How To Stop Braces Pain Immediately

Braces are expensive but a valuable investment that helps you achieve a beautiful smile and improve dental health. However, the long process of acquiring a straighter smile can sometimes be accompanied by discomfort and pain. If you're dealing with braces-related pain, worry not!

In this article, we'll explore effective and immediate strategies to help you find relief from braces pain, allowing you to continue your orthodontic journey with greater comfort. Whether you're experiencing soreness, irritation, or other discomforts, these tips will empower you to tackle braces pain head-on and return to smiling confidently.

Braces Essentials - Attaining A Healthy & Beautiful Smile

In this advanced era of science, everyone is toiling to get perfection in one’s physique and features. About 4 million people, only in the US are wearing braces to straighten their teeth. Gone are the days when people used to take braces as odd and weird. In this time and age, orthodontic treatment has been working great for the more prolonged health of teeth, gums, and particularly on uneven teeth. This kind of treatment moves and improves teeth' appearance, form, and life. Besides all the efforts to beautify your teeth, getting dental braces isn’t that easy. It’s like a thorn in one’s flesh that keeps on piercing the sensitive mouth's sides. Thankfully, orthodontic treatment brings forth a great many ways and tips to relieve while wearing braces.

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Why Do Braces Hurt? Unveiling The Causes

  1. For the alignment of uneven teeth, braces keep putting pressure on your teeth. So, the stress on teeth and gums hurt a lot. Plus, the design of braces rubs against the tongue and cheeks causing swelling, tears, and soreness.
  2. The second reason for the pain is the rubber bands that Orthodontists tie around the teeth to create gaps. It adds additional stress and the metal and ceramic wires attaching to the braces tightly create discomfort.
  3. Very Often dentists apply glue brackets on the fore teeth to plant and fix the arch wires on it- that stress keeps on moving the teeth unless they reach their apt fitting. The patient stays disturbed due to this heavy pressure.
  4. Moreover, the Malocclusion and Occlusion process pushes and pulls the unbalanced teeth to get them aligned. Slow movement and inflammation create soreness and irritation.
  5. All and above, the mouth flesh is gentle and soft. It can’t bear any addition inside even a light particle of food. Then how could you stay relaxed with huge and constant intraoral pressure?

Home Remedies For Easing Brace Discomfort

People who wear dental braces are afraid of discomfort and soreness. You need not worry too much; you will get used to them after a couple of days. Actually, you feel pain, when wires are tightening your teeth. There are several homely tips you may apply to relieve yourselves.

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1- Brush After Each Meal

If you have braces, don’t ignore brushing your teeth after each meal even after the lighter edibles you take. This activity removes all food particles that can cause teeth fungal and discomfort later. Brushing the teeth entirely is the most defensive habit to shield your teeth from decay.

2- Dental Hygiene

Having braces pain in the initial days is normal after you get used to bearing the brackets and braces in your mouth. The key factor to avoid pain is to keep your teeth and braces wires spotlessly clean which protects your gums’ soreness and dental caries. To clean the teeth thoroughly, you must have a soft brush and mouthwash to ensure the teeth' sparkling cleanliness scraping out of all food particles.

3- Take Soft Foods

It is great to take smooth textured foods so that you don’t have to apply additional pressure on your teeth. Avoid hard or fibrous foods that can tangle or break the braces' wires also. Despite this, you need to take mashed potatoes, pulp, puree, and soup that keeps you healthy and protects your gums from swelling or pain. Moreover, you may take ice cream if there is inflammation or bleeding in your mouth.

4- Warm Salt Baths

Braces sometimes, cuts and scratches the jowl and inner cheeks as metal wires keep on rubbing. The pain you suffer through the tightening process discomforts you a lot. The first thing you must do before going to any other home remedy is to gargle with warm saltwater. Keep the mouthful water for 60 seconds in your mouth and then rinse properly and repeatedly. Medically, the mixture of warm water and salt works great to reduce infection and soreness and also helps to cure the wounds faster.

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5- Ice Your Gums

Ice packs also smoothen the ache and drop down the swelling. Apply the same medical strategy for the same outcome. Wrap ice cubes in a falafel rag or towel, then foment the affected point for 20 minutes continually. Cold food like ice cream genuinely reduces inflammation and numbs the pain.

6- Gum Massage

Messaging your gums is as simple and doable as messaging an aching shoulder. What you are to do is take a tiny amount of orthodontic cream and keep on rubbing gently with the help of one finger. However, you may also use an ice cube to rub before messaging the gums and all about them. It smoothens your swollen gums and reduces the cramp which creates pain.

7- Use Anesthetic Drugs

There are some oralanesthetics like propofol, oriel, isoflurane, or Anbesol that often orthodontics recommend when you are suffering from severe gums pain. You can use a cotton swab to rub the sedative liquid on your gums, inside cheeks, or other sensitive areas. These drugs make the affected area numb and relieve you in pain.

8- Use Orthodontic Wax

When you receive cuts due to wires and brackets over and over again, apply orthodontic wax to soften and grease the inner mouth which will heal and prevent further cuts. Wax a cotton bud and apply it on afflicted skin. Very often, the dentists provide the wax as you receive the braces.

9- Sip Cold Icy Water

The moment you are suffering from severe braces pain and no pain reliever is available at that time, it’s wonderful to take a cold icy water and sip slowly and gradually after every orthodontic appointment. This will desensitize and numb your mouth.

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10- Pain Relievers For Braces

For quick and lasting braces relief, you can go for counter medication. You may consult your orthodontist in case of severe pain and very often the doctors themselves recommend the painkiller for any kind of gut-wrenching situation. If you need immediate relief, thenAdvil and Orajel are great options for pain braces relievers.

11- Patience & Positivity

Brace fixing is prevalent and common fashion. Now people don’t find it weird to bracket their uneven teeth. But along with all processes, pain and discomfort remain side by side. So, the important thing is to have a positive mindset you should have to exhibit great patience till the process lasts. Simply Chill imagining that, this pain is going to end after a few days, but you are going to enjoy a beautiful smile till life ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take Braces To Stop Hurting?

Mild irritation is constant with brace wearing. But only the first four days are very tough immediately after you get the braces and wires adjusted from your orthodontist.

Why Do My Braces Hurt So Badly?

I have experienced the brace-wearing, the orthodontist tied my teeth with rubber bands. They were not piercing like braces even though those days were very painful for me. The cause is severe pressure for tightening and fitting my uneven teeth hurt me a lot.

How Do You Sleep With Braces Pain?

As it was already mentioned once or twice in the article, the brace-wearing disturbs you for a few days only. Later, you get used to brace-wearing and gums adjusting, so sleeping with them is not a hard nut to crack. There are a few steps you need to follow to avoid further soreness and swelling:

  1. Brush to clean your teeth after taking any edibles.
  2. Sleep on straighten position.
  3. Apply Dental wax if you need it.
  4. Take recommended painkillers.
  5. To stop your teeth from grinding, wear a mouthguard at night.


As a final Observation, managing braces pain carries a combination of different strategies. Maintaining good oral hygiene, following the orthodontist's instructions, using wax to alleviate discomfort, and relying on over-the-counter pain relievers can help minimize the discomfort associated with braces. Don’t shake off the fact that some level of pain and irritation is normal during the adjustment period, but if the pain gets longer and more severe, it's better to consult your orthodontist for proper guidance and adjustments.

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