How To Get Someone Fired

So, you are at work, productively trying to achieve your targets, and then your colleague's way of working makes your day a nightmare. Possibly, they continuously fail deadlines, have a toxic work environment, or demonstrate open disobedience. Productivity is disrupted, the morale of the team is disturbed, and general satisfaction in the workplace deteriorates. You start considering the unthinkable: burning them.

Before you go to the front line like an HR commando, you will breathe, and you will take a step back. Terminating an employee may seem like the ultimate solution, but it is a complex issue of both legal and ethical nature. Such guidance can be of real help here. It is directed to help you in developing the skills to cope with difficulties in workplace situations.

Besides that, this guide will help supervisors, managers, and colleagues handle these types of work situations by focusing on effective communication, appropriate reporting channels, and ethical considerations.

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Why A Person Deserves To Get Fired For Revenge?

Navigating workplace issues can be complex, especially when considering an employee's performance or behavior. At times, both the worker and the supervisor may face repercussions. If you find yourself contemplating discreet retaliation, it's essential to understand the less obvious reasons why a person deserves a termination, even unbeknownst to the boss:

  • He shirks his duties.
  • He uses unfair means for his promotion.
  • He maligns & sabotages other's work.
  • He’s found guilty of getting in the opponent's favor.
  • He is stealing from the company.
  • He approaches his boss or the HR person against his co-workers and tries to make a personal relationship with the authorities.
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Note: It's important to remember that the objective is not to "get someone fired," but rather to address concerns constructively and professionally, keeping the best interests of the organization and its employees in mind.

The Final Decision To Get Someone Fired

1- Find A Legitimate Reason

If you want someone to get fired, there should be a solid and legitimate reason. You should find a solid reason no matter if you don't like that person or if he is one of your church friends past. For example, he is consistently late to the office. You can plan a late-night outing on a work night and then schedule a meeting for early the next morning to show his late-coming habit to all.

However, you can’t free a person from a job for having personal liking or disliking. Always remind yourself that he has a family to support. Working with coworkers sincerely and impartially guarantees the progress of the company. Having a solid reason is vital for you as the fired person can take his case to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well.

Moreover, after spying on a legitimate reason, take time to ponder every aspect of the situation you are going to take him away from his job for the responsibility of:

  • Sharing your abilities with others
  • Disturbing others’ ability to work.
  • Uncooperative.
  • Habitually lazy & unpunctual.
  • Creating a hostile work environment.
  • Harassing someone physically, sexually, or verbally.

2- Need Some Assistance

No decision in any company can be pursued solely. There should be some witnesses to prove that you have no personal grudge against the person being fired. Secondly, your arguments against the other person's wrongdoings are valid only in the situation when your coworkers back you up. View and scrutinize the points that others feel the same that you are doing against the employee.

  • Be impartial and diplomatic.
  • Don’t spread rumors in the company.
  • Investigate in a way that the character of the employee should not be questionable to others. Avoid asking someone directly “What do you think of John?”
  • After finding some co-workers agreeing with you, get their favor to join you for a formal complaint.

3- Watch & Record

Keep a tab on the person you are spying on. Also, observe your co-worker's behavior to get evidence. Make a document in detail with incidents and times he's been involved in.

  • Keep a record of detailed descriptions with time and date.
  • Try to pick the serious irresponsibilities, not the silly things that he does habitually.
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4- Make A Formal Meeting

You need to try to schedule a meeting with your manager. Make an effort to find the right person for the best judgment about the matter.

  • Present a written complaint. Also, get the coworkers whom you find interested in making complaints.
  • Request the manager to keep your complaint anonymous until the proceedings are complete. Otherwise, you will gather more enemies and make you questionable in your coworkers all the time.
  • Present your complaint in hard copy. As making complaints via email can be ignored easily.

i- Paper Records

The record of complaints should be in paper form containing the things he’s been handling personally.

  • Papers with his signatures
  • Statements that ensure complaints such as bank statements, invoices, deposit slips, financial statements, etc.
  • Calendars with dates when the person has skipped the meeting, Etc.

ii- Digital Records

Video Records

First, try to obtain video recordings of the person's wrongdoing. You may find these video proofs from CCTV cameras recording in offices, hallways, or public areas. If you find him involved in some serious crime, you may use your mini camera to record the action- this will end up needing any other witnesses.

Audio Records

While it's generally illegal to secretly record private conversations, the Federal Wiretap Act permits it under certain circumstances. Recording the employee's planning can provide evidence to address the issue anonymously. Capture instances of disrespectful behavior or criticism toward colleagues in the office using a QuickTime app or other audio recording devices.

Personal Records

Besides digital recordings, it is solid proof when some other employees are backing you up in the office. Plus, you can lop his computer system to get text or emails as proof.

5- Plan & Arrange Your Case

Ponder through the points you are going to present and try to recite them in a low and calm tone. Avoid getting frustrated or annoyed, which would make your boss think you might have some interpersonal grudges instead of having some serious complaints. 

Also, you must go professional and formal as it will make you leave a paper trail that is a proper way to handle the case. All information and arguments should go in the company's favor.

  • Start with positive remarks about the person, then put the issue going against the boss or company.
  • After compiling and presenting complaints, leave everything to the boss about his decisions. Avoid directly recommending your boss “to fire him instantly’.
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6- Remove Emotions

Justice is blind to the sentiments. So, you need not think about the person. You are supposed to be very blunt and impartial while addressing the issues the employee is creating in the office, or you can mention the abusive language which are disturbing your coworkers or clients. Plus, there shouldn’t be any involvement of interpersonal grudges or disliking.

7- Avoid Suggesting Punishment To Your Manager

Once you have performed your duty as a loyal worker of your company, it is no longer your responsibility to keep a tab on your boss to get a person fired. Stay busy with your life and job. Stay calm and avoid arguing with or giving them grounds to coworkers if they ask about the complaint.

8- Find Alternatives

Before bringing the employee into the criminal box, try to find the most appropriate person to turn the situation in favor of the employee and company altogether. Sometimes, you may have interpersonal issues and want to get the other co-worker fired. Be very careful about the things you are not going to manipulate. 

Sometimes, it’s simply an eyewash of what you’re seeing. For the Accuracy of the complaint, it’s better to take your coworker in confidence and gather whether they are observing the same as you. Try to hop on his computer and share his lewd emails with your boss.

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9- Help The Employee

Well and good, the reaction that led to the employee's termination is in favor of the company. After a thorough assessment, the human resources department shouldn't explicitly order the termination; it appears unprofessional. The company has certain responsibilities before dismissing an employee:

  1. Professionally assess the employee's performance.
  2. Communicate set standards and expectations, known since the first day.
  3. Consider placing the employee in another department if they acknowledge and apologize.
  4. Assist the employee in finding alternative job opportunities if deemed unfit for any role within the company.

10- Post-Reporting Protocol

The first thing is that you might not have assumed what punishment was inflicted upon the wrongdoer. Sometimes, the boss may single out to discipline him through other ways before firing him. He might have reprimanded the employee separately.

Being unbiased, you should continue with your life and job without getting involved after reporting with evidence until or unless you are dragged into the case directly by law enforcement in any physical, verbal, or sexual harassment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Someone Fired Anonymously?

You can’t keep all the situations anonymous and suddenly get someone fired. But yes, the complaint can remain anonymous until the supervisor or your manager completes the inquiries and makes a final decision. Otherwise, the investigation will raise enmity against you amongst your coworkers.

Also, avoid sending accusations via email, as they can be ignored easily. Plus, it is not formal as compared with in-person complaints. However, you can submit an anonymous report against that person.

How Do You Fire An Emotionally Unstable Employee?

Instantly firing some employees may prove nerve-breaking, especially for an emotionally unstable person. Warn him first about all the allegations with proof. Then pay him earlier in the day and let him leave soon after the meeting. If you feel better, you may give him time to search and join a new office as it’s a matter of his livelihood.

What Does Quiet Firing Look Like?

Quiet firing is quite an informal term that describes a boss' failure to provide adequate coaching, training, support, and professional career development to his workers. It also shows that the manager can’t gather adequate information from witnesses as proof.

Quiet complaining goes in the favor of the complainer, but quiet-quitting is against the office rules even when it is carried out by the worker. Plus, it is also done when he is disengaged from his office responsibilities.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Getting Someone Fired?

Here are the pros and cons of getting someone fired.

  • Solves a workplace problem (harassment, poor performance, theft).
  • Protects the company (legal trouble, financial losses).
  • Deters future misconduct by others.
  • Frees up resources for hiring a better fit.
  • Sends a message of accountability.
  • Can be necessary to comply with regulations.


  • Negative ethical implications.
  • Potential legal issues.
  • Lower employee morale.
  • Difficulty finding a qualified replacement.
  • Costs associated with recruiting and training.
  • Damages the company's reputation.


Beyond a doubt, it’s pretty hard to get someone fired anonymously. For this, you need to construct the case patiently and impartially. Some negative characters can malign the situation but hypocritically they are considered true-hearted. In such situations, you need to get written, audio, video, or personal evidence to create a bad impression about the employee.

When the employee berates the co-workers or curses authorities before someone, it should be recorded, or the co-workers should complain to the manager about the issue, putting you off the scene. It’s safe to do your reporting job anonymously about the said employee with all information that will guard you against the argumentation of coworkers and the employee’s pitiless reaction as well.

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