How To Make Orbeez Grow Faster

Are you ready to hop on in and explore the Orbeez universe? Strap on as we give you the scoop on how to grow those tiniest, colorful beads even quicker than you could have imagined possible. Visualize a world where your Orbeez rectifications just come to life and flourish like nothing you have ever seen before as your normal playtime gets upgraded into an extraordinary experience. You can use them for a sensory play. But the question is what are Orbeez, and how can I make them grow bigger and stronger?

Orbeez is like these amazing small balls that start as small and hard as tiny beads can get. It is worth mentioning that both are activists fighting for social and economic justice, albeit through different approaches. We have a fancy plan based on some useful techniques so that the process will be thrilling and fast. It is time to unleash your Orbeez to the whole world as we dive into the science and art of supercharging their growth.

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Key Points For Growing Orbeez Faster & Bigger

Before going into detail, it’s important to know that these colorful orbeez balls grow larger and faster in purer water as they contain mineral content. If you need to expand your Orbeez to 144mm even bigger over the next 24 hours, use filtered and low-pH water. Plus, for faster expansion, the room should be humid and warm. Furthermore, vibrating accelerates the Orbeez growth as it stimulates the fluctuation of water molecules. In the process, the orbeez beads absorb more water and grow faster.

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First, set the water container at the vibrating level that suits the quantity and size of the gel beads. Then, it is important to keep them in a sheltered area away from the sun to sustain and maintain the original color of the gell-balls. Warm water intensifies the speed of growth. You can also enhance the spreading process by adding a small amount of salt in the warm water.

1- Selection Of The Right Type Of Orbeez

To get the required growth and size faster, you need to buy the right type of Orbeez. Before buying, check the ‘mega grow.’ or ‘super absorbent’ labeled on the packet. The more water-absorbing capacity they have, the faster and larger they‘ll grow as compared with the regular Obeez

2- Use Of Different Liquids For Unique Experiments

Beyond a doubt, simple and distilled water is required to expand the Orbeez, but you can try different liquids to enjoy unique results. Applying varying liquid types, you can change the size, color, tactile texture, and composition as you like your Orbeez are. While experimenting with different water mediums such as mineral water, filtered water, or some colorful liquids, you may get unique results.

Each water- type has its own chemical properties that affect the growth process of your gel balls. If you go ahead with the unique and fascinating creation of juicy orbeez, you may test them with flavored liquids such as the natural extracts of juices, like the lemon juice and vegetables. Remember, liquids with natural acids have more potential to alter the growth process. Before proceeding, take a look at the following essential points you need to know.

  • Prior to enlarging an Orbeez, pour a maximum of 100 beads gushing out with about 240 mL of warm water.
  • Leave the beads soaked for 2 hours at least. Strain them out and have fun with them. Remember, the longer you dip them in the water, the better they‘ll look.
  • Besides, most of the Orb-lovers use black spheres usually known as pearls, boba balls, or tapioca pearls. The same is the process, as you can soak them in hot water and let them cool when they get enlarged.

How To Make Orbeez Grow Bigger Than Normal?

Incapable of being questioned, growing Orbeez bigger is a tricky and time-consuming process that requires patience. Before knowing and making the beads larger, you need to purchase the water orbs with the label water-observant jelly balls from any toy section or department. You need pure water to grow the Orbeez larger than the usual size. Mind it, only water can penetrate the beads that could be pure from all impurities. It’s a fact, that the water added with salt or sugar is affected differently. The contaminated water stimulates the osmotic pressure inside the beads.

Therefore, using salt, sugar or cold water can affect your results and might not give you the results you are trying for. So, after exploring several internet sites and experiencing multi-type activities, I would surely say that most of the recommendations go in favor of completely purer water. For ideal results of growing the Orbeez larger, distilled water is highly recommended. As far as it’s practicable, use warm and distilled water. As everyone knows, a high rate of temperature expands the beads and enhances them in a bigger size.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Make Orbeez Grow Faster

Step 1: Selecting The Best Orbeez Package

View and choose the ideal water-observing Orbeez package in your favorite color. Available in various sizes (from 100 to 10,000 gel balls), purchase the quantity you need.

Step 2: Soaking Orbeez In Water

Carefully open the pack, avoiding spills. If any beads fall, clean them immediately. Soak Orbeez in warm water—1 cup (240 mL) for every 100 beads. Hot water enhances faster growth, and adding a pinch of salt helps maintain expansion.

Step 3: Growing Orbeez

Cover and soak Orbeez for 2-3 hours, allowing them to grow up to 100 times their original size. Check regularly for thorough water absorption. Adjust water if needed.

Step 4: Observing Growth Progress

Observe the texture, size, and appearance changes in Orbeez regularly. Stir gently if growth hinders.

Step 5: Rinsing & Enjoying

Rinse excess water after achieving the desired size. Enjoy Orbeez in various games like bocce ball, marbles, DIY projects, and more.

Precaution: Safety Measures

Keep Orbeez away from small children to prevent choking hazards. Ensure hand hygiene before and after handling.

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Step 6: Storing Orbeez

Store Orbeez in a zip-lock or airtight container for later use. If they dry out after a week, soak them in hot water or even boiling water to regenerate.

Step 7: Disposal OR Reuse

Dispose of Orbeez responsibly. If unusable, discard them or add them to potted soil for plant moisture retention. Avoid using beads for edibles or drinks after playing.

Bonus Tip: Whatever the method is, Orbeez takes 3 to 4 hours to blow and expand fully to large round spheres. avoid checking and adding water very often. It will throw the process in disarray.

Factors Affecting Orbeez Growth

As there are several factors to grow the Orbeez larger and faster, the same are the considerations that can disrupt the potential of your gel seeds. Now, let’s travel over to investigate each of these factors blow by blow:

1- Orbeez Quality

The quality of the balls is the most significant factor. You might have experienced some gel beads that could swell more than others in the same set of clocks. It happens due to the ineffectual quality and material. To get the best ball growth, you must read the properties and instructions printed on the packaging.

2- Water Quality

The second important factor is the quality of the water that you use to make your orbeez soak. It directly affects the growth ratio and speed. So, distilled water is essential to pour upon the top of the seeds. The purer the water is, the faster the expansion will be. Mind it, contaminated or chlorinated water hinders the water from penetrating the seeds. This way, you can’t get the required result of seed growth. Some theoretical analysts recommend the fruit extract prior to simple water, but it might affect the bigness of your Orbeez.

3- Choose The Right Container

To get the desired quantity and size of Orbeez, you need to accommodate them in a large container. Over and above, a transparent bowl is good for viewing the water as well growing process without splitting the lid off.

4- Temperature

Not only the water temperature but the room temperature also impacts the growth rate of Orbeez. Ideally, the room should maintain a room temperature water from 70-75°F (21-24°C) that can provide your beads with quicker growth. On the contrary, cold water slackens the absorption capacity and causes the balls to decay.

5- The Ratio Of Gel Balls To Water

The quantity of water beads and amount of water is quite proportionate for ideal results. 1.5 cups of pure water are needed for 1 packet of beads. Besides, some Orb-types have different water instructions labeled over the pack. You must read and follow them. For the required optimal growth, stop overcrowding the Orbeez in the pot. There should be sufficient space among the beads to let them grow largely and freely. Otherwise, they will get tightened and affect uniform expansion.

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6- Stirring The Water Movements

The vibration of the water platform provides the water beads with even water in the container and prevents the Orbeez from getting clustered or damped.

7- Water-Absorbing Mat

You can also use a water-absorbing mat or towel. For this, you need to place the gel beads on hygroscopic fabric or mat and then, overfill as much quantity of water as proportionate to the number of balls. They will get enlarged within a couple of hours.

8- Moist

Fully hydration is essential for the quicker growth of Orbeez. Make sure that Orbeez should be fully soaked in water during the process. First, keep checking on the water level periodically and add water if it’s necessary. Besides, push the water bead gently down in the liquid to get it submerged in water thoroughly.

9- Light

It’s a rule of thumb that the humid and sheltered platform aids the growth of water seeds. Direct heat or light in excess can shrink them but you can place the bowl near or by a window.

10- PH Levels

It is normal that water has a neutral range of pH between 6.5 and 8.5 on the scale, which hints that it is neither acidic nor basic. So, the pH level of the water can also affect the stability of Orbeez. It grows ideally when the slightly acidic or neutral pH range is 6-7. You can use a pH meter or strips to measure the acidity of water.

Bonus Tip: A pinch of salt, vinegar, or lemon extract can lower Ph, whereas baking soda Increases the pH level of water.

11- Nutrients

As we know that the Orbeez come with water-absorbing potential and capacity that can provide the plants with additional nutrients. These are the nutrients added with a recommended amount of plant fertilizer which keep the color, health, and shape maintained. Remember to dose the amount that is designed for water plants.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

Sometimes, it happens that you confront some issues that may hinder the way to Orbeez's growth. Here are the issues and courses of action to troubleshoot the issues. If you monitor that your Orbeez is not properly and freely expanding, check and add chlorine-free water. Moreover, you also need to notice how long you have kept the beads submerged in water. If these actions fail to get them to grow, then surely you need to buy a new batch of high water-absorbent beads for ideal results.

If you see your Orb-balls are turning into different colors caused only by the contaminated water. To protect your Orbeez from discoloration, put them in filtered water. Besides, if your beads are stunted or undersized, then you need to pour more water on them. Make sure that the Orbeez grows in full spherical form when they are properly hydrated. The more water they absorb, the bigger they grow. Make sure, the Orbeez container is cleaned and sterilized. Always use fresh water and don’t leave the beads soaked for longer than the required time that is given in the instructions.

No doubt, overflood water is essential for the Orbeez but they can pop up or burst when you keep in surfeited water or extreme temperatures. To avoid any damage, place them in water for the recommended time and recommended water labeling on the packet. As you notice any pests in or around the bowl, free and clean the container thoroughly and promptly. Wash them with sanitized water and store them in a sealed pot or bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make Orbeez Grow Faster?

Orbeez are squishy balls and they grow bigger than their size to a maximum of 14mm in water. Some of the water beads as DuneCraft products get larger up to 57mm in the maximum diameter. You can fatten them simply by soaking them in water for 2-3 hours. Make sure, the water is lukewarm, clean, and pure. Place them in a large container so that they can get enough space to grow after absorbing water.

Why Is My Orbeez Not Growing?

View and check your Orb-balls after keeping them soaked in water for the recommended time. If they are not round fully or get quite big means that they have not soaked in enough water. Place 1 pack of Orbeez in a large container adding 1.5 cups of clean, untainted drinkable water. Leave them for 2-3 hours overnight and then drain out water to play with them.

How Long Does Orbeez Last Once They Are Fully Grown?

You can preserve or store fully grown Orbeez for weeks if they are properly maintained. However, they may shrink typically and lose their flexibility over time. They can maintain their longevity if you keep them in a sheltered and humid area.

Does Orbeez Grow Faster In Cold Water?

In the above-written article, you are given the details of how much warm water is necessary and beneficial for Orbeez's growth. If you notice them not getting bigger as required, you need to add more warm water as Warm water speeds up this process. Use sparkling water to get them to grow larger and faster. On the other hand, cold water may prove hazardous for their growth and growing speed.


Orbeez, water-absorbent polymer beads, serve various purposes, bringing joy to both children and adults. They are perfect for decorative displays, stress-relief activities, and even educational projects. Follow the step-by-step guide above to ensure they grow larger and faster. Soak them in water for the recommended duration, ensuring water purity for optimal size and longevity. Dispose of them properly to avoid environmental issues, and be cautious about clogging. Remember, the essence of fun lies in activities that bring joy and relaxation!

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