How To Define Curls

,Did you ever think how your terrible frizz can be turned into beautiful, bouncy curls? To actually put it straight, curly hair is a kind of a hairdo that draws out its natural twists and twirls. It somehow looks like trying to style your hair to have splendid waves you often see actors and rock stars use. However, don't be anxious as it is also manageable. You can transform your hair from a straight style to a curly style in just a few minutes.

Curls is all about emphasizing the exact shapes that your hair naturally has. It's like whispering into your hair's ear, "Hey there, lovely, let your true personality emerge!" Now, if you need a plan to add some volume to your hair, then keep an eye on it because the article will bring up some simple tips that will make you look like a pro with ease!

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Top 4 Methods To Help You Define Your Curls

You probably wonder how to make a natural curl pattern and soft without products or which products you can use to define your curls. Either way, you can get perfectly defined curls that you are looking for in multiple ways. I've mentioned four methods using products and without hair products so you can define your curly hair per your preferences.

Method 1: Practice Finger Curling for Defined Curls

One of the most effective ways to curl your hair is by doing Finger curling, aka finger coils, which involves using your fingers to twist strands of hair around itself. Finger coils work best on naturally curly or wavy tresses that already have some form to give you beautiful curls with lots of texture and definition.

Step No 1: Understand Your Curl Type

As I said earlier, if you have natural curls you can easily define them without using finger coils. You can also use this method to define curls on short natural hair. Since I've naturally wavy hair, I mostly use this method when I don't want to use any styling product or tool like curling iron. That said, let's move to the second step.

Step No 2: Prepare Your Hair Effectively

While defining your tight curls, either wet or dry the first thing you need to do is cleaning. Take strands of your hair and clean them thoroughly. Since freshly washed hair can provide an advantage, it won't be weighed down by product buildup or dirt, which may result in less curls defined.

Note: Although it's a necessary step to define your curls, I won't be discussing it in the next methods. But you have to clean/ wash your hair whenever you want to define them.

Define Curls 2

Step No 3: Divide Your Hair For Equally Defined Curls

After washing, divide your hair into small but less than one-inch-wide sections to ensure even curling, and use mousse for smooth and shiny results. You can use small clips to section all your hair at once; otherwise, simply jump to the next step.

Step No 4: Practice Finger Curling On Each Hair Section

Now that you've divided each section grab your hair strand with your index and middle finger at its end. Then twist it in on itself until you get a coil-ish shape. After that, move on to another strand of hair following the same technique. Repeat this process over all sections until your head is covered in coils.

Step No 5: Final Look

Once all sections are twisted into uniform curls, you could take an extra step, like spraying light hairspray onto every single coil to keep them in place for the day or night, depending on how long they will be worn.

Caution: Don't add too much product, as this can weigh down your curls, causing them to become limp instead of bouncy and lively like you want.

Define Curls 3

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Method 2: Get Your Hands On Hot Tools For Exceptionally Defined Curls

Another method when you can consider while defining your curls is using Heat. Hot tools are amazing for curly hair and offer flexible styling options and straightening the hair shaft, from loose waves to tight ringlets. However, it's more about calculating the right warmth level and timing.

Step No 1: Protect Your Hair Before Applying Hot Tools

Before you start doing so, make sure your hair has enough hydration. This will protect your hair against heat damage while helping you get defined curls.

Step No 2: Select The Hot Tool That Suits Your Curl Type

Choose the appropriate hot tool for your curl type, such as a flat iron, curling wand, or diffuser. You can use what's available or determine which would work best for your hair type.

Step No 3: Adjust Your Tool's Heat Setting

Once you've got the heat tool, remember to use a medium-high setting on the hot tool when applying directly to hair. This will give you the desired effect without damaging your hair from overheating.

Step No 4: Pick & Make Strands Of Your Hair

For a perfectly defined curl, sectioning off your hair into smaller parts before styling is important. So that each strand will get enough heat for definition without tangles or clumps forming.

Step No 5: Cool, Wait & Style

While styling your hair with a hot tool, let it cool completely before moving on to other sections for maximum hold and shine over time.

Step No 6: Final Look

Now, use hairspray if needed, but not too close, as this could flatten out those beautifully defined curls you created.

There are other ways to get the desired results without heating. For example, curl training is like a cool trick to make your hair curly without using hot tools or chemicals so that you can keep the awesome curls without any damage.

Caution: Avoid any more heat applications once hairspray is applied to preserve the natural healthiness of your hair.

Define Curls 5

Method 3: Use A Bathrobe Tie To Define Your Curls Overnight

If you want to make your hair curly with water that can switch up your style, then you can try this method. Using a bathrobe tie overnight gives you an effortless look with tons of texture and volume. All it takes is more supplies compared to straight hair like bobby pins, cloth headbands or bathrobe ties, and spray to get defined and refresh curls the next day.

Step No 1: Slightly Wet Your Hair With Water

At night, dampen your hair, brush your hair thoroughly, and part it into two sections to proceed with the next step ensuring equal and well-defined curls.

Step No 2: Twist & Braid Using A Bathrobe Tie

Now, place the tie in the center, separating the two sections of your hair. Clip it with the help of bobby pins and let the two ends fall towards each side. Next, hold each section with your fingers to braid your hair around the robe tie. For instance, take one strand, move it behind your robe tie, and take it to the other side. Repeat the process until you make two big braids. You can also take big sections for more volume, as we do while making a French braid.

Step No 3: Secure Your Braids & Sleep

After making your braids, tie each end with a hair tie or small clips if you are comfortable using them. Otherwise, tie the braid ends, take the excess robe tie from both ends, move it around your head, and then tie both ends together to form a crown. You can also remove the bobby pins you used to attach the robe tie at this step. And then take a good night's sleep.

Step No 4: Wake Up With Excitement

When waking up the next morning, untie all sections starting from the bottom layer and make their way upwards until each braid is released from the tie. This will give them that beautiful bounce-back effect and truly defined curly hair.

Step No 5: Optional Final Look

You can lightly spritz hairspray products to define curls while holding them in place, but avoid overdoing them.

Define Curls 4

Method 4: Use Hot Curlers To Define Your Curls Magically

Hot curlers are an excellent way to define your curls and give them as much volume as you want. Hot curlers consist of heated metal barrels in various sizes and shapes. These barrels enable you to create a wide range of curl styles, from tight ringlets all the way up to loose waves.

Step No 1: Set The Heat Level & Blow-Dry Your Hair

Before using hot rollers, ensure they're adequately heated based on what's best suited for your hair type. Also, check out the instructions manual included with your specific set! Now air dry your hair (don't go for perfection as you'll only be doing it to create a base to get maximum volume) to proceed with the second step.

Step No 2: Make Sections Of Your Hair For Even Heating

After your hair is blow dry, start making sections of your hair. Doing that before using hot curls can save a lot of your time. However, if you like doing one at a time, you can start by taking small sections of your hair to start wrapping.

Step No 3: Start Wrapping Your Hair Sections

Now wrap sections of your hair around each barrel from the ends towards the roots. If you want a younger look, wrap your hair away or move towards you for a classic look. However, make sure you don't overlap too much because this can lead to tangles when you remove the barrels later.

Step No 4: Wait, Remove & Style

Once all sections are wrapped up, leave them up for 35 minutes before removing and styling them as you prefer. Now, you can brush to get a smooth texture, style your hair accordingly, curl around your finger, and spray some hairspray for a more defined look.

Caution: While using hot curlers, ensure you protect your hands before holding them and avoid leaving them in for too long to prevent heat damage.

Table Featuring Methods To Help You Define Your Curls

Practice Finger Curling For Defined CurlsWrap small sections of clean, wet or dry hair tightly with finger curling, emphasizing natural curls for texture and definition.
Get Your Hands On Hot Tools For Exceptionally Defined CurlsUtilize heat tools like flat irons and curling wands for curl definition, ensuring proper moisture levels and optimal heat settings.
Use A Bathrobe Tie To Define Your Curls OvernightAchieve effortless, defined curls overnight by braiding damp hair with a bathrobe tie, resulting in textured and voluminous curls the next day.
Use Hot Curlers To Define Your Curls MagicallyEmploy hot curlers to automate the curl definition process, beginning with setting the heat level, wrapping hair sections around the barrels, and enhancing volume and texture.
Define Curls 1 1

6 Tips For Defined Curls & Say Bye-Bye To Frizzy Hair

I really want to put these short tips together for you because I can totally relate to how frustrating it can sometimes be with curly hair. In case you are looking for “how to define kinky curly hair”, these tips also work amazingly to keep your kinky curls in their best shape. Therefore, go through these tips and make sure you follow them regularly as I do to get defined hair with less effort.

Choose The Right Shampoo & Conditioner

Where it all starts in the shower. You need to look for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for curly hair. These products will clean your hair without stripping away its natural oils, which can lead to frizz.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Curly hair tends to be on the drier side, so keeping it well-hydrated is essential. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to lock in moisture. You can also consider the leave in conditioner to maintain hydration throughout the day.

Curl-Enhancing Products

Invest in products formulated to enhance your natural curls. Curl creams, gels, and mousse can help define your curls and keep them in check. Apply these products when your hair is still damp for the best results.

Diffuse With Care

If you use a diffuser to dry your hair, do it in a low heat setting and avoid touching your curls too much. Scrunch your hair upwards with the diffuser attachment to encourage your curls to form without causing frizz.

Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Cotton pillowcases can rough up your hair and create frizz overnight. Switch to a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and maintain your curls' definition. You can also tie your hair up in a loose pineapple bun on top of your head to protect your curls while you sleep.

Ditch the Towel

Instead of vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel after washing, use a microfiber towel or an old cotton t-shirt. Gently blot your hair to remove excess water. Rubbing with a regular towel can create friction and cause frizz.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Curls More Defined?

The use of the right techniques and good products is all it takes to make curls more defined and tighter. You can add more definition to your curls by applying curl-friendly products. These include the use of the Shampoo, deep conditioner, gels, and creams. Add a proper hair oiling routine because, as a curly head, you truly can leverage extra moisture. Also, try to cut down on the use of heat and eat a well-balanced nutritious diet.

Why Are My Curls Not Defined?

While you struggle to pull off well-defined curls, numerous factors can be behind it. But the most common revolves around not using enough product quantity. As a curly head, you need to understand that moisturizing your hair correctly is the right way. Make hydrating products your best friend, and you will witness the change yourself. Remember that good hair care does wonders for your texture and growth, so invest in a premium quality shampoo, and wide-toothed comb, and don't forget to pair it with a deeply hydrating conditioner.

How Can I Improve My Natural Curls?

You can easily improve your curls by following a proper hair care routine. To do so:

  • Pair up a nourishing shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner.
  • Shampoo only twice to a maximum of thrice a week.
  • Limit brushing your hair in its dry state and only detangle them when they are wet.
  • Integrate the use of curl-friendly products in your hair styling routine.

Experts also recommend minimizing the usage of heat, but if you use it for curling, ensure you use a high-quality heat protectant.

How Can I Define My Curly Hair At Home?

To define your curly hair at home, try using hot curlers and a bathrobe tie method. Apart from that, always use a hydrating sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Only brush your hair when wet, and don't excessively style them. The wet hair can be brushed easily and if you are using hot tools, use a reliable heat protectant to save them from damage.

Moreover, experiment and try different curl-friendly products to find the right ones for your hair. Getting a hang of your curly hair routine might take a while, but once you do, you will experience the true essence of having curly hair.

Why Are My Curls Frizzy & Undefined?

If your hair gets frizzy out of nowhere at certain times, it’s because curly hair is naturally dry. And humidity seems to be one of the curly hair's worst enemies, making them undefined and frizzy, even if you have styled it using creams and serums. However, using the wrong products also seems to play a role in making them frizzy. Therefore, it is important to test different products to find the ones that suit your hair.

How Do You Get Big Bouncy Curls?

Where big bouncy curls are trending, getting them is no longer challenging, considering the variety of options you have now. So, if you want heat-free big curls, you can always opt for hair rollers. Scrunching your hair with a curl-friendly routine is also a suitable option. Moreover, if you want to explore more options, the old T-shirt lying in your closet can even help you ace your curls. Regardless of your choice, brush out your hair at the end to get that bouncy effect.


With a handful of methods and tips to make your hair curls look defined and classic, I hope you are already ready to sit in front of your mirror, holding the tools to start defining your curls. However, if you are confused about any step, drop your query in the comment section below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. And if you've tried any of the discussed methods, don't forget to share your results with me. I'll be happy knowing your journey so far. Ciao for now!

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