How To Pray When Under Spiritual Attack

Life can sometimes be compared to a maze where there are periods when our beliefs are challenged by invisible forces. It acts like a storm that never stops and threatens to damage everything about our faith. During these restless days, the strong power of prayer is our unflinching anchor. Visualize prayer as the supreme lifeline that links us to the divine realm, the heavenly language of communication that goes beyond this worldly existence and finds shelter in the arms of the Omnipotent.

Satan, the worst enemy, makes sure to foster distance between God and his servants. Thus, if you have days when getting out of bed and going to chapel and the church feels like a titanic, our helping guide, "How to pray when under spiritual attack," will get you out of this dilemma, understand spiritual warfare and will help you reinforce your faith.

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Unveiling The Meaning Of Spiritual Attack

What exactly does spiritual attack mean? The term discussed here has nothing to do with physical weaponry or any particular physical encounter. It is the battle of outward and inwardness of the person that he has to fight against the enemies of God that reside in his heart. These enemies of God are:

  • Satan & his underlings who attack catholic
  • Evil demons
  • The fallen angels that arouse one to sin

But what exactly does the word sin pertain to? Well, it involves the flesh that thirsts for lust or simply the power of ego and pride that the fallen angels possessed. Once we become Christians, our spirit (inside us) and our lousy nature (which we were born with) fight each other. We have to learn to use the Holy Spirit within us to help us in this battle.

Paul told the Church in Ephesus about this in his letter (Ephesians 6:10–20). In verses 14–20, Paul tells us what armor to wear. But in verses 1–3, he tells us why we need the armor.

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How Can You Get Involved With Spiritual Warfare?

"Spiritual Warfare" suggests a struggle between God and His enemies. However, how does this impact the general public? If you have chosen to develop a connection with God, you have effectively asked Him to guide your decisions and actions. Still, there's a part of you that puts up an internal struggle to reclaim control.

There may be instances when it seems as if your mind is at war with itself. Is there anything the Bible says about God or yourself that you find difficult to believe? That is just the way things are.

However, the adversary usually makes use of deception, especially in the form of subtle lies.

What Are The Signs Of Spiritual Attacks?

Here are some signs that you should know if you have suffered from these attacks.

1- Disturbed Sleep Patterns & Nightmares

Do you wake up from a dream and feel scared or anxious? Yes, but sometimes spiritual attacks can also weave their way into your dreams. If you now begin to have unusual or imposing dreams that make you afraid or unsettled, it might be an indication that a spiritual attack is going on.

In these nightmares, the creatures could be very weird, or there could be situations that leave you with anxiety.

This reminds us that our dreams can be linked to the food we eat before going to bed and the things our minds are occupied by.

However, if you constantly have disturbing dreams and they make you feel anxious, you should search for the right solution.

2- Unexplained Feelings Of Fear Or Anxiety

Imagine how frightened or anxious you can feel without any reason sometime next morning. In some instances, the spiritual attacks may produce invalid feelings.

Moreover, if you recognize that you're feeling more fearful or anxious than you usually do, and there's no apparent reason for it, then it might be that some spiritual activity is taking place there.

It is ok to let your emotions out and share them with someone close to you, like a family member or a friend. They can be your source of support, and they can help you determine if there is an actual issue you are going through that could be causing such emotions.

Just make sure that you don't have to go through it by yourself and that talking about how you feel is a great way to deal with them.

3- Difficulty Focusing Or Concentrating

Are you able to stay focused in class or while doing your homework sometimes? Well, if you suddenly find it hard to focus and concentrate if your very thoughts are not clear, then this is most probably a spiritual attack. 

It is very hard to focus when you are having difficulty with this. So, you have to inform someone who is an expert in dealing with these scenarios. They might have additional resources or find solutions to make your class a more acceptable place.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to talk about the distraction you're having to see if there's a particular issue that keeps on reoccurring.

4- Sudden Changes In Mood Or Behavior

Have you ever found yourself in situations where a person appeared to be completely different all at once? Spiritual attacks are often linked with sudden changes in mood or behavior.

If you and someone close to you begin to behave differently, aggressively, sad, or distant for no apparent reason, it may be a sign of a spiritual attack.

Be sure to do it sensitively. Instead of judging, tell them how you feel and ask if everything is fine with them. At times, hearing from a friend can be a great relief.

If you are the one who experiences these changes, it is also important to get support from an expert or friend to help you overcome the situation.

5- Feeling Drained Of Energy

Imagine a moment when you were in full power; even nothing on earth could stop you. Just imagine it is like feeling exhausted and drained all the time all of a sudden. Spiritual attacks can sometimes drain your energy.

Also, you may feel like you are powerless to do anything. If you have an unexplained and severe drop in your energy levels, you have to observe your general well-being.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and doing things that you love. If this fatigue continues, it's suggested that you visit a healthcare expert.

He will determine whether any underlying physical or emotional problems might be the cause of your exhaustion. Please don't forget that your health is the most important thing!

How Can You Overcome The Signs Of Spiritual Attack?

There are several ways that you can adapt while facing spiritual attacks when the control of Satan is firm. These ways are:

Knowing Your Enemy

When World War I began, the London War Ministry sent a secret message to a British outpost in a dangerous African region. "War has been declared," it said.

Arrest all hostile foreigners in your authority." "Have arrested ten Germans, six Belgians, four Frenchmen, two Italians, three Austrians, and one American," added swiftly.

Inform us of our enemies quickly." This study examines Satan and the Church's fight against evil. We must know the enemy's plans to beat him.

Sun Tzu said, "If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you need not concern yourself with such things, which results in a hundred battles." Master yourself, not just your opponent, to win some bouts and lose others.

No combat can be won without knowing your opponent and yourself. World conflict is like every Christian's spiritual battle.

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Battles of Faith: Post-Gospel Contemplations

The challenge is that you are currently experiencing what people refer to as "spiritual warfare" in your mind. In this battle, the adversary knows that if he can infiltrate your mind, he can manipulate you to do his bidding.

In this spiritual war, he attempts to divert your thoughts from God's truth, aiming to sow confusion and disrupt your own life. Satan desires to plant thoughts in your mind that contradict the teachings of the Bible.

How Do I Protect My Mind Under Spiritual Attack?

You can protect your mind from such time with the following advice:

  1. Find out what the enemy is trying to do.
  2. Know that you will be attacked as part of the fight.
  3. God will protect you by giving you "spiritual armor."
  4. Remember that you have a weapon: the Word of God.

Biblical Guidance: Recitation For Inner Strength

Have you ever talked to someone who wouldn't stop talking and didn't care what you had to say? The conversation didn't go anywhere.

When we pray without reading the Bible, God's eternal letter of love and understanding to every person on earth, we do the same thing to Him. We can learn more about God by reading the Bible. It gives life to our prayers.

If you want to talk to God better, reading the Bible will help. Let your thoughts come alive with the words of David in the Psalms.

Stop at a line in one of the Gospels that speaks to you and pray over it. Ask God to explain what it means to you.

From Paul's letters, learn how to pray for yourself and the people you care about. However, you can also go for 7 spiritual warfare prayers for protection, which can help protect you and keep you close to God.

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Prayerful Scriptures For Spiritual Warfare

"Be sober-minded, be watchful. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith."

(1 Peter 5: 8-9)

Those who identify as Christians are engaged in a spiritual battle. The devil is our enemy, and the struggle against him is real. Each day, people attempt to capture your attention.

What are your plans? What will you focus on? Will fear influence your decisions? If so, what then? Are you at fault? Hurt? Or will you anchor your life in what God declares as true? Here are some Bible quotes that can guide you to win God's love.

The devil will flee as soon as you proclaim these words. Recall that Christ Jesus used God's Word to confront the devil (Matthew 4:1-11), and we should follow suit.

"No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment." 

(Isaiah 54:17).

No weapon that the enemy will raise would harm you if your faith is firm.

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds." 

(2 Corinthians 10:4)

The assault that Satan intends is to compel individuals to renounce their faith in God. He aims to make us disregard the gospel found in the Bible and instead place blame on God for all of humanity's ills.

When we cease to remember how faithful the Lord has been in the past, the enemy always prevails. With faith in God's gift of redemption and the assurance of eternal life, we can stand firm against Satan's schemes.

The Bible is filled with promises of divine victory, and these are just a few examples. If you want to overcome Satan, you must combat his falsehoods with the truth found in the Bible.

Amplify the reach of this message. Place unwavering trust in the Bible. The devil will retreat if your faith is grounded in the teachings of the Bible.

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Armoring Your Soul: Catholic Prayer Tactics For Spiritual Defense

The Prayer Against Every Evil is a potent Christian invocation that calls upon the Precious Name of Jesus to safeguard a person's soul. When a soul is cleansed, the binding spells and deceptions placed upon it are broken.

Lord Jesus Christ, anoint me with Your cross blood and Sacred Heart. Jesus, cleanse me with the life of Your heart. Lord Jesus, Your beauty impresses me.

I hope my baptism erases the sins of my ancestors. Father, my forefathers called upon enemy armies that don't worship Jesus Christ. I restore Satan's belongings to Jesus.

Father, Your Holy Spirit, show me my sins and the need for forgiveness. Father, reveal where I have disobeyed You and let Satan in. God, forgive me for turning away from Satan and repenting. Your kindness is appreciated.

In Jesus' name, all demons in heaven, earth, hell, and the abyss must depart. We claim the sky, earth, underworld, netherworld, air, atmosphere, water, land, and fruits in Jesus' name. Send Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mary, angels, and saints to protect me from evil spirits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Pray For Spiritual Protection?

When seeking spiritual protection, I humbly approach the divine, asking for refuge at the feet of the Almighty. In prayer, I express my trust and reliance on God's presence, finding solace and security in His loving embrace. Through heartfelt supplication, I seek divine intervention, asking for strength and guidance to navigate spiritual challenges and overcome adversity.

What To Pray When In Danger?

In times of danger, my prayers are fervent pleas for divine intervention and guidance. I turn to the Heavenly Father, acknowledging His sovereignty and seeking His protection amidst the uncertainties and perils of the world. With faith as my anchor, I petition for courage and wisdom to face adversity, trusting in God's unfailing love and providence to sustain me through challenging times.

How To Pray For Protection From Evil?

When praying for protection from evil, I entreat the Almighty for His divine shelter and guidance. My prayers are heartfelt expressions of trust and reliance on God's power to shield me from the influence of darkness and malevolent forces. I seek refuge in His presence, seeking His divine protection to safeguard me from harm and keep me steadfast in faith.

How To Pray When Hurting?

In moments of pain and suffering, my prayers are a heartfelt plea for comfort and healing. I turn to God, pouring out my sorrows and burdens before Him, knowing that He is my compassionate and loving Father. Through prayer, I find solace in His comforting presence, trusting in His promise to never leave nor forsake me. I surrender my hurts and wounds to His care, finding strength and hope in His unwavering love and grace.


Spiritual attacks can happen to anyone, but how you combat the situation defines you. No one in the whole world can help you heal from this.

You can only pray to overcome the spiritual forces of evil of the dark world and believe that the thoughts in your mind are all because of Satan. But your determination helps you stay focused on the path of bliss that your Lord has chosen for you. God bless you!

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