How To Know If Smudging Worked

Have you ever been in a room and experienced a change in atmosphere, either for the better or for the worse? Many think that the time-honored technique of smudging may hold the best key to changing the world immediately. Smudging comes from the smoke of burning medicinal plants, often sage, which completes the cleansing and purification of space. But the burning question remains: Did smudging really work? And if yes, then how do you know?

Envision enters a place filled with the fragrance of smoke from sage burns, the fragile thread spun of millennia of traditions. According to the supporters of smudging, its mysterious magic is to cleanse negative energy and leave behind the feeling of deep relaxation. Here, you will get to know the secrets of smudging and will see some signs that confirm whether smudging has helped your place restore the rhythms of nature.

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What Exactly Is Smudging?

Smudging is the ancient ritual of burning herbs to clear oneself or one's space of any negative and stagnant energy. For over two thousand years, Native American communities have used smudging as a spiritual cleansing practice. Smudging is a common spiritual ritual with deep historical roots in many cultures.

Though traditionally used for cleaning an entire room, smudging is also effective for purifying one's energy field. If you've been through something emotionally or spiritually trying, smudging can help you regain your equilibrium. By clearing the air of any negative energy, smudging can make you feel renewed.

How To Know If Smudging Worked - 7 Effective Tips

To determine if smudging worked, consider the following indicators:

  • Sensory Perception - Be aware of changes in the atmosphere around you. If you feel more organized, calmer, or have positive energy, it's a sign of successful smudging.
  • Visual Changes - Search for signals in the view, like better air, light, and freshness. Also, check if you feel the removal of negative energies.
  • Intuition - You should trust your instincts. The evidence that you have inner balance and tranquility after smudging shows that the process has been successful.
  • Emotional Shifts - You have to be aware of your emotions. Such benefits can include reduced stress levels, increased positivity, and a clearer mindset. They mean that the smudging was probably quite effective.
  • Physical Manifestations - Pay attention to any physical feelings like a lighter feeling or tingling. They could indicate that negative energies are being flushed out.
  • Environmental Changes - Note if there is a proportionate decrease in conflicts and nuisances. It would mean a more balanced and well-balanced atmosphere post-cleansing.
  • Consistent Practice - If smudging is a practice you do on a regular basis and observe a longer and general improvement, it can be proof of smudging effectiveness.
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5 Must-Have Things For Your Smudging Practice

1- A Smudge Stick

Smudge sticks of dried herbs are burned to cleanse the atmosphere. Commonly used for general purification, sage, lavender, and cedar can be burned separately or together, depending on the desired effect.

Sage, like blue sage, desert sage, lavender, and cedar, all have pleasant aromas and are easy to find; they are also effective at clearing the negative ions in space and setting it back to neutral. You can get these herbs together at a health food store or order them online.

2- Large Seashell OR Small Clay Pot

During a smudging ritual, the dried herbs are traditionally held in a sea shell or clay pot, but any burn-proof vessel will do. Different vessels have different meanings, so it's important to do some research to find the one that works best for your smudging ritual.

3- Lighter OR Matches

Even though it's obvious, you should still write it down. When choosing how to ignite your smudge stick, you have a few alternatives. You can either light the smudge stick directly, or you can use a ceremonial candle (one that won't mask the aroma of the herbs) to light the smudge stick. These customizations allow you to put your own spin on the cleansing process.

4- Feather To Waft The Smoke

Smudging can be done without a feather, but using one can make the process feel more personal. Moving the smoke with a feather, for example, can deepen your spiritual connection to the earth and its natural energy. If you want to make the experience more unique, feel free to add other components to which you have ties.

5- Time To Yourself

Even though smudging shouldn't take more than a few minutes, it's important to give yourself enough time and space to focus on the ritual. You only need 10-15 minutes of quiet time alone to reap the full benefits of smudging. To experience the full benefits of energy clearing and cleaning, your undivided attention is required.

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A Beginner's Guide To Smudging Your Home With Sage

Smudging your home with sage is a smoke ceremony that brings about positive transformation and enhances feng shui, intended to bless both the home and its occupants. Learning how to smudge a home to create positive energy and how to properly extinguish sage after smudging requires some supplies and time.

Smudging can be performed using a wide variety of plants. Herbs like sage, cedar, sweet grass, and lavender are commonly used for their aromatic properties. In most cases, white sage is the preferred herb for smudging due to its strong and weighty presence, often associated with holiness. It's especially effective for deep cleaning a room or an entire house. Wondering, "What does saging a house do?" It primarily brings forth several benefits.

You can go for Burning white sage at the same time for this purpose. People have been having special ceremonies for a really long time in different cultures. They use it in their religious or spiritual activities.

Discover more about the advantages of smudging your home and how to perform a sage cleansing by reading further.

4 Potential Benefits Of Burning Sage

There isn't a ton of research on the effects of sage burning, but anecdotally, many people report feeling better after doing it.

1- Air Purification

Possible use of sage as a natural air purifier. An old study found that when people used medicinal smokes like sage, it reduced airborne bacteria by 94%.

2- Mindfulness

Mindfulness practitioners can find value in using sage incense during their practices.

"In theory," according to Christopher Willard, PsyD, author of Raising Resilience, "if you bring more awareness to what you are doing, particularly by engaging your senses, you can reduce your stress." Smudging, such as burning sage, aligns with this concept.

This practice shares similarities with mindfulness, where the practitioner closely attends to the task at hand, but the pleasant aroma of smudging can enhance the ability to concentrate.

If burning sage aids in relaxation and facilitates entry into a more focused mental state, it is a worthwhile endeavor. Notably, mindfulness meditation has demonstrated the capacity to reshape the brain and enhance stress management abilities.

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3- Aromatherapy

There are times when just the smell of something is enough to calm you down, regardless of its chemical composition. Certified aromatherapist and Good Living is Glam founder Gina Smith Pasqualini says sage burning has benefits even if you don't believe the science behind it.

Even if you don't believe that smudging can actually clear negative energy, just the smell of it can help you feel more rooted in the present moment. You'll be able to think more clearly, experience less anxiety, and have more inner peace as a result, according to Pasqualini.

You can use any aromatic you like in your smudge stick; sage, such as the black sage, is just one option. You can spice up your sage burn with the addition of lavender, rosemary, cedar, rose, thyme, or yerba santa. Several of these aromatics are widely recognized for their beneficial effects on health in addition to their enticing aromas. Lavender, for instance, has been shown to significantly lower stress levels in studies.

4- Belief In Intention

Almost everyone can empathize with the desire for private time alone for ritual purposes. According to Pasqualini, this has a "grounding effect" and makes it simpler to relax and focus.

In agreement, Willard. "Rituals and routines can help calm us by bringing order and predictability to life," he explains. Whether or not you believe sage has magical properties, performing the ritual is a surefire way to feel less stressed. One feels lighter by practicing it, so you should never ignore it.

Whether you're smudging for spiritual or therapeutic reasons, it's a practice that can help you relax and unwind. However, rituals and mantras can also be derived from sources other than ethically questionable cultural practices. Construct a personal mantra that will serve as your inner compass and driving force.

Common Challenges In Smudging

1- Unclear Goals & Intentions

Effective smudging relies on clear intentions. What you wish to achieve through smudging is pivotal, and articulating your intent, whether through spoken words or prayers, can enhance the smudging process. Unclear intentions may lead to unsatisfactory outcomes.

2- Unnecessary Desires

Sometimes, what you believe you need isn't what you truly require. Smudging is a practice that aligns with manifesting positive energies and outcomes. If smudging fails to provide the desired results, it's essential to reevaluate your goals and intentions.

3- Inconsistent Smudging

Smudging should ideally be a regular practice, even for beginners. Consistency in smudging aids in maintaining focus, energy, and clarity in pursuing your objectives. A one-time smudging may not yield the most favorable effects. Combining smudging with gratitude and mindfulness practices can lead to more successful days.

4- Lack Of Specific Intent

Defining a clear intention is paramount for successful smudging. To benefit fully from smudging, it's crucial to pinpoint why you feel the need to smudge and what specific outcomes you aim to achieve.

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5- Neglecting Self-Reflection

Smudging involves a valuable lesson in self-reflection, drawing from Indigenous teachings. To maximize the benefits of smudging, being present in the moment and attuned to your personal needs is essential. Allowing your mind to wander or dwell on unrelated matters can hinder the desired results.

6- Insufficient Goal Focus

Effective smudging requires unwavering focus on your goals and intentions. Even if your objectives are well-defined, allowing distractions can disrupt the smudging process. Maintaining a strong connection to your intentions is crucial for attracting motivation, concentration, and improved well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Purpose Of Smudging?

Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice used by many cultures, especially indigenous peoples, to cleanse a space, object, or person of negative energies, spirits, or influences.

Typically, smudging involves burning sacred herbs like sage, sweetgrass, or palo santo and directing the smoke around the area or person to be cleansed.

How Can I Tell If The Smudging Has Effectively Cleansed The Space Or Object?

One of the primary indicators that smudging has worked is a noticeable shift in the energy or atmosphere of the space. This could manifest as a feeling of lightness, calmness, or clarity. Some people describe it as the environment feeling "lighter" or "more peaceful."

Can Physical Signs Indicate The Success Of A Smudging Session?

While the effectiveness of smudging is mostly felt on an energetic or intuitive level, some individuals report seeing a clearness in the air, a reduction in previously persistent negative phenomena, or even a difference in the behavior of pets or plants in the space as a physical manifestation of a successful smudging.

Is It Possible For Smudging Not To Work, & If So, Why?

Yes, sometimes a person may feel that smudging didn't produce the desired effects. This can be due to various reasons: maybe the intention behind the smudging wasn't clear or strong enough; perhaps there's a deeper issue or presence that requires a more intensive cleansing method to purify spaces; or it could be that the person or space needs repeated sessions.

How Can I Enhance The Effectiveness Of My Smudging Practice?

Setting a clear and strong intention before starting is crucial. Visualization can also be powerful—imagine the smoke lifting away all the negative energies. Combining smudging with other cleansing techniques, such as salt bowls, crystals, or sound healing (like ringing bells or using singing bowls), can also amplify its effects.
Always ensure good ventilation when smudging and consider the cultural origins and significance of this practice, approaching it with respect and understanding.


Despite the lack of scientific evidence, sage burning has a long tradition of helping people relax and focus. Sometimes, it helps to think about how people used to live before the advent of screens, factories, and smog if you're looking for ways to relax and recharge in a more traditional way.

It's possible that you're thinking about giving sage smudging a shot. Always remember where it came from and act accordingly. If it doesn't help much, there are lots of other ways to relax and reset in nature.

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