow or orange, you can get it concealed at every stage since the color corrector palette has almost every color opposite to what a bruise can change into.

Cover A Purple Bruise On The Face

The face is the most prominent body part that catches all attention. If you have a bruise or blemish that’s attracting the viewer's attention, we recommend you cover it up with makeup. People relax when they learn how to cover a purple bruise with makeup. The secret of covering bruises on the face depends on the game of using color correctors correctly. For example, if the bruise on the face is purple, it can be concealed using a yellow color corrector.

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Covering Bruise On Limbs

Most of the time, we get bruises on limbs like arms or legs, and if the weather is hot, you can’t cover yourself enough to cover the bruise. At this time of hour, the makeup kit comes to our rescue to save our whole face.

Cover Up A Bruise On The Arm

The arm is the favorite spot for our blemishes and bruises to set on. Thus, if you get a bruise on your arm, you can get it covered by wearing long sleeves or by wearing darker shades of clothes. Another way is to get it covered by styling a muffler around the arms, but if it all gets messy for you, and you’re not habitual of wearing long sleeves either, get your hands on a makeup kit and follow the process:

  • Cover your bruises with a suitable color corrector as suggested by the color wheel. And blend it
  • Nicely ensuring feathering of the edges.
  • Since the skin of our limbs is comparatively sturdy, it sometimes needs concealer as well. Cover the corrected area with concealer, and blend it well with a beauty blender.
  • To transition the corrected area naturally, cover it with a heavy coverage foundation that must match your skin tone.
  • Keep in mind that while setting makeup on a bruise, gently use brushes and blenders over that part. You can also lightly dust translucent setting powder to make the corrected area neat and free from creasing and smudging.
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Cover Up A Bruise On Legs

The summer season has convinced us already to wear high heels and high hemlines, but the bruises and welts on the knees don’t match well. Thus, there’s a way to cover the bruises on the leg by wearing cotton trousers or a jumpsuit. Such breezed and light stuff lets the bruises and blemishes heal naturally without any strain of concealing it. However, if the temperature doesn’t allow you to wear long suits, bruises cannot be a hurdle in your way of styling your favorite skirt.

You can artistically conceal the bruises on your leg with the help of makeup. Check the color of your bruises, and use the opposite color from the color corrector palette. A color wheel defines which color corrector is best to conceal the bruises based on their colored appearance.

Since the legs, if exposed, usually grab attention, that’s why we recommend you apply concealer on the color-corrected part of your leg. People struggled to know ‘’ how to cover a bruise with concealer’’; the answer to this query lies in the fact that covering a bruise with concealer has never been rocket science; just buy a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply it on the color-corrected and bruised area of your leg.

Then, apply a heavy foundation that matches your skin tone, and blend it well with a beauty blender to make it naturally-looking skin. The art of blending is very important in the application of makeup because the makeup looks fake and cakey if you don’t blend it well, and the bruise you’re trying to hide will get more attention because of disturbed makeup.

How To Hide A Bruise Without Makeup

If you don’t want to cover your bruises with makeup, that is a perfect choice, too. A lot of people have sensitive skin, and makeup makes things worse for them. They can cover bruises by alluring the attention of people by wearing dark lipsticks, an accenting technique, or styling hair in a way that you get a better attention grabber than the bruises. Wearing accessories like big earrings and pendants conceal your bruises if they are found in the neck and nearby areas. If the bruises are on the eyes and nose bridge, wearing sunglasses will surely help.

Solutions To Cover Your Bruises With Pros & Cons

Solutions For Effective Bruise CoverageProsCons
Makeup Alternatives
Drugstore Color Corrector PalettesConveniently AvailableMay Not Perfectly Match All Skin Tones
Makeup Shop Color Corrector PalettesWide Range Of Color OptionsHigher Cost
Non-Makeup Alternatives
Dark LipsticksFashionable & Attention-DivertingLimited To Specific Areas Like Lips
Unique HairstylesCreative & StylishMay Not Cover Larger OR Scattered Bruises
Accents & Strategic AccessoriesVersatile & Can Be Tailored To PreferencesMight Not Fully Conceal Inevitable Bruises


Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Concealer Covers Bruises?

The choice of color concealer depends on the color of the bruises. If the bruise is purple, a yellow hue concealer helps; red bruises are covered by green concealer, and yellow bruises are covered by lavender-colored concealer.

What Color Covers Purple Bruises?

Purple-colored bruises commonly exist and are usually concealed by yellow concealers and color correctors. The yellow hue camouflages the purple bruises, and it attains the color of skin tone.

Does Toothpaste Help Bruises?

It might differ from patient to patient, but generally, toothpaste possesses anti-inflammatory properties. The toothpaste helps heal bruises as it contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties that help you to heal bruises.

How Do You Hide A Bruised Lip?

It might differ from patient to patient, but generally, toothpaste possesses anti-inflammatory properties. The toothpaste helps heal bruises as it contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties that help you to heal bruises.

How Can I Hide A Bruise On My Face?

If your skin is makeup-friendly, prep your skin by wiping out the dirt and applying a suitable color corrector; after that, apply concealer and blend it to make it look natural. After that, apply a suitable foundation that matches your skin tone and blend it as well. However, if you’re avoiding makeup, wearing accessories like a hat might work if your bruise is located near the hairline; you can choose to wear sunglasses if the bruise is near the eye or nose bridge.

What Is The Best Cover Up For Bruises?

The best cover-up for bruises depends on where bruises are present on the body and if you’re fine covering them by wearing enough clothes or if bruises are on visible parts of the body; the choice of wearing makeup and no makeup creates differences. However, the best cover is concealing your bruises by wearing accessories so they are healed without applying makeup on them.


You can cover your bruises by wearing makeup or by wearing accessories. Another organic option is covering bruises by wearing modest clothes if the bruises are located somewhere on the body. However, if you’re unable to cover the bruises, somehow, don’t feel less confident, and wear your bruises with confidence because they’ll fade away and indicate that our bodies can injure and then heal.

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